Time flies !

Posting this from Bangalore. Just back from a trip to Tirupati. Tomorrow, And then, off we move to Madurai. There are people to be with. Memories to relive. Doctors to look up. Food to relish. Love to soak in. And batteries to recharge. That indeed is a tall order.

The last couple of days here flew by. With the odd chat up with past colleagues and present day friends. Non-engineered bump-ins and fixed appointments. And i have understood, a few things.

a. Whats ‘big’ right now, would seem ‘small’. Some time later
b. People are inherently good. And yes. There are exceptions to all rules
c. There are far too many readers to this blog than i ever thought there (c)would be !

An in one such conversation, with an old friend, who professes to be a regular reader of this blog ( and proved it by quoting from the immediate posts ), i realised that it is exactly three years since this blog saw its first post. Time flies. Doesn’t it.

Three years of writing and many to thank: The regulars. The occassionals. The passersby. The one timers. The Family. The commentors. The silent ones.
And life goes on. Some ask, if i will ‘throw it open to advertisers’. (And i have told them that media buyers are lining up my alleyway, with Rolls Rocyes ! (huh !) Whats preventing me from taking up the offer is the lack of parking space in my palace ! Sigh !)
Where will it take me to ? Perhaps i have to follow the directions on the tree above. I don’t know. And perhaps don’t care. I enjoy the people connections, the stories from the world over and genuineness that this place makes possible. And have found fulfilment in. So !

Would i have imagined many ‘awards’ like this, (generously awarded by someone who i haven’t met) when i started out ? Obviously…. no ! This blog happened over an afternoon fun conversation with my brother. Time pass types ! And it meandering along to stand where it stands now, ( not that its any great a height ) is a happy, fuzzy feeling ! After all, Its still standing !
And there are those wonderful well wishers, who have (repeatedly) indicated to me that i need a doze of style and brand presence on the digital world. I cant help agree more with all of them. And i promise that i will get started on that journey. This year.

Like i saw this today morning at Tirupati. Many hair dressing ‘saloons’ in a sea of tonsured heads. Right in Tirumala. But why. I wondered. And i continue to wonder about how they do some brisk business ! And i did see them do business !

And so. Its three years. Three years of meeting some awesome people here. And wonderful perspectives from around the world converging ! And it is in such connections that this blog has derived its engine of life from. From you !

And,of course, the courage that many readers have had, to come back for more, inspires & emboldens. This blog will continue to stand. In that small corner.

30 thoughts on “Time flies !

  1. happy anniversary! May there be many more to come!!

  2. Ersa says:

    congrats on completing 3 years…and hope you have many many such milestones to come :-)…

  3. Lou says:

    I’m new here, but I love the idea of friendship with someone from another culture, a world away. Your posts interest me, it is a slice of life I hope to see someday. I have traveled a lot but Tibet is as close as I’ve gotten to India.
    Three years! I just had my 1 year anniversary. Some days I have no idea what to say, some days it’s drudgery, but most times I get an interesting exchange.
    Here is to many more years Personally, I do not like ads, just people being themselves.
    Tell us more about your trip!

  4. niranjani says:

    Congratulations! Keep them coming….

  5. Priya says:

    Congrats to your blog’s third birthday and way to go…

    Keep writing and your creativity inspires all from where you get the ideas:))

  6. Ranu says:

    congrats on completing three years!!! May your blog grow in leaps and bounds!!!

    BTW I have ample parking space send the rolls-royce over…… only for parking !!!! (did I tell u abt my accident at NH17????)

  7. Many happy returns of the Day ! And how wonderful that you are at the place and with those who inspired you to start this blog and write…

    (And please dont decide to put ads on your blog. Given the wide subject matter on which you write, I cant see Parachute Hair Oil competing with Tata Motors and TBZ, and clobbering up your blog. As far as the media buyers, they can all stay in line…)

  8. KK says:

    Keeping rocking!!!!

    Congratulation for your 3rd blog anniversary!!!

  9. Swatantra says:


    I am always thankful to you and Niru for showing me the way of expressing thoughts at blog.. and knowing many things thru it..
    specially reading your blog.

    you have really come a long way. congrats again!!

    Wish you a great stay at home convey my love to AMMA and regards for UNCLE!!

  10. manuscrypts says:

    three cheers to that 🙂

  11. manju says:

    Congratulations, Kavi, both on completing three blogging years, and on the award!

    May you and your blog continue to soar high!

  12. sujata says:


  13. Aparna says:

    3 years? Wow! I just hope I can go on for at least that many years and you go on forever. Congratulations.

  14. Nachi says:

    wow!! 3 years brother!! and yes, i definitely agree. keep it clutter free. we love your blog they way it is …a fresh jumble-rumble of thoughts reflecting our daily lives, seen through the eye-glass of your uncanny perspective…

    cheers! may the years keep rolling by in such good spirits.


  15. Wow 3 years! That’s impressive. Sounds like you are in the midst of travels. Hope they do all those things on your list.

  16. neelakantan says:

    Good show! Keep blogging away Kavi. As someone who blogs I agree – it is no way to Rolls Royces, but the satisfaction and connection is surely a warm fuzzy feeling.

  17. SGD says:

    Great going…and looking forward for LOTS MORE!!!!

  18. Rush says:

    Not in that small corner..but its usually the highlight blog of my day..i look forward to your daily musings..i look forward to every piece written, its been fun knowing you and would continue being a religious follower 🙂

    Cheers to 3 years and many more anniversaries to come!! *glasses cling*

  19. Aleta says:

    Happy 3 year anniversary! Have you ever looked back on your early post and pondered where you were at that point? It’s one of the things I like – to look into the early post of a blogger and look at where they are now.. time goes by quickly.

  20. Hey, din’t know! Happy anniversary!!!

  21. Mahilchi says:

    Well done Kavi.All the very best for the years to come.

  22. Suma says:

    three years? wow! congrats!

    looking forward to more and more of that wonderful perspective with which you present your posts…

  23. You have been my inspiration, Congratulations on the third anniversary.

    Research indicates [these must be familiar words by now!] that bloggers get a three year itch to flirt with interesting ideas and subjects!

    Looking forward to more and more from you,


  24. as always, im here, late for the party.

    3 long prosperous superb lovely nostalgic years. and you are the one who inspired me through the parts then…remembered your fine posts, homely and warm. your sunday coffee stops, and many more.

    love you always sir, you inspire and write from the heart. always nice to feel that the old schools bloggers are here still. hope we all can go on forever writing, for it brought us together in the first place.

    here’s wishing you many more years and many more inspiring stories. have a great time with parents and friends in Madurai…hope to come India again soon… HUGS! and congratulations.

  25. Tina says:

    Hi Kavi,
    It has been fun visiting here!
    Hope & pray that you will always keep writing!
    Best wishes to you & your dear wife!

  26. Ankit says:

    Congratulations Kavi

    I started blogging not too long ago. But I really like doing it whenever I get time.

    Your blog always has something different and something new.
    Good goin man…You have an awesome way of doing it.

  27. Kumaran says:

    Nice post. Keep writing. I love talking but find it so difficult to post. For psot very rarely.

  28. amreekandesi says:

    Congrats on completing three years, Kavi! Keep up the good work 🙂

  29. Sajan says:

    wonderful hat-trick! Each and every article you write is gooood. I missed the first two years.. hope to follow it for the next 97 years:-)

  30. Jeevan says:

    Wonder what hair style could one get in Tirupath!

    My wishes kavi, hope u had nice traveling 🙂

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