Transformation !

To the uninitiated, this photograph may pass to be a boy next door. Or perhaps a snap from some nondescript place. To me this seems like a boy pulled out from the the middle of mid summer day cricket match. Or out of a juvenile home. Or out of typical scenes from a movie. And so on. ! I mean, the ‘next-door’ ‘ next-door’ type.

Wouldn’t you agree ?


And so, it must have taken a awesome effort, mindless grind, endless passion, untold determination and some sprinkling of luck to emerge as this man.

Personally, the music this man composes just blows a whole lot of people away. And if there are any left standing, the humility he exudes, takes care. Some people inspire by the way they are. He is one.

It must have taken all that awesome effort, mindless grind and endurance to get there ! And of that this man is testimony to. And sure he has found riches awaiting !

Whilst there are others who rake in the riches by making a story of the transformation ! Just putting photo one and two together, writing well, and putting it out as a magazine !!

And to see this wall poster advertisement for a Tamil magazine, right here in Mumbai made the missus nudge and my camera capture !

And her comment that about those that still believe that ‘hope is a method’ was of course not directed at me. Really.

She told me. Ok ?

12 thoughts on “Transformation !

  1. Aleta says:

    “hope is a method” Sounds like your missus is a very smart lady indeed!

    I like the comparison of pictures and the contrast of what life can be.

  2. nsiyer says:

    Good one, Kavi. You have taught to me to say that’ Hope is not a method’.

  3. Love the way you incorporate your wife’s perspective in every post:) And ‘hope is a method’? Wow, ain’t that a quote or what:)

  4. Frankly that looked like a guy in need of a serious haircut!
    Yes, totally nondescript, I agree. So, is your missus still hopeful or has she decided to think about it in the next generation when it arrives

  5. Jairam says:

    And guess what the caption right below the photo reads “Oru kanavin isai” which basically means “the music of a dream”, wonderful caption.

  6. manju says:

    I have not seen that poster, Kavi. What a contrast between the two pictures!

    Nice comment by your better half!

  7. The young fellow looks perfectly fine to me, sporting the then current hairstyle, and not really having time to keep things in check, thanks to an active physical life. Boy next door, yes. Cricket match participant on a hot day, yes. But please, the juvenile home reference is uncalled for. (That we associate it with unkemptness, wild , lost and tricky looks, is a reflection on our inability as a society to pay sufficent attention to them. There is no style generation…)

    And your missus has just stated a a basic fact that all mothers live on. Hope is a method, that comes naturally to godfearing mothers, and thence to obedient sons…(Maybe its not covered in the MBA syllabus :-)…. This guy’s mother , after losing her husband, looked upon him as her only hope, and he succeeded , with immense hard work, in spades. Jai ho. Of course.

  8. SGD says:

    WHAT a transformation!!!! From a ragamuffin to a maestro!! But the talent and the will to excel himself must have been there even in those b&w days….

    And your wife’s comment….seems like both of you are blessed with great perception & wit!

  9. Ranu says:

    Amazing contrast. I wouldn’t have recognized ARR.

    He really had a bad hairdo. It also gives me HOPE like Mrs. Kavi that my hair can be decent some day!!!

    They should use this for some good old coconut oil ad.

  10. Jeevan says:

    Totally I was strange about the picture with a familiar face at first glance. And the matter is one. ARR

  11. Kavi, I thought at first you were putting up your childhood pictures 😉 He was a good looking kid. I’ll have to get familiar with his music.

  12. Kavi says:

    Aleta : Smart lady indeed.

    And ofcourse, i can always do better with some brownie points !

    Iyer : Sir, thank you ! You lead !!

    Naperville Mom : Sure think thats a quote. I think so ! Thank you ! and ofcourse, i can do better with some more brownie points !

    Roshini : I am not so sure ! About her decision. I only know that she doesnt quite favour my living on hope of a divine bailout !! 😉

    Jairam : I cant agree with you more. And people that i know spoke highly of this piece in Vikatan.

    Manju : We spotted it somewhere in Matunga i think. So..And yes, she is a smart woman !! Thank you !

    Ugich Konitari : Perhaps that was uncalled for. I was looking at it this way, having interacted with a few of them, that they seem to be so much like any other kid except when you get to know their backgrounds or what they have been charged with / convicted for. So…

    I cant help agree more with how much of hope his mother would have had on him ! And ofcourse, hope as a methodology is not part of the syllabus !

    SGD : It sure must have been there even in those days. I think so too !!

    And about the perception and wit…well, i guess our knot has worked magic. I mean…we have to endure each other right !?! 🙂

    Ranu : Coconut oil ad…?!?! Perhaps. And then they’ll say, coconut oil can make you a genius. And then we’ll have no answer !

    Jeevan : ARR it is !!

    Christine : he has just burst on to the international scene ! with those two oscars ! But he is a household name here.

    And my childhood pictures…!?! LOL !!

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