Concrete Hope !

On a city jaunt, once, i spotted this small flat, in a middle class neighbourhood. And there was an impeccable image. Of an open window. A few clothes that were seeking to shed their water weight by seeking the sun.

Plastic cans which perhaps held something else before, holding the soil. The soil holding firm for the roots to take shape. And the roots supplying all what the leaves required to stretch and seek the world.

The makeshift window sill was thin, and obviously not designed for these. And the window pane in their shadowy soot, had a far worse tale to tell. A foot away, was an old drainage pipe. And the wall was bore tell tale signs of seepage. Or perhaps, it was leakage.

It could have been an ordinary sight in a strange neighbourhood. But for some reason, my legs refused to move. And the eyes refrained from the odd blink. The cars honks around me grew fainter.

All i saw was the leaf deftly dance to a wisp of a breeze and that lonely red bud, tease the wind. In some time, i realised i was deaf to the honk and blind to the seepage.

I dont know for how long i stood there. But long enough for friends who were with me to nudge me to check if i was expecting someone to step out and wave. Perhaps climb down the drainage pipe and run to me. Like the types they show in Bollywood movies.

But there i was. A stranger. A stranger to that window and to that green. But in that strange distance, the appalling exterior melted away and all i saw was a coat of hope, beauty and possibility.

Those green leaves, the deft move of a stem responding to the faintest of breeze, those washed clothes that were drying, the promise of the lonely bud and the thought of those simple folks who nurtured this all, brought an incredible amount of peace to me.

And that’s exactly how i feel about Obama’s inauguration tomorrow. Sitting many thousand miles away, i feel better for the world. Don’t ask me why. Call me a wishful thinker. Dub me whatever. I still feel so. I hope so. I wish so.

In the midst of seeping concrete, i found hope the other day.

Just as i will. Tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Concrete Hope !

  1. Hope is the basis of life.. And i believe ur dreams aren’t fulfilled until you actually hope for it!

    As there is a short story to it.. It didn’t rain for three long years and the villagers decided to gather along to pray to God to pour rain, however only one small boy bought an umbrella along…!

    This is what hoping for your dream is!

  2. wow kavi, what a comeback!

    a very real descriptive of the window…did you really do that? I mean, wait beneath the window? no offence meant, but u’re a dreamer:)way to go, buddy!

  3. Braja says:

    You know me and windows/doors…I loved this photo and your imagery.

  4. Swatantra says:

    Amazing! That’s really very interesting! I liked the idea of hope in the midst of seeping concrete! This post truly depicts your view about life!

  5. manju says:

    Interesting picture and thoughts, too. The scene- window, clothes, plant- is very ‘Mumbai’ isn’t it?

    I hope your hopes are fulfilled, Kavi!

  6. Jeevan says:

    Life outside windows, the hope I believe in this world. Nicely captured the thoughts and picture kavi 🙂

  7. ~nm says:

    Beautifully captured!

  8. nsiyer says:

    I think you were in a trance that you had to be nudged. Being present to the moment is really the moment of truth. If so, any one can get lost like you did.

  9. Kavi says:

    Sania : Welcome here ! And yes. Life sustains on hope ! Big time !

    Naperville Mom : Ah. Dreamer. Someone gave prompted me to write fiction. Hmm..any one for reality TV !!!

    Braja : Ah ! Your thing about the windows..!! ofcourse, how can i forget !

    Hobo : Yes. Hope. 🙂

    Swatantra : Thats really what i felt standing there

    Manju : Of course, Mumbai. And btw, anypart of middle class urban india i guess !!

    And hope my hopes stand tall !

    jeevan : Thank you !

    nm : Thank you !

    Iyer : Sir, indeed i was in a trance !

  10. Wonderful post. Right along my lines of thinking. Yay for change and giving people hope.

  11. Sujatha says:

    Lovely post, Kavi! Very evocative. 🙂

  12. Kavi,

    I was wondering at your post. Why you were looking at the sill, window, plants. Well written. Your way of linking it to Obama reminds me of my post about Obama. Honestly, I am reading your post only now. What a coincidence of thought between us?

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