Virtual Reality : When home pages spoke !

This is the Nine O Clock news.

After the recent daring incursions from the virtual space to Real airspace, here is some news of another ‘virtual to real’ incursion.

Officials of Mumbai’s Intelligence Bureau have confirmed that a very public meeting was arranged and attended by a ‘certain five people’ who have been exercising their creative muscle and seem to be getting great fun out of such activities. And, all this through the Internet !

The recent lapses in intelligence gathering hounding the entire security apparatus, the intelligence bureau was, for once, seemed to get it all right.

The home addresses of these ‘certain five people’ who met have been identified as

The ‘certain five people’ are said to have planned the meeting through the Internet and phone connections only, for sleuths are said to have identified a certain degree of initial awkwardness that accompany ‘first-time-face-to-face-meetings’ .

The Intelligence bureau has also found that ‘the certain five people’ met outside Shoppers Stop at Andheri and crossed the road, braving traffic and assembled at Hotel Radhakrishna. (Eyewitness account, contradict this by saying that it was four that assembled in front of Shoppers Stop, and were later joined by one more individual at the hotel).

Independent sources say that these people did not hide their identities and were completely non-clandestine. Their topics of discussion seem to have been varied and seemed to be holding the attention of the entire group !

While transcripts of the discussion are available with us, we are not sharing them with you, in the interest of sustaining general curiosity.

Fellow diners report that the group was loud and ‘chatted away to glory’. Unconfirmed reports also speak of a photo session, a haggling over the bill and consensus prevailing.

A diner also reports some kind of exchange of packets took place. One packet is reported to have contained a mug and another some kind of medallion. Another diner swears by Dawood Ibrahim that the medallion was actually a key chain.

We managed to get you an exclusive picture and it is here !

The intelligence bureau has also unearthed plans by the same group to meet again. Given the disdain that intelligence circles hold for any activity that brims with energy, enthusiasm and set up entirely on the net, this meeting is being seen as a very important start.

Although, it was admitted that the possibilities for more members joining future meetings was very high, unconfirmed reports state that it was actually six people that were supposed to meet this time around but only five could make it.

The bureau further advised innocent members of the public to be aware of such meetings and promptly report it to the world. And more importantly, attend themselves.

The intelligence bureau is said to have better things to do.

Our attempts to get in touch with ‘the certain five’ resulted in a well written statement from one. Three others remained very active on the net, yet physically untraceable.

The last one, whos thinks high of Australian media just because they put him on air, assumed a corporate head honcho like significance and said, ‘i do not comment on market speculation’! Members of the public are advised great caution in dealing with him.

With camera person LMNOP, this is EFGHI, in Mumbai reporting for PQRS TV !

10 thoughts on “Virtual Reality : When home pages spoke !

  1. I have also been to local bloggers meetings ..

    but not with this level of enthu..

    hope your bloggers meet goes beyond the regual chitchat and socializing.

    knowing you, chances are you folks will actually do something that makes a difference!


  2. Wonderfully witty write-up on a really unique (for me atleast)meeting. Although I have leaked out some of the secret topics discussed at the meet, I’m afraid.

  3. HaRi pRaSaD says:

    Wow! A bloggers meet?! Lovely. And a very nice writeup. Liked the mug and key chain idea. Good initiative. You had the key chain customized too?

    I am yet to meet any one I had known only virtually. Hope, things fall in place next January with a Twitters meet planned!

    Er…transcript of the discussion available? We can strike a deal!!

  4. Braja says:

    That was daring, Kavi: Shopper Stop come down heavy on the camera thing. You were lucky to get outta there unharmed :))

  5. BBC , which has been following this ever since Radio Canberra happened, is now following a trail where “Raj” buses, took off in a great hurry towards Pune, without one of these 5 who were supposed to travel on it, immediately after the said lunch meeting. Unconfirmed reports suggest that BBC dashed in to investigate on hearing the word
    “Raj”, and Buckingham palace denies any connection

    Investigations are on, and details awaited…..

  6. ha.. That’s funny.

    Could you pl share with us the photographs

  7. kavi says:

    Sundar : yes…the enthu was high ! I am not sure to who we will make a difference to ! But it sure did to us.

    Sucharita : Of course, it was unique to all of us !! I must say ! And it was great meeting you and quiet admire the enthusiasm in keeping it going !

    Hari : Twittter meet..that should be interesting. All the best

    And yes..if the price is right..a deal is there to be made

    ugich Konitari : The Buckingham palace has been denying connections for a while now ! But we need to investigate !! 🙂

    Harekrishnaji : Sure thing ! Will send it across

  8. nsiyer says:

    This is interesting! From unknown to known. The concept of ‘bloggers meeet’ is interesting.

    Keep it up. Looking forward to more posts on such meets.

  9. ~nm says:

    I hope you know you don’t have to write “www.” before your blogspot URL 🙂

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