Sticking the neck out..

A wedding invitation bearing my name ‘& family’ came my way. And ofcourse, i went.

And brought to mind typical weddings and their decorations back in Madurai. The Mumbai wedding is slightly different. It retains all the glitz and is a little more racy. The eye is on the watch and the thought is with the 9.07 PM local that needs to be ‘caught’.

But the point is this. That across India, for every marriage, many converge. And each wedding is a very typical, Indian moment. For every marriage, many converge. ( usually in multiples of many hundreds). All eat. Most see. A few wish. Some other wedding ‘proposals’ exchanged.

Everybody gets photographed and videographed. And form a queue that will walk upto the bride and groom to gift or thust a cover (ofcourse with cash inside ) into a sweaty palm of a tense bride. Or groom, for that matter.

When feisty youth used to course my veins i used to abhor attending weddings. For it was the time when the other ‘uncles and aunties’ would be concerned about what i was doing.

Which was exhibited with a casual question on ‘how much do you make ‘ as though it was the number of dosas that had gone in since morning. (And in any case, the question rather had been about the dosas).

And ofcourse, that was followed by a by-the-way comment about how their son was was basking in the Mediterranean and the daughter was waxing eloquence in London or someplace else, you only saw on National Geographic.

But the point is this. That the great Indian wedding is an inescapable part of us. There is music. There is dance. There are pretty women. And handsome men. And ofcourse, some great food.

And in the midst of all the din & decoration, often less talked about is the good that it does to economy. For the wedding season spurs many businesses on. From the decorator to the dance party, everybody makes some dough. And by the way, the jeweller is not someone that i am going to talk about.

This picture landed in my in-box from a friend, who wanted to establish that the recession was far away from ‘happening’ in Kerela’s weddings. Now, this surely had my eyes perk, and the ears twitch.

What the world wears for its wedding is a matter of personal choice and consequently – none of my business.

But you know…i am just concerned. Of the neck.

29 thoughts on “Sticking the neck out..

  1. That is heavy/costly.
    I am till-date unable to understand how to earn to live luxurious life.
    That is luxurious – GOLD GOLD GOLD.
    And best-wishes for new life.

  2. sujata says:

    what an utter waste!!! looks hideous to say the least..and right am really worried about the neck!!

  3. Dying to see what the lady is wearing in her hair, ears and feet. Also the fun that will ensue when she bends to touch the feet of some old grandmas sitting on a carpet….Imagine being struck by a curtain of gold.

    But one can safely conclude, that the girl is probably an expert swimmer ,a la Kerala backwaters, with highly developed trapezius muscles, clavicles, and abs.

    As for the guy in the shiny suit, he needs to quickly go insure her.

  4. G says:

    The first two pictures remind me of my wedding when I requested the photographer to stand aside and not block my view of guests. After all, even I want to see who all came for my wedding. Not everyone came up to wish, of course, most were interested in the menu ! 😀

  5. And, what about the smiles you have to constantly sport on your face (facial muscles frozen) for the 500 odd guests who come to wish you with the opening words, “I’m sure you remember me….”. Uh, sure!!

    As if the couple doesn’t have enough headaches, the bride has to go and wear the entire jewelery of the 10 generations around her neck!!

  6. andha ponnu nagai podalai
    nagai ponnu potturukku!

    (the girl is not wearing jewelry, the jewelry is wearing the girl)

    is she wearing an equal amount of gold on her back to act as a counterweight?

    if she performs a namaskaram at the wedding, she might never get up!


  7. Nachi says:

    ok! that is OMG! poor neck and even worse, POOR ME!!

    weddings are OK! nothing too unlivable without. i am the the ‘feisty youthful’ phase as you aptly put it.


  8. SGD says:

    For a no-jwellery person like me, even looking at the gold-burdened bride is making me choke and gasp!!!! Ughhhh..

  9. Aparna says:

    OMG She looks like a jewellery store.Indian weddings are a lot of fun except for the brides and the grooms. My ears used to hurt after wearing those big dangling earrings for so long. How did this girl manage all this?

  10. Swatantra says:

    Cute, i liked the part where you have written gifting an envelope of cash in the hands of tense bride.. i believe the groom is also equally tense or confused…

    In our time of wedding the bride use to wear artificial jewellary.. i dont know about this…

  11. Priya says:

    That shows how women are weighed into marriage:((

  12. Jeevan says:

    It’s better than how r u!

    I worry about those go beyond jewels, than seeing what’s important to life. the picture seems like cinema shoot.

    I appreciate your concern! hehe…

  13. manju says:

    As long as she’s upright, I think her neck is safe. But as soon as she bends forward….who knows what will happen?

    Maybe it is ultra-light-weight jewellery? 🙂

  14. Arunn says:

    am sure the jewels won’t walk on its own to her neck…… without she deciding to wear….. can’t believe how women can be craving for this much of gold…. disgusting….. wonder if the guy next won’t feel akward…. situation where guys are bought for kilos of gold, seems to still exist….

  15. KK says:

    Holy Cannoli!!! I have seen people wearing a lot of jewels on their wedding but this beat everything hands down….

