Going Home.

The plane taxis off the runway & kisses the clouds. From up above, i see the Mumbai skyline. I am far close to the sea than i can imagine.

The plane continues to climb. The low cost airline has not been low cost exactly. But it did take off on time. And it did soar into the sky. There is a pilot with a distinct kerelite accent, asking announcing that we should be landing on time.

I peer through the window. And see the receding skyline of the city that i call home now. In about a hour and a half i will be touching down in Bangalore. A city that i used to call home until a year and a half back. For ten odd years.

The books that i have picked up at the airport lounge invite some browsing. Some habits stick. Most, like this one, make the missus sick. But she isn’t here today with me. So.

I am lost in my own world. Memories come rushing back. I think of the next few days. And i have so many things to do. Discussions to have. And just be present. The sun beats down the other side of the plane. God is kind. I think.

And look at the big mountains that appear far too small. Far beyond. Far below. There are announcements for refreshments. I can hear only parts of it. The other i leave it to conjecture. The handlers from Pakistan did a better job, i think. Of speaking into the phone, that is.

Refreshments are served. And charged too. This is a low cost airline. The middle class me, loaded with the guilt of having bought books, keeps me restrained. In the row, just ahead, a family sits. They order sandwiches and juice. Sandwiches and juice and hand, the air hostess announces, ‘thats Rs. 510/-, sir !’ The plane shakes a bit.

I look through the window. Into the mountains. Into a dried river in the distance. I think of the next few days. There is happiness. Anxiety. Purposefulness. Hope. And resolve. The pilot is back again. Announcing something. I hear parts of it. And don’t hear most of it. The air hostess is having a word with the passenger in front of me. In a distance, i see greenery.

Frankly. Nothing matters. For i am flying home. From the new home of Mumbai. To the old home of Bangalore. And then, home ! Home to Madurai.

Home. To amma and appa. Today, nothing else seems to matter. The sun continues to beat down. The other side of the plane.

22 thoughts on “Going Home.

  1. Braja says:

    I can smell the idlis and coconut chutney now 🙂 Have a wonderful time, Kavi….oh, and btw: love the photo in the sidebar. Pure, classic Indian street photography. Poor Virgin Mary: I hope she doesn’t look up!!!

  2. Sujatha says:

    Wishing you a great trip. I wish ‘anxiety’ did not figure in the scheme of things. Hope it dissipates soon.

  3. amreekandesi says:

    That’s a very interesting account!

    Rs 510 for sandwiches and juice! Wow. What did they put in there?

  4. NO matter where we are, home is the place where peace is.
    Enjoy !

  5. amreekandesi says:

    I just noticed that you’ve added me to your blogroll! Thanks 🙂

  6. ooohh… I’m doing this trip next week, but all I can feel is the claustrophobia of a 12 hour flight.

  7. its always nice when you go home Sir. makes me happy as well 🙂 have a fine time with family. I liked Madurai alot 🙂

  8. Priya says:

    Nothing comes free in this world including water. Have a great trip. U know something, Ryanair is gonna charge for people who use toilet. Wonder shud we all if flying in that airlines have to wear a diaper in future.

  9. Did the pilot say, “Simbly putonyuvar seed belds,we’ll be landing soon?”;)

    Cheers to loads of mom- cooked meals:)

  10. Pearl says:

    Kavi, I love the anticipation and longing in your writing voice. I wish I knew more about India so that I could feel the difference between the cities…

  11. Ranu says:

    I totally know the feeling of going home!!!

    Have a safe journey and a blast at home!!!

  12. Kavi,

    I can just smell that wonderful decoction coffee !

    A cool verandah on a hot afternoon, cotton-like idlis, nectar-like smabar ( I dont know the tamil words), someone fussing over whether you’ve slept, whether you’ve eaten, coconut trees in the distances, pepper plantations with their pungent whiffs, a son from far away back into the childhood fold after many days….

    I wish you lots of peace …

    ( I was just wondering. Is that airline charging passengers by their weight? They asked for 510, and those guys paid up ? Hmm)

  13. dinu says:

    beautiful .. I feel like going home now 🙂

  14. G says:

    Take me home, country skies huh? Enjoy your stay!! 🙂

  15. Your post made me think of my going home to meet parents, both of whom are no more. And brought back some memories, and made me sentimental.

    So well written Kavi,

  16. manju says:

    Have a great visit to Bangalore and your parents, Kavi!

  17. Asphodel says:

    Wow looking forward to the pictures of Madurai when you reach there. Ah, sounds nice indeed.

  18. Kavi says:

    Braja : Thanks ! Yes. The Madurai idlis and coconut chutneys are really world famous ! Will think of you some more when i have it. and yes, i have been having quite an abundance of it. Already !

    Sujatha : Thank you ! My personal situation is not going to get the anxiety go away in a hurry. But, thanks for those wishes !

    Roshini : Thank you !

    Amreekandesi : Beats me ! I really dont know ! As i told you. The plane seemed to shake a bit !

    Hobo : I cant help agree with you more

    Christine : Ah ! 12 hours..is a long time. Long time indeed !!

    GP : Thank you ! And yes, Madurai is home ! So ! 🙂

    Priya : Thank you. And yes. Nothing comes free. But then, charging for using toilets is going to create a stampede when the plane lands. I think so !!

    Naperville Mom : something to that effect !! And thanks..!

    Pearl : Yes. There was anticipation ! And you indeed will get to feel the Indian cities when you do come in here !

    Ranu : Thanks ! Great to know that i have company

    Suranga : That was a wonderful account ! And that will form the basis of a post. Definitely. And i must say you were bang on. I was moved by those words. As accurate as it can get.

    And yes. they paid up. For they had already opened the sandwiches !!

    Dinu : Thanks !

    VSP : Sir, thanks for the kind words. Will discuss when am back..

    Manju : Thanks a ton !

    Asphodel : Ofcourse there will be pictures ! And there will be stories to share..life is all about that ! And welcome here..Thanks for stopping by to write…!

  19. Jeevan says:

    “The plane shakes a bit. ” you got it kavi! me shook too. have a nice time at home 🙂

  20. nsiyer says:

    Great! going to AMMA and Appa. Nothing like that. I don’t have my appa … but he is always with me.

  21. Sajan says:

    I empathize with you. I went to Madurai last week. Truly, there’s no place like home.

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