The Red Sumo philosophy !

The morning rush hour has slices of life to offer. Many times i wonder, why all this has to happen in the morning. To me ( only ). On a week day.

This red Tata Sumo was ahead of me today. Holding up all traffic with its confounding slow pace and a strangely meandering wobble. I thought this car had a flat tyre.

But the chap behind me neither saw the wobble or my thinking. He was seething. And i could realise that he seethed through his horn. Blaring.

The whimper of the pace of the Sumo and the madness of the honking behind, had me in a state of a juxtaposed animation. Not suspended. But juxtaposed. I swore at Murphy. And wondered if he had made unannounced plans for cohabiting with me.

Thankfully, in some time, with some dexterity (that can give me the right to claim that i too drove in Mumbai), i pulled away.

But, i was not quite prepared for this.

Later in the day, i showed these pictures around. To colleagues and any other that might care. And asked them to come up with ‘what it means’ to them.

And of course, i got well thought through answers.Ranging from ‘holistic perspective’, ‘economic spectrum’, ‘human conditions’ to ‘life cycle’.

Wonder what your mind comes up with when looking at these pictures.

Frankly. I think. People are just getting ready for the Mumbai monsoon !

Whatsay ?

25 thoughts on “The Red Sumo philosophy !

  1. manju says:

    Don’t know ‘what it means’, Kavi, but the first thought that came into my head was “Poor men, having to pull a car that should be carrying them!”

  2. Kumaran says:

    India finds it own way to handle problems.

  3. Sujatha says:

    LOL! Ford is turning in his grave right this moment!

  4. ♥ Braja says:

    I thought they kinda looked like human bullocks…and like Manju says, what they’re pulling should be pulling *them* :))

  5. ♥ Braja says:

    I thought they kinda looked like human bullocks…and like Manju says, what they’re pulling should be pulling *them* :))

  6. oh my God!! That is so stunning!!! Never saw that ever in my entire life in India! Yeah, I agree with Manju…poor men!

  7. So that is what happens when overweight sumo-s retire hurt!

  8. Lou says:

    It means:

    out of gas?
    physical exercise is good?
    no driver’s license?

    I will say this–do NOT try this in New York!

  9. Big cars,
    Mini hearted owners,
    Tow trucks invisible
    through closed eyeslits,
    And so they sight two bipeds
    with the largest hearts ever…
    Surely not for free,
    but for making them pull,
    (as they say on the back of trucks),
    Sumo wale, tera mooh kala….


  10. Ranu says:

    new idea for a doli!!!

  11. Jeevan says:

    It could reduce pollution, if we follow this method!lol
    A comfort hand pull rickshaw, only those sit inside. nice post.

  12. G says:

    exploitation of labour

  13. Shark says:

    All that comes to my mind is “Scarcity of tow-trucks!” 🙂

  14. Rush says:

    monsoon or summer, the light winters or scorching summers again…3 seasons, and its the same in mumbai..doesnt change..consistent!!

  15. rads says:

    This is what I read: Rickshaw ho ya Sumo, chal bhai chal, jaldi chal. 🙂

  16. Sanjeev says:

    I can identify the men from ‘Darkness’, if you know The White Tiger. I would like your take on Arvind Adiga’s book, Kavi.

  17. Aleta says:

    “what your mind comes up with when looking at these pictures”

    Honestly…. The Flintstones! I saw the first picture and thought it and the second confirmed it. Hehe

  18. nsiyer says:


  19. Aparna says:

    I am speechless!Where else but in India! Chalti ka naam sumo is all I can think of…

  20. Ankit says:


    Again wonderful catch….

    This concept might actually save GM and a lot of other auto companies.

    Or may be this is due to recession. I mean if no fuel then back to physical strength.

  21. SGD says:

    No wonder there seemed to be something amiss when I saw the first pic!!!!!
    But really….pulling this vehicle in this scorching heat…poor men!

  22. BTW, I have tagged you at Past Continuous. Looking forward to your take on it.

  23. amreekandesi says:


    Maybe this was an ad for how life would be once there is no oil left for these oil guzzlers!

  24. Hmmm, Sumo on two wheels and four legs… Well, to me it’s kind of a reminder of the stature of machines. The idea of ‘them’ replacing ‘us’ however enticing it is, to believe, may never be so! Whatsay? I’ve my doubts abt ‘holistic experience’ though!:)

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