The written word moves !

That’s the vehicle that i spot often. Near home. A mobile book store, which for some reason, i thought of as a library. For English & Marathi books. It has a generator, a computer, a young boy and of course, some books.

Plus, they advertise a number. A Toll Free number. You need a book, well, you just dial a book and it would be home delivered.

Now, that was a first.

For all the years of metro living, everything used to get home delivered. From grocery to DVDs, to letters, credit card statements to Chicken Curry. But books…. Well, perhaps the magazines from the corner store. But books ?!?

I didn’t see them being home delivered. And that included the ones that went out of the door, borrowed by friends and other visitors, exploiting my inability of saying ‘no’ ! And i used to awaken with hope each day, that perhaps that day, i would see a book coming back home ! But thats another story.

To spot this mobile book store was heartening. And to actually spot people frequenting the van was even more !

With TV, Internet, audio books and such other ‘advancements’, there is a strange impasse in the world. I think. An impasse that’s big enough to obscure the joy of smelling fresh pages, of curling in a corner with a book, of looking up a dictionary, of debating a point with a friend and just soak up thoughts & adore styles !

This mobile book store seemed to bring a whiff of fresh air ! Mobility takes a new meaning ! The written word moves ! On wheels !

13 thoughts on “The written word moves !

  1. That’s great, Kavi! Never heard of such a thing…what kind of books do they deliver? I mean, is it international or domestic authors?

  2. Priya says:

    Thaz quite interesting. What book did you get into?

  3. Pearl says:

    It’s heartening, innit?


    I love books, love reading, fiction and historical biographies. I’m glad to hear that books still have homes…


  4. Kavi,

    have a look at This …..

    Is this van anywhere close to the lake /Hiranandani?

  5. amreekandesi says:

    Wow! The internet may be great, but nothing beats reading from an actual, hard, papery book!

  6. Have seen these mobile book stores but more for a particular religious institution trying to sell their own texts.

  7. G says:

    I said earlier that I loved the way you wrote about people. I said I was gonna try doing that.
    Now, I like the way you create interest and actually do a whole write up on the regular things one sees and dismisses. Baah! How can I ever get to putting into words what I see so often. But I am going to try, nevertheless. Even if it means having so many drafts redrafted. 🙂

    Nice write-up. 🙂 The joy of visiting a bookstore, mobile or stationary, is totally different.

  8. Sujatha says:

    Lovely post kavi! Book stores have taken to delivering books home too. I was taken aback when I was first offered it at Crossword. It’s a totally different kind of joy to go to a book store and part with money at the counter. I still prefer that though if a book is cheaper at Amazon, then…

  9. Braja says:

    I saw a Hare Krishna van driving around doing that as one commenter pointed out….thought it was cool 🙂

  10. Aleta says:

    I’ve never seen a library on wheels either. How novel (sorry for the pun). I’m glad people still appreciate books. I love the texture, the feel, the smell of books, love that feeling of can’t waiting to turn the page to find out what happens next! There’s an art in reading from a book.

  11. Kavi says:

    Naperville Mom : Ah, all sorts of books.I saw some management, some fiction…all sorts..

    Priya : My book tastes are as uncertain as the possibilities of the next moment ! I didnt buy any here though

    Pearl : Yes. Books still have homes. If you ask my wife, she will pour her woes and tell you why books have so much of my home !!

    Ugich : yes. Its close to the lake. On the Chandivili side. And thanks for sharing that post. It was an insightful read. To understand that this thing has been on in the rural hinterland…! It was lovely to read..!

    amreekandesi : Ofcourse..books are a class act.

    Roshni : I have too. Especially of the ISKCON folks. A general store was the first of a kind !

    G : Ah..thats so nice of you to say that ! Thank you ! It bloats my heart so much that the Karachi radars are catching its beat !!

    Sujatha : Thank you ! I know, Amazon has a way of getting to you ! But reading is finally what matters i guess !

    Braja : yes..they do that too ! Cool designs they’ve got !

    Aleta : Novel !! Lovely pun there ! Books, i dont think will ever die ! That ruffle of paper and as you rightly say, the texture and the page turner will remain forever !

  12. Jeevan says:

    Mobile happens to be a frequent name with our people now.

  13. nsiyer says:

    Mobile book stores – a great initiative. Especially in this era when reading is at a premium.

    I am interested in seeing this.

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