The Same Wall in K World !

Post – 1 of a three post series on the K World !

Theres this wall. Everyday on the way to work. On the way to work. Currently it echoes a lonely halo in the mornings. For schools are closed and children are away on holiday.

In some time though, schools would reopen. Overflowing satchel and sprightly uniforms will dot the roads. As much as school buses and parents at a bus stop. Tiny hands scratching the air while in animated conversation about an ‘important’ topic is clear. Of a butterflies. Bees. Cricket. actors. Etc Etc. And of course, mothers there have their own.

It is indeed some sight. To watch the contrast. The children without a care and worry. The moving butterfly, the kite that broke free and the odd ‘secret’ visibly keeping them busy. Them mothers, i don’t know. Their subject of discussion remains distant to me.

Coming back to the wall.

The children, they sit on the wall. They are rather, propped on the wall. By ageing grandparents and caring mothers. An escape from having to stand and wait for the school bus. And sitting on the high perch, on the high wall, they converse.

The 10 seconds it takes for me to drive past them, are enough to spot the happiness in them. Animated. Energetic. And that 10 seconds is usually enough for me figure the energy expended in keeping them up there. At one place that is.

And in the evening, when i drive back, by the same wall, exactly where the children sat, there are the others that sit on the same wall. Men. Propped by themselves.

Young men. Old men. Middle aged men. All sit and have conversation. Some read the newspapers. Others discuss. Perhaps they too are waiting for their bus to arrive..

For a while now, i haven’t been seeing the children. When the schools reopen, there is going to be chatter and banter. And it is such a sight to behold. Everyday morning.

And i wonder, how it would be to be that wall. To be privy to all what the children speak. Their dreams. Their worlds. I wonder. And then, i think of the company the wall keeps in the evening. I shake my head. And say, ‘time flies’.

The wall will come to bounce with morning energy again. Soon.

Here’s to a great school season. May it rekindle in children the joys of living, the spirit of curiosity, inclusive thinking and a mindset that will make our futures better.

And may they tear down all walls. Save this wall.

This is the first of a three part ‘Kids World’ series on the modern day world of a child

13 thoughts on “The Same Wall in K World !

  1. sujata says:

    Fantastic and heartfelt. Very very close to how my mind works. Wanting to be the wall and privy to all the enthusiasm is what I would have thought too.

    “May they break all walls..” beautiful lines. I loved this post.

  2. Ana Cristina says:

    Beautiful post, Kavi. For sure I don’t teach for the money — I teach because I love interacting with young people. It keeps me young at heart! 😀

    I agree that the line “And may they tear down all walls” is a great one. Very true and poetic.

  3. I always thought that kids have so much better, imaginative things to talk about! I love listening in to my five year old talking to his friends (he’s recently discovered the joys of chatting on the phone!!)

  4. FrankandMary says:

    I’ve only read your blog a few times(as a pick of Dr. John’s) but it is a great window to a different world. This entry was heartrending. ~Mary

  5. Jeevan says:

    This post reminds me the stones laid near the bus stops in villages, known as load bearer, where people used it to keep there things, and mostly the baskets carried by women and sometime to sit until their bus arrives.

    Quite observe kavi 🙂

  6. I agree with Roshni. I’m often surprised by the conversations my daughter has, with her friends too.

    Kavi, maybe you can do a post on synonyms for ‘interesting/ great post’ as I find myself fumbling each time I comment, is it just me?:)

  7. Rush says:

    the wall- heavenly abode indeed!!

  8. Kavi,

    I am with you. I could understand all your imagination. I do think like this wherever I stop by. I have done this ages ago in Railway stations, bus stops in Chennai. I used to ponder about the casual talks between the Vegetable vendors, Blind salesmen, beggars in public places. It is a wonderful sight to observe these kids assembling at a place before they go to school. The faces of joy, the smiling faces, and the faces of the future gives us a smile too.

  9. ♥ Braja says:

    Maybe their real joy and power will come in tearing it down…. 🙂

  10. Sujatha says:

    We used to call them ‘somari katte’s – a lazy person’s bench. Lots of good memories of time whiled away on those walls. 🙂

  11. Kavi says:

    Suajata : Thank you ! And yes, they are heartfelt ! Its been on my mind for sometime

    Ana : And yes, i get the odd kick out of teaching too. And one such reason is because it helps keep the heart young !

    Roshini : And yes, therein lies the happiness and the sad rub in too. That somewhere that lovely talk peppered with curiosity and thought..gets lost in the rythm of daily life..

    Frankandmary : Thanks for this comment. I would like to look up Dr.John. For sure..Thanks !

    Jeevan : Ah yes. Thats another place that i can recollect as well. men and women with their baskets and bags ! hmm

    Naperville Mom & fumbling ! Come on ! You are pulling my legs here !

    And the conversation that a 5 year old can have…can indeed be awesome ! Indeed be!

    Rush : is !!

    Balaji : Welcome back. ‘The faces of our future’ ! yes,sometimes our education system can scare the wits end out of us. The subject of my next post…!

    Braja : 🙂 Thats a possibility !

    Sujatha : a lazy persons bench ! Indian languages are unique. Just look at the conjuring up of words for such niches !


  12. nsiyer says:

    I now understand that walls are there for a reason.

  13. SSQuo says:

    I read this post a few days ago, but only got a chance to comment now.

    I really like the way you take normal mundane things and ‘think’ about them, I happened to think that I was one crazy person (per the normal world) who did this, but Im glad I have company. I know if we just give a shoutout we’d have a huge group! 🙂

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