Shoe Story !

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So there is lot of news. About Jeetendra. About L.K.Advani. About Navin Jindal. And ofcourse about P.Chidambaram. And a host of others. Which includes Narendra Modi for putting up a volleyball net !

A kid in India with average IQ would point his footwear at you, if you mention these names in unison. Hold on. Its not (necessarily) an insult. But hey, footwear is the connecting factor ! Or rather footwear being hurled at these gentlemen is the connecting factor.

To me it reads like this is best proof that advertising works. With brands slogans like ‘Just Do It’ and ‘Impossible is Nothing’ we have proof finally.

But hey, the trend is disturbing. To say the least. And of course, footwear sales will take off. But that’s the only respite. Of all the grand thoughts that pop up in the mind, this is particular cause for worry : There is a surfeit of chappals available. Especially if you are looking for some.

In India, it is common for us to leave behind footwear at the door ! Of temples. Diagnostic centres. Hospitals. Some offices. Homes. Dentist. Marriage halls. Some have polite requests and other have terse one liners all to the effect of ‘leave your footwear at the door’ It was all ok till a few weeks back.

But not now. For, it is a potential weapon ! There are countries ( you know which ones ) where owning a gun is common place and pumping a bullet because the coffee tasted different is like your car hitting a pothole. You dont like it. But you are not surprised either.

And now in India, you have have chappals available and lying around. All you need is a strong arm, a strange calling and a steady aim. (The steady aim is relatively unnecessary i guess. None of the hurled footwear have found their target thus far ). All of them have made a symbolic point and forced some action and provided the media with options for hurling ‘Breaking News’ !

But here is my question. If somebody borrows / steals your car ( God forbid) and crashes into someone else ( God forbid ), the first person the cops come to is YOU.

If some one hacked your computer to send a terror message ( God Forbid ) you could land in jail. At least for a few weeks / months / years before you are cleared. etc etc !

So now, if you wear a high heeled gum boots and someone flicks it when you are in deep prayer, with the doctor or generally having a momentary lapse of reason. And then, hurls your high heeled gum boots at a ‘Mr. Z category’… finds the mark, leaves the Z category with a gash…

Will you boldly claim the shoe ?

16 thoughts on “Shoe Story !

  1. Nachi says:

    mate, do you realize what a freaking fabulous post this is?? i can’t stop laughing, especially at the last line…

    …you deserve a lot of “phools” to be hurled at you for coming up with this…


  2. ♥ Braja says:

    Me? Shoes? Oh no sir….barefoot…

    Gulp 🙂

  3. Claiming these shoes would be like Kasab admitting his real age.

    But there are other immense possibilities.

    A Cinderella Commission (CC to rhyme with EC), to designate people who go around house to house seeing who the shoe fits. Of course this will create touts who will liase with the CC people to avoid visits for a fee.

    Then there will be Shoe and Chappal Standards (SCS), like the Euro-something stuff they have on cars. Each shoe will have a built in poky thing which will inadvertantly poke and then the shoe can be tested for your DNA. Several ministers relatives will fight for the contracts to manufacture these poky things.

    Lastly, along with free laptops , free travel, free houses, free phonecalls, free electricity, free water, our elected representatives will also get free helmets. Hopefully with poky things.

  4. amreekandesi says:

    That picture is awesome!

    We are going to see some Cinderella type stories where the cops will claim that we have been able to recover the weapon, now we just have to fit the shoe onto the ten suspects to determine who is the best match.

  5. This is so cultural…Here roaming around barefoot even indoors is a sacrilege, not to be tolerated:(

  6. nsiyer says:

    The way you connect things Kavi is fabolous.I enjoyed every bit if this.

  7. Pearl says:

    Naperville Mom is right. 🙂 I must admit to being barefoot as often as possible, however, even if it does draw comments. I come from a line of people who prefer to wear no shoes — perhaps in contrast to the NEED to wear them for months on end due to cold weather.

    To throw a shoe strikes me as both very funny and very insulting. Not fatal but the intention is clear.

    We should introduce this concept to the U.S.


  8. Priya says:

    I shud say, ther is so much humor in ur posts these days and thaz a welcome change and making us feel relax too.

  9. roflindian says:

    I guess, with such developments, ‘Shoe-it at sight’ orders take an entirely new meaning 🙂

  10. The sale of shoes/chappals increase or chappal ki chori ?

  11. Kavi says:

    Nachi : No. Seriously, i do not realise it…i mean, are you shooing me into something 😉 BTW, thank you…for the phools !!!

    Braja : Barefoot… ! Hmm… 😉

    Ugich Konitari : I think your comment is far better than the post itself ! The imagination is of a different genre ! I remember that i have to keep my helmet safely. Just in case.. !!


    Amreekandesi : Ofcourse..thats quite possible. Isnt it. Fit the shoe to the feet ! Quite possible ! You are really thinking mate ! Really thinking !


    Naperville Mom : Sacrilege to walk barefoot. I notice that you dont speak about tossing the odd pair of shoes. There are some sections of India that believes that this ( tossing of shoes )is aping the west. For it was GW who set the precedent !

    NS. Iyer : Thank you sir !

    Pearl : I am copy pasting the response for Naperville Mom’s comment. Seems perfect ! Sacrilege to walk barefoot. I notice that you dont speak about tossing the odd pair of shoes. There are some sections of India that believes that this ( tossing of shoes )is aping the west. For it was GW who set the precedent !

    Priya : Thank you ! Thank you ! And thank you for humouring me when i am otherwise !!

    Rofl Indian : Welcome here.. and yest shoe-it-at-sight is a wonderful concept that i hadnt thought of !

    Hobo : I guess both would. Wouldnt it ?

    Harekrishnaji : Thank you very much !!!!

  12. Tough question…shoe-d we or shoe-d we not claim the shoe…to be shoe-r (er, sure) I’d probably go barefoot like Braja back to the shoe-shop to but a new pair rather than claim the notorious one back.

  13. SGD says:

    Humour coated Reality servings!!
    And you serve them with such style!!!

  14. uhh… if the shoe was a genuine Gucci or something..sure!!!

  15. SSQuo says:

    Yes, if it was a prized possession AND if I knew I could run faster than said recipient of second throw!

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