  16. I still cant get over this. See the brides left hand, back of the palm. Its absolutely studded with stuff. And just for balance, I cant see how she can stand so erect, unless she has an equal amount of weighty stuff cascading down her back. Unless of course you consider the possibility of her sporting knee length hair , again studded with gold objets….

    Z-plus security anyone ?

  17. Fark says:

    Holy crap that’s a shitload of bling. Makes the poor girl look like some sort of a gold plant with all that growing on her. She must have the neck of arnold and the hands of the predator.

    In contrast- the guy gets off easy wearing the most appallingly bad shiny white suit. I wonder who’s feeling worse.

    @priya – great one!!

  18. Rush says:

    spurring the gold boom worldover!!
    The gold index goes higher in a day, eyes roll out to India especially the diwali and wedding seasons, quite predictable..but this time for a change, its the fed printing dollars that makes the gold rocket!!

  19. nsiyer says:

    Its crazy but it is all about ‘how much you are worth’.
    Ultimately, its all about how one goes in for self evaluation.

  20. Aleta says:

    Oh! What vibrant colors in the first couple of pictures. Love that! I’m always eager to see and read different wedding traditions.

    But the last picture ~ yikes! A bit much, I’d say.

  21. FrankandMary says:

    That suit. I need my sunglasses. I guess if they have the money for it…. ~Mary

  22. DSP says:

    Getting Married Hopefully this time….this year!!!;-)

    Any advice OH holy one!!!!!

  23. Rush says:

    no new blog today?? sad and leaving this page 🙁

  24. Kavi says:

    HoBo : yes. Indeed. It si heavy. And it sure must have been costly. To say the least.

    Sujata : I agree with you. I guess people see it differently though !

    Ugich Konitari : Ah..the full picture has a lots more jewellery. The essence was what hung from the neck. And that gave a pretty accurate picture !

    And frankly i hadnt thought of the namaskars until you mentioned.

    And that insurance piece…well, i think the white suit takes care of that !

    G : You did that ! How neat. How neat. I wish i could have done that too. My feeble resistance was met by stony silence and a threat to capture my feeble resistance as well !

    Roshini : Ofcourse ! Ofcourse. How can i forget that statement and the elongated facial muscles !! Ofcourse. I missed that !

    Sundar : Maybe thats the idea. That all this was done to avoid the namaskarams. Or to stay down there.. !!

    But i couldnt believe my are right !

    Nachi : When i was in that phase, someone ( a well meaning one ) said cryptically, ‘this too shall pass’ ! And it did.

    I dont want to pull the rug under your feet. Life runs on hope 🙂

    SGD : Ah ! The missus has clear company now ! Clear company !

    Aparna : hmm ! i dont know how she managed or how long she managed !

    and indian weddings are fun. Except for the two that matter. For they are almost props !

    Swatantra : Ofcourse the groom is confused. He always is. Isnt he !!!


    Priya : Women are weighed in. And the men are in white !! Yes !

    Jeevan : Cinema shoot, it is not ! But, i dont know ! Ha ha !!

    Manju : Ultra light weight Jewellary ? Well, i havent heard of that…Thats interesting. Really interesting !

    Arunn: Guys are bought for kilos of gold and those four wheel drives bearing a three pointed star !!

    The better ones that is. The worse off !! 😉

    KK : I agree ! I agree. It stumped me. Completely

    Ugich Konitari : And btw, there is a silk saree to go with this all.

    All the glitter must have been really powerful. And z plus category… ha ha !

    Fark : The white suit got me as bad as all the jewellery. I wonder how some people get away with all of this. In the name of style.

    I couldnt discuss a suitless wedding. My dad lost his shirt !

    Rush : If we return to Gold standard, some weddings will pack a punch to economies like somalia. This one sure does !

    NS Iyer : I guess perspectives differ greatly sir ! And what people value also differs by a big deal.

    Aleta : I can chronicle a few more weddings for you ! If you would like that…!

    FrankandMary : Sunglasses for the suit and a space helmet for the gold. Ofcourse the money is there. Ofcourse !

    DSP : Get weighed in Gold ! And remember the white suit !

    Rush : Thanks for asking..will be back soon !!

  25. Ersa says:

    oh my…i’m concerned too :-)…

    nice post, btw…i wanna go attend a indian wedding now 🙁 it’s been soooo many years

  26. arun says:

    interesting!she has covered just a third of her upper limb leaving the other two-thirds bare naked revealing her dravidian ancestry instead of looking icteric.

    i happened to visit the museum in vizag a year ago.saw some pieces of chainmail used by erstwhile maharajas of bobbili.sadly they were made of iron. had they taken a clue from this lady,it would have been on their “necks” still

  27. Sujatha says:

    Oh my lord! That last picture! Holy cow!

  28. Just found out that the massivley metal laden bride could be Ramalinga Raju’s daughter. Have a look at “


    Dont know if its true, but you can see her face…I certainly dont see her complaining…Hmm.

  29. SSQuo says:

    Wow! For my wedding I am going to wear one little chain and tiny earrings 🙂 lol

    Do I still fit the status criteria, what if its a HUGE solitaire!!!! Seriously this is sooo ridiculous.

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