Aching Thigh !

For, here i am. With aching thighs. And a knee which announces a flex of the leg with a sound that is getting louder by the day. I still can walk. And run a kilometer or two. Thank all the Gods above for their big mercies.

But frankly, the ultimate strength lies in sitting with your backside close to hard surface. But not on it. Yes, In my mind, to squat is to have special prowess. And No. I am not kidding.

At another of those dull days, i wait, with my laptop bag strung across my shoulders. I wait by a Mumbai highway, for a friend of mine to pick me up.

There is a family that waits alongside me. The weight of the world seems to be on my shoulder, as the friend calls up every 7 th minute to tell me he is 5 minutes away. I yearn for a chair. I cant sit. Forget my backside, the thought of placing the laptop bag on the mud and dust of the highway, is non existent.

And then, i hear the lady of the family standing next to me tell her husband that her legs ache. And the next minute, she sits down. I mean, she squats. And there she was. In that position for many more multiples of ‘7 minutes’ till my friend finally showed up and i left the place !

Her sitting position was perhaps the most hygienic possibility. That you almost sit. I mean, your backside, gets as close as possible to a surface. The knees bend. The calf muscles touch the thigh. And you are not standing. Well, by those definitions, it definitely was sitting !

Phew. I wonder how many of you can do that. Many of my cousins who live in the rural hinterland, sit in this position with ease. For hours on end. I guess their daily morning routines give way for practice too.

But the fact remains, that if the next bus / train / friend doesn’t show up on time, i am going to walk about fiddling my finger and running my hand through imaginary strands of hair. While some chap will squat elegantly, right in front of me ! For hours on end !

And i would swear to myself that the next post on my blog would be on inadequate infrastructure !

And here is the icing on the cake.

You know, I try and go to a gym. And the instructor asks me to squat and get up ! 20 repetitions. And charges me for his supervisory act. I know i am missing something.

For, here i am. With aching thighs.

23 thoughts on “Aching Thigh !

  1. That is so funny!! You do manage to write posts on the most interesting topics (I am not being sarcastic!!). I have tried several times to squat but always manage to fall backwards due to lack of balance… of course, that just states that I am bottom-heavy…. I resign myself to that!! Yeah, and you are right about the hygienic thing in more ways than one… apparently when we squat to shit in Indian -style toilets, the physiological position of our body actually helps us…um…do it!!

  2. amreekandesi says:

    How very interesting!

    I am going to try squatting the next time i am on the subway!

  3. Squatting? Hmmm, never thought it could be the topic of a thesis:) You did it again, Kavi bro, bravo! Serious, your blog is good fodder for thought:)

  4. Bloody hell! Kavi, only you can write this kind of post man! What an excellent way of writing! I am dumbfounded with the way you have written. I have never read anywhere someone writing about ‘Squat’ like this. Keep it up. Kavi! I meant your style and language.

  5. Suma says:

    hahaha..i can’t believe you actually photographed this…:)

    but truly, squatting is soooo painful…i’m just back from teh gym and my thigh muscles ache…

    to think that in my granma’s days everyone used to do it so effortlessly..

    loved the post even tho it reminded me of my aching muscles…

  6. Aleta says:

    I don’t have enough balance to squat like that, but suffice it to say that women have learned to hover over public toilets and never sit on them, so it helps to strength certain muscles in the legs. Lol.

  7. The post reminds me old style toilet which I used to use at my old house.
    I suggest : Old habits were good as most of the days a person was doing some kind of exercise every hour. Now-a-days dinning table, sofa, western toilet specially for young people are not good, if I am correct. No exercise, only comfort.

  8. Geez Kavi, Just did 6 exercises of 3 sets each of Squats last night. The DOMS ( Delayed onset of Muscle Soreness ) is a measure of how hard you exercised.

    My DOMS post SQATS is excruciating. I am walking like a duck today!!!!

    Legs are the bigget muscles and SQUATS burn the most FAT!!!!

    Think about it…for a small Back side….and no tummy…SQUAT till you Drop!!!!

    Happy Squatting!!

  9. manju says:

    Kavi- I think you are able to write an interesting post on absolutely any subject!

    Did you have to explain to the lady why you were taking her photograph? 🙂

  10. Despite a desperate urge to write an immediate blog on the advantages of Indian style toilets, and the benefits that accrue thereby to things like quadriceps, I think the ability to be able to “rest” like this also has to do with a supreme confidence in ones ability to “relax” regardless of the so called hi-fi and completely non ergonomic behavioural dictats of those who are considered advanced in society……I wonder if we have the confidence to do that….and never mind if a guy with a laptop in taking your pictures.

  11. Braja says:

    The Indian squat is one of the earth’s mysteries…seriously. How the heck do they do that? It takes a lifetime…starting from birth.

  12. manuscrypts says:

    the thighs that bind.. different for different people :p

  13. nsiyer says:

    Fantastic piece. I have always wondered how people sit in the squatting position for hours and regale in their conversations. Are there any other positions in which you have captured people’s photographs, Kavi? Only you can but a great post.

  14. Jeevan says:

    I remind now, many people from rural side used to sit like that and mostly waiting for bus. We should not forget ones we at squat routine! Its one of a punishment in schools called Thopu karanam’ one could not forget. Interesting is inseparable with u bro 🙂

  15. Sajan says:

    brilliant observation … brilliant article. I still remember.. Viji Miss of VMJ said in one of the biology classes that squatting is the best exercise and the best posture for our daily morning routine

  16. You have a wonderful way with words my friend. That was a joy to read.

    And made me think about the burning pain I would feel in my knees if I tried to squat like that. I used to be able to. It’s one of the best positions for childbirth… apparently also fine for waiting at long intervals.

  17. If you keep taking pictures of comely ladies squatting here, there and everywhere, you’ll hardly get too much of an opportunity to squat and rest yourself, as the possibilities of being chased by irate husbands are quite high.

    But I do admire your eye for the bawdy, oops, body.

  18. Perfect there again Kavi! Did the woman’s husband not see you clicking her photograph?
    Are you sure your pain is because of the gym & not the photograph? 🙂

  19. honey says:

    thats an interesting post!!

  20. ~nm says:

    I can but never squatted for more than 2-3 min so don’t know how long can I last. 😀

    Very interesting observation though.

  21. Pearl says:

    Kavi, I can squat for long periods of time but only because of my yoga practice.
    You should try it.

  22. Siva says:

    Hi kavi, seems U have squat on squatting topic reminding those Friday drills in our playground…dear moments..gone tooo soon

  23. Cris says:

    Well I guess what you need is some guts more than the the know-how of squatting. The lady didnt have to think for more than a second to act her thoughts. Many of us on the other hand even if would love to follow her example, first think about the rest of the world who’d see us in the act. A couple of hours more and you may have followed her example.. Well I think I would have 😀

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