White Shroud Thinking !

Any program / event in any of these hotels have strange butterflies from a foreign land flutter in my stomach. No politics there.

It just is in large part to those huge white shroud that cover those chairs ! One of those days, it was a waiter who had to bear the brunt of my curiosity.

‘Why on Earth would you want to cover those chairs ? And that too with that shroud?’
And his terse answer was, ‘ i am not authorised to speak on this sir’ ! No. I am not kidding.

My wicked mind thinks, to this day, he should have thought of me as one of those journalist types, sticking a camera or a tape recorder from an inconceivable place in the body ! Trying to make a story out of his simple shroud, in a shrill voice backed by an ‘expert’ panel!

There just is no other explanation !

Coming back the chair itself, i think it is time for collective action. To free the chair from the shroud. And this is no Turin ! So, lets do it with secular focus, precision and dedication !

But why could they have come with these white shrouds in the first place ? My hypotheses hover around ‘too many guests with dirty pants’ and the ‘hotel’s struggle to make the chair, washing-machine-compatible’ !

Yes. Thats all ok !!

At a more deep level ( sic ) these armless chairs, with white hoods, that cover the legs resemble…well…ghosts of some kind. Come on, there are enough fears about venturing near a hotel these days. And i am not talking terrorists or their like. It is those big burly safari clad crew cut types, who give you a strange look and stick a decrepit mirror underneath an inconceivable part of the car ! Thats some height to withstand.

Meeting ghosts & static look alikes in the ballroom is a height that i am not too keen on scaling.

I really am scared of such chairs. Ok. You don’t believe me. I encourage you to take a look at the snap above that i clicked at a program last week. If you were Da Vinci, you would have seen the possibility to paint ‘The Last Supper of Ghosts !’

For me, from time immemorial, ghosts had that white shroud and no legs. And, when i do sit on these chairs, especially during training program, the thought of caressing my back on a ghost haunts me. It gets me goose bumps that rip through my body like an earthquake ! And i am all alert, in a jiffy !

And then, i realise that i don’t mind the white shroud.

Well,….not that much !

11 thoughts on “White Shroud Thinking !

  1. It is a bit disturbing. I was never a big fan of fabric around tables either.

  2. Braja says:

    I cannot even be surprised. I KNOW that guy said that…

  3. Why do I get the feeling that the cover up is intended to do just that; cover up some kind of inferior chairs/even tables, which probably look out of place in what they would look to project as “august” surroundings ? I mean why this complete cover up of the table too from all sides ? Its totally ghostly…

  4. manuscrypts says:

    next time, think of them as young traditional hindu widows.. :p

  5. I have thought on similar line. Who knows due to security reasons they may avoid this in the future fearing for some explosives hidden.

    I used to think probably white gives a clean and sparkling look and that could be the reason.

  6. Pearl says:

    As a person who serves at weekend, catered functions, I guess I’ve never really thought about why the chairs were covered. 🙂 But I must admit that I am tickled that you say you are scared of them. The more I think of it, they ARE scary, aren’t they?! What does it mean? Why have they covered the chairs?!
    Kavi, what’s under the chairs?!!!
    So Many Weird Things to Think About,

  7. good write sir. i always wondered also…meetings, weddings, etc etc. its a scary thing indeed. we suppose hotel chairs are top class right?

  8. Priya says:

    That looks awkward indeed.

  9. Cris says:

    LOL it does look spooky. I wouldnt dare enter the room alone in the dark. Emm by the way journalists are not that scary :p

  10. Kavi says:

    Strange pilgram : isnt it..? glad you are with me !

    Braja : The times that we live in..hmm

    Ugich Konitari ; Hmm.. Its all a major cover up ! Touch up work. Thats logical !

    Manu..what a scrypt !

    Balaji : now, that explosives bit is real scary !!

    Pearl : You seem to have insider information. And you have more questions to scare me. is it to feel further elated…!! Hmm


    GP : Thank you ! That ‘suppose’ is what the world rides on i presume !

    Priya : Glad that you are on my side

  11. Jeevan says:

    It remains me a vivek joke, ‘why do we need cloth to chair when our children don’t have a shirt’.

    It gives a rich look, even if those wood chairs are not attentive.

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