Not nought !

My mind hasn’t moved from the Kala Ghoda festival. Here are two pictures. The first one of an old man. And the other of a set of young men and women ! They spoke to whoever who cared to listen. I did.

The first gentleman, recited a poem. About politics, and how corruption is fuelling a rot of everything. And he recited it with no microphone in hand. No set audience to watch his recital. No arc light to focus on him. And no expectation from anybody around. He just stood in middle of a busy section of the festival, and read his poem.

People walked by. With insensitive disdain. Worse still, not caring to notice what was happening just as they milled around. Some stopped for a second, with ‘whatever is this man saying ?’ look. And moved on. This gentleman continued his recitation.

I counted four people, who stood there and listened. A powerful poem, i thought.

The gentleman though, didn’t seem to think much of the four people who stood or the four hundred people who walked around. He completed. And walked away.

The power of poetry and the passion in the recital kept me awake that night.

At another location, there was street theatre, happening. In full swing. A small crowd had gathered. There were a set of young men and women performing. Urging people to stay awake and vote the right kind of people.

Again, no microphone, no fixed audience, no arc lights, no rosepowder. But just humans and powerful performances.

Coming in the backdrop of noises and sounds of various decibel intensity, this indeed was some performance ! To keep an audience who were just walking by, glued to what was happening there was no small task.

And as i left that place, i shook my head in wonder. There after all were people who did things, because it was the right thing to do and that it needed to be done.

Not for appreciation. Not for praise. Not for money. Not for themselves. Not for their loved one. Not for 5 minutes of fame. Not for today.

But just to ensure, that everything doesn’t come to nought !

Long after they stopped speaking, their words and their spirit continues to echo in me. I wonder why !

10 thoughts on “Not nought !

  1. Insults says:

    Great festival – I love a festival.

  2. Braja says:

    I love a poetry reading! :))

  3. Parton Words says:

    How cool would it be if one of them read this post. How would it make them feel ?

  4. No wonder you’re still awake, thinking about it. It was rather overwhelming, eh? Now I’m thinking about the old man who didn’t think much about the four guys who listened to him and the four hundred who walked past, stopping for a look…

  5. Just feel like saying, a heartfelt “Jai Ho” and no, I havent seen Slumdog……

  6. A single step towards right direction makes a mark slowly-n-slowly.

  7. Real good idea to use black and white here… the characters really stand out.

  8. Kavi says:

    Braja : You do !

    Mark : I guess it would make them happy ! They just melted away into the crowd..!

    Naperville Mom : yes ! It is overwhelming ! 🙂

    Ugich Konitari : Jai Ho is not patented. yet ! 🙂 Thanks !

    Hobo : You are very right !

    Roshni : Thanks !!

  9. Jeevan says:

    Interesting notice and the picture is obvious! At least u kept listen to write about him here is appraisal.

  10. nsiyer says:

    Kavi! The spirit of doing things because one enjoys has no paralle. Well said!

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