Its Finally Over !

Small huddles of people stand on the pavement. Peering into phone stores. Restaurants. Offices. Pubs. Et el. At the same time. At pre-appointed hours.

Peering into a restaurant having glass for walls, can be unsettling. Especially for those that eat inside! But they dont seem to care ! And the crowd outside only swells. A foreign eye can mistake this for anything. Including a food deprived nation that gratiates itself by looking at others eat.

The answer however, lies in the TV that’s on. In a corner of the restaurant , phone store et al. No. Wrong again. The interest is not in the TV but on the cricket match that’s on ! The Indian Premier League is on.

And animated conversation floats in the air. Will Chennai beat Kolkatta? Will Bangalore overrun Hyderabad? Will Mumbai win ? How can he sip beer in the middle of a match ? It is all rigged. Dont you thinks so…etc !

Answers and perspectives on this, will of course bring a paradigm shift to our lives and makes such a big difference to our daily living. But, this is cricket ! And as some cliched pundit astutely puts it…this is religion. OK?

A religion.

Where the same chap, is riled or feted for the same shot he played. Depending on whether the team won or lost.

Where funny coloured costumes, strange team names, wonderful astute commentary from the likes of a certain Ms.Bedi are centre stage

where an 4 year old acquaintance commented on a match, ‘ i haven’t seen this kind of a match in my entire lifetime’. And yes. All of a four year life time.

Where the dance of the cheer leaders is only matched by the beer belly of a certain Mr. Mallya,

where ‘square leg‘ has got nothing to do with anatomy or geometrical shapes. And ‘third man’ does not point to political machinations of cabinet formation.

Where the requirements of winning the cup ( with the history of the two tournaments thus far) are restricted to having an Australian captain pulled out from retirement and the team labeled ‘underdog’!

where the sulk of a certain Mr. Khan is best matched by bringing of the blog world more fame

huh !

What a waste of time. Thankfully, its over. The finals. As they say. And this circus top will fold up. And there are talks of one more season coming your way soon. Thankfully its all coming to an end.

And those soap operas on TV can resume again. Tomorrow strange family issues that would resurface. Stuff that was talked about just before the opening ceremony… And from tomorrow onwards, when the boss asks how was last night, remember he is talking about the meeting and not the match.

Our lives return to ‘normal’ status from tomorrow. Thank God this is all getting over. What madness. Huh.

By the way, did you see how Mathew Hayden batted ! Phew it was worth the Orange cap with a strike rate of 144. And i guess the purple cap will stay with RP. Singh. And if Chennai with +0.94 run rate are any way a better team. And man this Manish Pandey has been a discovery…

Any idea if the dates for the next series has been decided ? Just asking..

20 thoughts on “Its Finally Over !

  1. Sajan says:

    how true…very true. crazy cricket, pretentious celebrities, crooked politicians, biased journalism make life more interesting.

  2. oh I don’t know… I think cricket sounds more interesting than a soap opera.

    Sounds like what people do when soccer is played here.

  3. Pearl says:

    Cricket as religion! Well, why not? Humans have been known to deify stranger things!

    Amusements everywhere one looks, Kavi. 🙂 Everywhere!


  4. Aleta says:

    Behavior much like football season in the States. I’ll watch it to see how our team does, but otherwise, I’m not so into the sport that it consumes time.

  5. Suma says:

    you know i called up 3 people yesterday and they were all watching the IPl final…

    and they were all unsatisfactory conversations…
    thank god the kirket is over 😀

  6. Silly points and deep fine legs. I am so glad its over. I think this whole IPL thing is being overdone.

    Besides treating cricketers like commodities that can be flogged and marketed to earn a profit, (and never mind the visual and muscular fatigue setting in), what it has done is reduced the attention span of the people.

    So when do you start the 5-overs a side matches?

  7. Swatantra says:

    Very true!! i had the same feeling at home, but yes i loved it as a model prospective.. It is an amazing business model!! quite innovative!!

  8. SGD says:

    Thank GOD it’s over….when I’ll not have to sheepishly say, am not following IPL and be stared at by people who with their eyes say ARE YOU FROM PLANET EARTH????

