Filmy Trees

Up in the mountains. In Kodai.

Tall they are. Nestling against each other. Seeming to stretch to the sky. Standing so close to each other. You wonder how they grew so tall despite how close they are to each other.

But there they are. Close. Tall. In a seemingly endless mosaic of green and brown. And proving to be such a spectacle. To city dwellers who are tourists today. Armed with cameras, ice creams, plastics, chatter & such else.

‘Shooting spot’. says the taxi driver. ‘We had a film crew here yesterday’, says a vendor. And there is more attention from the crowd. Some with gaping mouths, as though with reasonable prompting the trees would recount dialogues or retrace dance steps from yesterdays filming!

They stand in majestic splendour. The new found interest in them, after all the tit-bits about the most recent film crew, do no damage to them. The sun’s rays still struggle to reach earth as the trees, stand their ground!

There however, is a small pathway in between. In between those random arrays of trees. And that pathway tells a story. A story of empty space. Which once belonged to the trees.

What the mighty sun couldnt do, man has been adept at. Of course, for ‘worthwhile reasons’: Felling tree for wood. For paper to write on. For fuel to power our factories and light our homes. For door frames. For swanky chairs and designer tables.

The peace in the fresh air disturbed only by the tourist hurling a stone and an expletive at an adept monkey. Both of which don’t reach the monkey and neither does he care.

The majestic beauty casually appeals for a riveting attention. By the sheer nature of being there. There is wonderment. There is awe. There is peace. You wonder how long man will let these trees be.

And then you overhear. That there is a film shoot coming up next week. ‘The trees are safe’ you tell yourself.

At least until next week !

9 thoughts on “Filmy Trees

  1. Swatantra says:

    Very nice picture!!

  2. A steady, faithful,
    dedicated, rise ,
    in a symphony with
    those around.
    A straight and simple life,
    hurting none,
    Eucalyptus in the air….
    Till the noisy bipeds arrive,
    To spoil the parallels,
    Clutching a trunk,
    Plucking a branch,
    to the thumping music
    of the word.
    And the narrow path,
    disgusted. tries to shrug
    and fails;
    due to the weight of Preity Zinta 🙂

  3. Suma says:

    isn’t it sad when we spoil things becaus eof our short sightedness, and our greed?

    i’ve been reading up on the posts i’ve missed here…so u still on holiday?

  4. Jeevan says:

    Thinking it was that shooting continues on Lake Bank! and they were disturbing the peace one evening by shouting cut, actions aloud…

    These pine forests remain always cool and this was a place we just pass on, but don’t like to stop seeing the crowd.

    There are many places like this clam at presence after pass on Guna cave and one problem on them was leeches, and our family was one stick with them. We had been there from 13th to16th.

  5. Lou says:

    Beautiful and peaceful.
    You are right to be worried. I’m reminded of a song by Joni Mitchell- Big Yellow Taxi

    “Took all the trees, put ’em in a tree museum/And charged the people a dollar and a half just to see ’em.
    Paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

  6. Arunn says:

    Trees dont exist in this part of the world….. Pathetic that i will soon forget how a tree will look like….. wat a world of difference, with jus the arabian sea inbetween…..

  7. Lovely irony of films being useful in reality!

    Liked Suranga’s impromptu poetry…

  8. hahah! I’m laughing at Ugich’s poem!

    I also started to remember all the hindi movie songs sung while frolicking amongst those trees! As, well as the heroine trying to escape the would-be rapist!
    Why do such peaceful trees scenes need to be connected to such ‘sensational’ events?!

  9. Sujatha says:

    Similar thing in Rajasthan. We were told that the government requires health insurance for animals that work in the film industry. Doesn’t matter what the incentive is, as long as there is one to do the right thing, eh?

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