It seems.

Of the many wonders of the natural world, the one that occupies attention span is what seems to be the battle between man and nature. 

As man goes about burning up the forests, chewing up the last available shark, and overturning the what were mountains and diverting what were waterway, nature seems to grin and bear.  

Amidst man made smoke, machine finished roads, in the thick of concrete buildings, are natures signs of survival. At least that’s how they appear to me : Plants !!! These are not potted plants, grown for the sake of ‘greenery in the balcony’. 

These are plants that have grown with whatever was available. Clinging to the moisture that is available on the sides of drainage pipes and spreading roots into concrete. These are not creepers. These are plants that have taken root in concrete. 

And as man drains out nature’s resources, nature seems to be doing its bit by holding on to his drainage pipes.  Who will have the last laugh is a laughable question. For it doesn’t have to be asked. 

For now, the concrete towers seem to be rising. And the nature resides in the drainage pipe. Forests keep burning. The smoke keeps raising. And diplomats converge in the capitals of the world. And ofcourse, Our Environment is ‘debated‘. 

Alls well with the world.  

It Seems.  


17 thoughts on “It seems.

  1. Very appropriate post for today… its Earth Day!

  2. The post makes you think. That for every landscaped superdesigned highrise, there are millions of drainage pipes doing their bit to keep the balance, standing tall.

    Its the same for people too. There are folks who make do with anything anywhere, to get on with the business of living. And all the while, the highly risen folks, attend conference banquets and stuff, and occasionally, “inconveniently burp”…..

  3. amreekandesi says:

    I guess nature eventually wins.

    We may burn up everything on this planet, but eventually nature will find a way to restore itself, humans or not.

  4. Nachi says:

    fab post!! Darwin would be vindicated at the sight of these plants…

    …yes, All is well with the world! or so it seems. but to whom?

  5. Long live drainage pipes! looks like they’re doing their bit (more than a bit if you look at it) and the plants’re hanging on:)

  6. This is called survival in any condition, be it any circumstances one got strength will grow. IT SEEMS – you need to shift to DSLR now, i can imagine how it could have been with bigger zoom… Let me congratulate you it is one of best posting on earth day over the net 🙂 this pic gives many interpretation (in association with specific day today)

  7. Swatantra says:

    It seems… beautiful written. when i was reading i had a feeling of reading a poetry from a poet…. KAVI!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. (And as man drains out nature’s resources, nature seems to be doing its bit by holding on to his drainage pipes. )
    Well said. Very thoughtful.

  9. Jeevan says:

    These plants say this is our earth, wherever u throws us, we take footage stage.

    The drainage pipes are bit smaller to give way to plants; if it was huge we may be able to find trees. nice post.

  10. SSQuo says:

    Not sure if its well, but its the way it is, but there is a lot of awareness around nature and green stuff, so let’s be positive – there will be a change!

  11. A very valid reminder on Earth Day, that every action has its equal and opposite reaction.

  12. manju says:

    Thoughtful post as always, Kavi! Nature is a survivor. However humans destroy the Earth with their thoughtlessness and greed, Nature will have the last laugh!

  13. Priya says:

    Nature can survive no matter how hard we hit it.

  14. SGD says:

    Wish all was really well ….
    wish it wasnt only big talk by the bigshots;
    wish the plants didnt have to work so hard to do their bit;
    Wish Mother Earth’s restraint & tolerance hasnt been pushed to the limits!

    A very relevant post !

  15. Kavi says:

    Roshini : Thank you ! yes..Earth day it was ! 🙂

    Ugich Konitari : I didnt know about the burping and methane connection ! 🙂

    Amreekandesi : yes..there is no question that nature will come back and well ! We are mere figments there !

    Nachi : whom? How are those that answer that ‘whome’ question seeing…hmm !

    Naperville mom : yes. Long live drainage pipes ! Long live ! For the plants have to live too !

    Ujjwal : Thank you ! I am still playing with this Canon. Your messages inspire me to think of additional investment ! 🙂

    Swatantra : You are very generous ! thank you !

    Hobo : Thank you !

    Jeevan : Thank you . I saw it more as a symbolic representation of the fight back ! 🙂

    SSQuo : Yes…thats the hope with which we all live ! And some take for granted !

    Sucharita : So much for science. So much for nature ! thank you !

    Manju : Thank you !! Yes. No doubts nature is a survivor. We ought to know we are just specks over there..

    Priya : Yes of course, Nature can survive. Can we is the question…

    SGD Thank you for the comment. Well said !

  16. Priya says:

    We only whine, complain and destroy than thinking positive or build for the next generation.

  17. nsiyer says:

    Hiranandani Gardens is an example of mountains being destroyed. At whose cost? Iliked your example of nature in drainage pipes.

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