Destiny Gallops

The seamless co-existence of life in all its beauty, pace, strata, speed and such else, needs to be experienced to be understood. Each of us has our own context. And each city has a culture that brings the context alive.

Take Mumbai for instance. The seamelessness gets a new meaning and definition. In the living. In the people. Here is an example, that happened to me. you must not miss.

And on the roads too. Take for instance, this scene. On LBS Marg at 7.30 AM. A raod where big trucks, sleek cars, jazzy SUVs and simple automobiles jostle for space.

And here is another such vehicle.

Cusioned seats. High rise. A grille work that would put Land Rover to shame. Head rests. Number plates. A driver. And a passenger. And a branding of Naseeb Santro! ( Naseeb means Destiny). And of course, Santro stands…. hmm… for Korean !

And as the vehicle moves on, it acquires the distinct disdain for other vehicles on the road. Very much like an foreign SUV ! Nobody honks. Far too less even give it a second look, as they take the trouble of veering out of the way.

It was but logical to do the same. And the reason became apparent. As the signal turned red, the horse power became clearly visible. With red feathers to adorn their forehead, the horses were indeed powering this SUV away !

Some destiny indeed.

11 thoughts on “Destiny Gallops

  1. Rush says:

    reminds me of juhu beach and its tangawala…we do have some tangawalas here too…but its as expensive as taking a limo ride!!

    leme check ur other post

  2. Where do you find these endlessly fascinating subjects?

    I have said this before, but must say it once again, you have the eye of a hawk and the wit of an owl. That is some ‘naseeb’!

  3. have had the amazing pleasure of seeing a silver chariot, empty, just with two guys perched on the driver’s seat, kind of racing through the potholes, dug-up-roads, and traffic on the arterial road outside, on its way to an eastern suburb for possibly a Jain Deeksha ceremony. Not just the pedestrians , but the entire traffic , including the cops, slowed down in admiration, allowing them an almost unhindered passage. That was naseeb.

  4. Swatantra says:

    That’s amazing post..I think your camera is also different as your post are .. That’s a cute collection!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Jeevan says:

    Oh! It must be an interesting ride on and looking on. At first glance, I though that furniture is carried in a three wheeler. I agree it may challenge any vehicle!

  6. manju says:

    Yes, ‘horse-power’- literally! Great pictures, Kavi- I haven’t seen this type of ‘tanga’ in Mumbai, only some years ago in small towns.

    In Mumbai I’ve seen elaborately ornate ones in the Nariman Point area.

  7. sujata says:

    Only possible in India!! I love the way how things manage to come together somehow, anyhow in India and it also makes sense. India truly is the melting pot of diversity of all kinds

  8. ♥ Braja says:

    Naseeb looks like he knows what he’s doin’…..:)

  9. Kavi

    I am glad you moved from Bangalore to Mumbai.. (dont know if you are)..


    Mumbai provides you (and thanks to you, us) such diverse photos and amazing subjects for you to write which may not be there in Bangalore..

    your visuals and visions from Mumbai are almost there with those from Madurai.

    those are still my favs.


  10. Lou says:

    I though that would be a fun way to get around till I saw the horses. That could get messy on the streets..!

  11. KK says:

    That seems like a real comfy horse carriage ride 🙂
    As a child I always like horse back and horse carriage rides… never missed a chance whenever I got one…

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