Of Temples & Washrooms !

You are going to look at that image and purse your lips and wonder whats the big deal. After all a picture of a temple from Tamil Nadu, is common sight ! As common as a politician making tall promises during elections. You get the idea, right ?

Well, this is the Shree Navaneethakrishnan Temple in Madurai. Its not one of those gigantic structures. Its just another temple. Frequented by the faithful, used as a landmark to navigate by the newcomer and clicked on camera by a insipid blogger.

So, whats with it.

Here’s what i thought was enough of a big deal. Look closer at the temple Gopuram. And this is what you see.

And right there, is Mahatma Gandhi. With one leg above, above Lord Vishnu. And the other over Hanuman. On the other side there is Jawaharlal Nehru.

Atop an established temple’s gopuram, well, well,well, that indeed was interesting to me !

That they were revered enough to be placed on par with the Gods, says something. Something really profound about that time, that age and them !!! This was a different era indeed. And the folks that were there back then, were made of a different mettle.

Beginning today, India votes. The reactions to the pitches and planks of politicians and their parties have ranged for overwhelming laughter to ‘mild amusement’ to ‘mild disturbance’ to ‘deep consternation’ !

Let me get this straight.

1.Who you should vote for, is your choice.
2. To exercise that choice or to throw up your hands and enjoy a holiday : your choice again !
3. To make a considered, well thought through decision or going by narrow compulsions : your choice again.
4. To actively campaign or passively exercise choice…. well, this is a free country. Its your choice again.

So, it all boils down to you & your choice. Except this : What picture i leave on my blog, continues to remain, my choice !

So what if the picture was found in the washroom of an educational institution ?

PS : My political views remain private. This is not in support of the Congress, BJP, UPA, NDA, DMK, MDMK, ABCD, EFGH, IJKL, MNOP, QRS, TUV, WXYZ of their offshoots / prepoll post poll alliances thereoff.

This is in support of praying hard and using the flush. OK ?

15 thoughts on “Of Temples & Washrooms !

  1. That didn’t look like Nehru, though… more like a milkman or somebody!!

    Good analogy, as usual. Do something or stay in a rot, I mean, rut!!

  2. Aha ha…I suspect that that particular depiction of Nehru will be irksome to a particular party which has appropriated the rights to all Hindu texts/myths/history.

    And I fear that using the flush too vigorously will leave us like a headless chicken.

  3. I’m glad to see Gandhiji up there…albeit a bit surprised:) I wonder whether it’s a recent addition…and India’s going to the polls again, yes, that’s a blessing…this ‘freedom’ to choose, whatever else it brings alongwith:)

  4. Smitha says:

    Nehru and Gandhiji on the Gopuram! Wow !
    As for our ‘choice’, yes, we do have a ‘choice’, but if the majority of us continue to not use it, we might reach a point of no return…
    As for flushing – we should support that 🙂
    Loved this post!!!

  5. Ankit says:


    I will only say this….It happens only in India.

    But your post kind of supports congress because it shows Gandhiji an Nehru….

    Did you take a good look. There may be Advani & Vajpayee on the side 😉

    Well atleast we can vote for free, some places one has to pay to pee

  6. Suma says:

    ok i thought the first pic was a milkman or something..but i’m quite amazed that leaders have made it to a temple gopuram…

    i do hope that people exercise their voting responsibilites and their freedom of choice with care…

  7. Idea :
    flush needs to be automatic the moment we drop blah blah blah…

  8. manju says:

    Kavi this is the first time I have seen political leaders on a temple! So the Gods, too, support a specific party? Of course, as you say, those were different times! 🙂

    You’re right, it’s our choice!

  9. Kavi,

    There seems to be another human to Gandhiji’s left, sitting at right angles to him. I wonder if the Gopuram is studded with folks from the Independence struggle…..

    And call me square or whatever….you cant put flushes and gods and Independence heroes in the same post….

  10. Jeevan says:

    i have known before about this temple tower somewhere, the leaders idol on the structure. What’s going on in politics was very funny game now.

  11. ♥ Braja says:


    Arre baba :))

  12. Kavi says:

    Roshini : Thank you. For that afterthought correction ! 😉

    Sucharita : I am with you on all your fears ! And how many times will you use the flush when there is a water shortage !?!

    Naperville Mom : I checked, and i am told that the statues are as old as the temple ! 🙂

    Crowning glory !

    Ankit : Hey. I am equidistant from all parties. Nobody is giving me money 😉

    Vote for free but pay to pee !!! brilliant !! Brilliant !! I twittered that !!

    Suma : Milkman !?! The Gandhis will come after you ! 🙂

    Yes. Thats my hope too

    Hobo : How nice it would be if its automatic..right ?

    Manju : I am not sure about Gods political preferences. For they are one crazy bunch. To make such people who make such parties !?!


    Ugich Konitari : As far as i could see there were three ‘human’ images ! And these were the three. I could have missed more !

    Jeevan : Hmm. The next time you come across somethin like this, let me know. I would do some research on this..! 😉

    Braja : Haanji !! Glad to have you here..!


  13. amreekandesi says:

    “Use the flush, else bear the stink”

    Now i know why we have so many problems. We Indians don’t like flushing after ourselves!

    Interesting to see Gandhi on that temple!

  14. These are universal words of wisdom I think… use the flush else bare the stink. Yes. I must educate my children of this.

    And as I read your comments I chuckle, because I was about to say that the more I learn about India, the more it sounds like the US. Maybe it’s how I am reading it, but it sounds like we have the same frustrations with our beloved countries. 😉

    I love to see your closer look at things. These things we should consider.

  15. nsiyer says:

    Kavi, your eyes really capture unique things.Eye for details.

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