On the Tree. Back-To-Front !

The head matters. I mean, whats ‘on’ the head. There indeed was a time that i recall in my head, when ‘whats Inside’ mattered much. But ever since, Intel took on that onerous responsibility with the ‘Intel Inside‘ campaign, i guess, (sic) lesser mortals have graduated to being more concerned with whats on the surface !

That is a huge obsession and cause for worry. I believe, and strongly so, that there would be more hair loss due to worry. Worry about, you guessed it right : Hair loss !

Some weeks back, a friend of mine** informed that there are more ‘options’ available for people with a hairless crown. Upon some prodding, and on the strictest conditions of anonymity that would put the British stiff upper lip to shame, many types were mentioned.

Laser treatment. Hair Transplant. Shampoos. Conditioners. A phalanx of tablets. Diet. And so on. ‘A combination of all of these in some proportion would do good’. The friend claimed. In all earnestness.

Two days later, this image arrived via email titled ‘Norwood Scale‘ ! Strategically marked to the missus as well. I understood this friends good intention. But i suppose this friend didn’t understand that missus has written me off as a whole. Just having some saving grace with hair on top of the head will serve no purpose. Yes. Serves-No-Purpose !

My friends journey continues. In the coming days, numerous steps of innumerable clinics will be climbed. Hair treatment specialists will be consulted and good advice listened to. And of course, this friend will end up with a lighter wallet and a heavier bag of oils, ointments, herbal prescriptions and hope !

The last heard, was some vague mention of ‘hair transplant’ on a slightly more serious tone, loaded with positive intent. ‘Hair from the back of the head, gets to the front’ i am told ! I cant understand these back-to-front jobs ! I really cant !

Look, the world is in a recession. Sales figures are dropping off the bottom most point of charts on a wall. People are losing jobs like a well made sweet sinking into a sweet tooth’s tongue. Bank deposits are evaporating like a distantly striking mirage. Heck, banks are going that route too…Governments are falling off…

And here was worry about falling hair !

But wait a minute.

All of the above is about falling, right ?!? Economies, banks, deposits, sales figures, lifestyle, malls…. and hair…then, maybe we could do what those hair surgeons.

And perhaps bring whats on the back, to the front ! Maybe, that’s the prescription we need ! Hmm..

This post is the first in a three part series titled ‘On The Tree’. Drawing inspiration from spotted on trees !

** Posting with approval from this friend !

10 thoughts on “On the Tree. Back-To-Front !

  1. Braja says:

    Are you trying to tell us you’re going bald, Kavi? Is it full disclosure or foreclosure? :)))

  2. manuscrypts says:

    do you believe in hairy tale endings? 🙂

  3. nsiyer says:

    Balding heads are good. Then you have a longer face to wash. Incidentally,I am slowly becoming one of your clan.
    I enjoyed your post.

  4. was it your friend, or you?;)

  5. Do you see wisps of hair on the garden lawn ?
    As per latest research, inferences can be drawn….
    Nature, as fertiliser, must use,
    The Hair that you continuously lose,
    And you still say ,”where has my hair gone ?”

  6. Nachi says:

    its time to take a look at the Indian way of functioning…economics and hair-no-mics both considered…

    cause despite the world wide fall, India seems to be holding on, just like you, to the remaining strands and advocating the local business mantra!

    so what if it is a stinking oil, one must do whatever it takes to achieve growth!

  7. Swatantra says:

    Nice post! Looking forward for other two…

  8. Jeevan says:

    Its an increasing problem, and many ties different way to hide themselves. i wonder what this hair loss going to stop our proceeding, and people spending more money on just hairs. interesting read here.

  9. All is fair in love and hair? Well, tell your ‘friend’ (a neat psychological trick, as suggested by Braja?)that ‘bald’ is ‘bold’ and ‘minimalism’ is IN.

  10. Kavi! maybe a Ghajini look can help at this point! Anyway its in Fashion!


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