Of almost theres !

There we were at Triuapti. With parched throats, sweaty palms ( & all else ) and a hungry stomach making the odd noise.

A bottle of water was warranted. With Swine Flu and H1N1 and such other terms being bandied about as though they were some designer saree patterns, brand consciousness in bottled water occupied prime mental space.

A ‘reputed brand’ ( Roughly Translated To : often heard of / seen on TV ) was the lowest common denominator. But the bottom line was the ‘advice’ from the missus : ‘Kinley or Aquafina’. ( And no, we do not have any stake in Coke or Pepsi. Even if we did, it would be an examplar of ‘minuscule of minuscule’. So.)

In some time, Kinley was spotted. Or so it appeared. Walking away happily to a satisfied missus was a mouth watering proposition ! But when the missus ‘advises’ on a specific choice… well…hmm…exercising of a little care is a natural disposition of every married man, except ones with suicidal tendencies. And that’s still not in the horizon. Yet.

A quick check.

And sure enough, it was not Kinley that nestled in the palm, but Kinglay ! Ofcourse, it was not bought. But sure enough, there has ever since been a burning desire to meet the chap who coined this name. ‘Kinglay !!’ Huh !

This was not the first time that these kinglays confront pour souls like me. And neither was it going to be last.

Back here in Madurai, wanting to pick up a pair of socks, this is a store that I almost headed to.

Adimas ! Almost.

Well. If adidas talks of “Impossible is Nothing” adimas brings it to the forefront !

Such is the world.

8 thoughts on “Of almost theres !

  1. Swatantra says:

    Very cute!! You have an eye for amazing observation!! Like Siddharth has for amazing questions. I have recently written a post about him. I am sure u will love reading it.

    Keep Up the good work!!

  2. G says:

    I almost bought “TALA” iodized salt once. 🙂
    Ditto packaging.

  3. Rush says:

    good one…
    i liked the bit about missus…u dont wanna upset the lady forsure 😉

  4. wow! Close call! You really have to watch out don’t you?
    I remember when Kwality icecream was pretty much monopolizing the market, there were also cheap imitations like Kwolity, Quality and Quolity!

  5. Sometimes one gets lucky , though. I once (delighted at the surprisingly low price) bought a hairdryer in a Pune exhibition (in one of those huge shamiana types, selling everything). I thought the company was National . Turns out that the fine change actually made it Notional.

    The amazing thing is it continues to work to this day 🙂 ….

  6. Villages in Bengal are full of Bonoplus antiseptic cream and Nirna washing powder! Trickery, or brand-bashing?

  7. SGD says:

    Good one!!! I love the way you ‘observe’ little things that we see all the time!!

  8. Ankit says:

    Kinglay is kind of for the local people like King……Lay. Lay King Lay Paani peee.

    Adimas very close to Odomos..well thats a brand too right????

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