Such are not made often.

Through the meandering journey of life, there are are many that we meet. Some are acquaintances. Others pass by. Yet others pass through. And you realise how true this quote about life being a stage and the many actors who jump in and out is..

And of course, some stay. And out of the some that stay, a few touch you. A few others make you laugh. A few others make you think. And of those that make you think, there’s this handful that make you stretch and discover your horizons.

Well, this post is about one such man who did a bit of everything.

Who just stood tall by being himself. Who towered by discovering and getting people grow taller. Who continued standing for whats right, and instilling a sense of right and wrong in the people around him.

A man whose passion for industrial relations knew no bounds. A man for whom development of people was an inherent program which treated this English word spelt ‘b-o-u-n-d-a-r-y’ as unrecognisable code.

A man, who never lost the child in him. A man who has kept at lifelong learning. A man who took to blogging and tweeting rather late in life. But has gone the mile in these journeys.

A man who has touched many lives. Across many strata of society. In his own quiet way.

A man who is busy reinventing himself as i write this. Plotting a new career. And pushing his own limits ‘to pursue things that he always wanted to’

Just as he retires, today, from the organisation that he served for 33 odd years. A man who celebrates his birthday today.

And as he moves into the sunrise of a new life, he carries with him the good wishes & sincere thank yous, of the many that walked the journey along with him.

And of course, carries with him, his own way of doing things !

And as one part of his moves on, the other remains. In the people that he walked with. Who he changed. Forever.

Here’s wishing him a great birthday and a fabulous fulfilling time ahead.

His blog is

14 thoughts on “Such are not made often.

  1. Kavi,

    What a wondeful post ! And thanks for letting us know its his birthday. Just activated the “lunching ” types. :-), and lots of b’day wishes are en route…..

    One cannot but admire a career and persona that inspires colleagues to write posts like these….

  2. nsiyer says:

    I share your thoughts and feelings in its entirety. I worked with him for 23 years, and I have assimilated the best from him. Still I cannot light a candle. More so if the human being is an institution by himself.

    My wife and I sang the Happy Birthday wishes to him over the phone, and wished the very best.

  3. Swatantra says:

    Hi Kavi!!

    A wonderful and very touching post!! I am amazed the way you touch people by your writing and thoughts!! When i was reading the first few lines i thought it is about you!!

    Great and Happy Birthday to the amazing person you have written about!! It is rare to find such humans on earth!!

  4. ♥ Braja says:

    What a sweet and sensitive post, Kavi…

  5. FrankandMary says:

    I came from a link on Dr John’s blog.

    Retirement & a birthday on the same day. Very bittersweet day. You gave a wonderful tribute. I’ll stop there.

  6. Priya says:

    Wishing him a wonderful birthday:))

  7. I have met Vivek only twice and have known him mainly through his blogs, but I wholeheartedly agree when you say that he is defined by his quiet enthusiasm.

    Wishing him all the best for the new phase of his life.

  8. Life is full of chapters. One ends another starts. Best-Wishes !!!

  9. What a wonderful tribute!
    Your first few lines reminded me of that old song! Very poetic.

  10. Nachi says:

    lovely post brother!! and thanks… i got to read one more superb blog!


  11. SGD says:

    As I was typing out, I noticed Roshni’s comment and realised I was typing the same comment, verbatim!!!
    But truly a wonderful tribute….

  12. Rush says:

    a poet..a writer?
    u have an amazing gift of touching!!
    heart felt congrats to vivek and to u who put it so beautifully.

  13. manju says:

    I am late, but best wishes to Vivekji for the new phase in life!

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