  9. sujata says:

    People are so crazy over the game that every time a national crisis comes up, I keep getting a feeling that if today the government wants to divert the nation’s attention all it has to do is arrange a cricket match, the nation as well as the media would gladly turn their heads!!

  10. Jeevan says:

    What a great comment from a four year old! lol

    Well this is the only thing happening around?! I never turned that side. Glad I am not a part of this religion.

  11. manju says:

    I’m afraid I don’t follow the IPL- of course I don’t say so out loud!

    You’ve painted an accurate verbal picture of the ‘madness’, Kavi!

  12. ♥ Braja says:

    Oh no, cricket season already????!! That can’t be right….

  13. The duration – Too long.
    They have to make it little shorter. Dont you think so ?

  14. G says:

    Hey! I have tagged you. Go look.

  15. Inder says:

    i would have been glued to tv if i had been india 😛

  16. Rush says:

    missed watching it live on Tv!!

  17. Kavi says:

    Sajan : Make life interesting. They sure do ! Do they make it complete…well… errr…what was the question ! 🙂

    Christine : I think it is a soap opera. It has all the ingredients. Its extended. There are many players. Coloured clothing. Cheer girls. Money. Style. Foriegn players. Television….hmm. Yes Soap indeed !!

    And i guess its a bit like soccer. But only a bit…! 🙂

    Pearl : Yes..humans have known to deify stranger things !! LOL !! Thats well put.

    But cricket…well, it is religion !


    Aleta : Ofcourse, cricket consumes time.Did you know that a test match is played over 5 days ! 5 full days ! And you could end up with no result !!

    Ofcourse, with the variety thats getting played now can end in as many hours…but the point is..yes its about time. And time becomes irrelevant when it becomes love !


    Suma : Now thankful to your stars. That they lifed the phone and had conversation.

    When a match is on, Friends of mine, dont even bother ! And ofcourse, i dont call either !! 🙂

    Ugich Konitari : 5 over a side matches…i am already drooling. Like you pick up a cool drink stand in a corner of a kirana shop and you move on…with Delhi or Hyderabad or Mumbai or Western Timbuktu..!

    thats a brilliant idea !

    Swatantra : I guess they made more money than any other business proposition. You are so very right !

    SGD : Dont say it aloud. You Indian citizenship may be under question. And perhaps the CBI will land up at your door ! ;D

    Sujata : You have an inventive mind. What an idea madamji ! what an idea !!!

    I think this singular point will drive traffic to this blog….Phew !! I am still shaking my head with this thought. Maybe they are already doing this with politicians actively being involved in the sport now

    Jeevan : The four year old comments on all things. But this comment stands out…pretty big time !! Am glad that you have stayed away from this !! 🙂

    Manju : You are very intelligent person. For you dont say it out aloud !!! 🙂

    And ofcourse, our lives have since returned to normal. And Hyderabad sports a boastful air

    Braja : Cricket also !! There are other things too ! But cricket stays. And rules. I think ! 🙂

    Hobo : I think so. too many days. Too many matches. too many teams. Too many sixes. Too many cheer girls. Too many gigs….

    I think the entire IPL is about the many !

    Inder : And Lalit Modi boasts of an international audience…I hope he is not including you ! given the political nature of whats happening….he probably is ! 🙂

    Rush : Ah…you missed. Something. Really ! 😉

  18. nsiyer says:

    Square leg and third man, Kavi let’s enjoy cricket.

  19. amreekandesi says:

    I am happy to say i have never seen a single IPL match, and have no regrets on that front.

    I believe that Cricket is a national waste of time. Those guys on the field are just making money, and we people keep going crazy over their exploits.

    On the positive side, it does give people some respite from their stressful lives, and is the one thing that could unite people from all parts of the country.

  20. I was (am) in Bangalore at the time of the IPL finals, and it sure felt strange seeing all my Bengali Bangalore-based relations going into mourning when their adopted team lost…I was feeling completely blank, of course!

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