Hits or Touches ?

And there is this lady. Who inspires with such inspiring accounts of personal courage, resolve and a passion to set things right. Driven with love and care. Her blog is here.

A couple of weeks back, she put a message up on her blog. About a free give away of a novel. To anyone who asked. And i did. Only half believing that a book will land at my desk. We lived many seas apart, you see.

Yet, in a couple of days, the publisher wrote. And last week, the book arrived. Roxana Robinson’s COST. Its proving to be an insightful and touching story.

It causes me to wonder about the number of people that i connect to on Kavis Musings ! The happiness that permeates, and the love that comes forth from readers and friends are just beyond measure.

And then, there is this gentleman. A simple soul with a large heart. Who lives in the UK. His blog is here.

The other day, he called. And we spoke. For about an hour and a half. Overseas call. He called. And we spoke about culture. About our pasts. Our families. Our histories. Our likes. And dislikes. Our people. Our surroundings. And so on.

Peels of laughter. Gasps of surprise. Shouts of joy. As we caught up with each other. Under normal terms, this would fit any conversation between friends. Old classmates, co-workers and others, who have gone their ways.

Or perhaps like the lost brother from the Indian cinemas. Yes, the one who got separated at a temple festival, only to reunited by a handkerchief or a song!

It was another matter though, that it was the first time, i was speaking to him.

He left this comment on this post asking for a contact number. He called from the UK. And we spoke. Insightful and impacting http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/skin-care/ conversation. And i realise that good and goodness reside all around us. If only we are are more aware !

I for one, never could imagine that this blog has touched people across so many countries. And shores. And brought a wonderful array of friends and family together.

And i realise, i am often dumbstruck when some one asks me ‘why’ i write. The truth is difficult to state. But here it is : ‘i don’t know !’ It is beyond loving writing and sharing. Or photography. Or technology. Etc.

Like a man or a woman, who is dancing to music that seeps out of an ipod plugged to the ear, unmindful of an audience thats there or otherwise…i just am in the moment ! And thats exactly what happens when i compose a post here !

Having said that, I am ever greatful to readers who have flocked back again and again ! Like Shobha, Rush, Aleta and others who have stated it so. Lou and Balaji just tipped that feeling into a full fledged meandering post ! And there is a new wind in the sails, to get a bloggers meeting going on again.

There is so much life on planet Earth. Wonderful people. Stories of struggle. Wins. Losses. Passion. Persistence. Love. Joy. And just a feeling that we are all in it together. So, go on, keep those posts coming !

One more thing. Frankly the number of hits a blog gets isn’t big deal ! That’s a number that doesn’t matter. If lives are better off, and living is easier, and the soul is soothed, well, the numbers really don’t matter.

Hits are about numbers. Touching the soul is about life.

20 thoughts on “Hits or Touches ?

  1. KK says:

    I’ll join the band and say “You Rock!!”

    Keep rocking…

  2. Beautiful!:) It’s no surprise that your blog has evoked such reactions…:)

  3. Priya says:

    U must be a down to earth person and likeable and thaz why people get back to you Kavi.

  4. Sriram says:

    You are so right. I agree. There’s more to writing, than writing itself.

    I read your blog regularly. I am guilty of not commenting often. I admire your style of writing. You have a way with words. It’s awesome!

    Thanks Kavi!


  5. Suma says:

    that’s awesome; you talking to someone overseas and hitting it off well too.

    your last line said it all…so keep those posts coming.

  6. sujata says:

    WOW!!”hits are about numbers touching lives is about soul” such a lovely thought and a beautiful line. I want to ask for a book too..can I?

  7. Jeevan says:

    Well said at last! And I’m just glad to have you all wonderful people around me always, and blog is just a tool to share our animated souls overseas.

    Balaji is a wonderful person to practice and in that I’m so opportunistic to meet him at home 4 years back and after meeting him I’m inspired to talk openly more and I can’t forget it and his call in-between when I can’t blog for a month to not even to say the reason why. so nice you converse with him. happy blogging buddy and my wishes to u both:)

  8. Aparna says:

    You are a fabulous writer and that is why people connect to you.
    You are right, writing is all about touching someone’s soul. If I can manage to do that with even one person, I will be happy.

  9. ♥ Braja says:

    You got it…hits and numbers mean nothing….

  10. nsiyer says:

    I agree. The pleasure of expression and remembrances of certain incidents and putting these to paper becomes the compulsion for me.

    Continue, Kavi and make your readers revel and connect.

  11. Kavi,

    You are very kind and stand according to your writing & thoughts. As I said, I have been a regular reader of your posts and have enjoyed reading. I wanted to talk to you since a long time. As a normal human, my mind wants to connect to those who think alike. It is difficult to change those around me. So, I get attracted to those who could think like me.
    You impressed me a lot as a good listener.

    I never thought you will write a post about our talk. It was a great pleasure in talking to you. Let us keep up our good thoughts.

  12. Rush says:

    u are so right Kavi…hits are plain numbers.
    even if a blogpost makes a difference in one persons life, i guess the purpose is fulfilled.

    I can be published
    i can be praised
    but the joy i derive from writing
    in my own space
    is no match
    to connections i make
    and one such connection is you,

    rather unpoetic mood..but i hope u understand…u are the bestest and will always be..u truly rock!!

  13. Lou says:

    You have connected because you have a curiosity about the world. You are open minded, and open hearted.

    We all have a need for love, peace, and acceptance. Through blogging I find that some days.

    Thanks for your kind words, my friend, please send me an email when you finish the book and let me know your opinion.

  14. sir! im fine 🙂 swamped with work, non work moments.

    i loved this post when i read it in the reader. i have a book package for you when i come to india next, still remember your comment request many months ago 🙂

    take care sir, HUGS!

  15. Swatantra says:

    Cute!! You are a person with beautiful thoughts!!

    God bless you with many more connection like this…

    It is not important how many people we met in life, but how many souls we touch..

    Take Care!! and you rock as always!!

  16. Reading your posts will be like listening to a favorite song…
    Hope you touch many more souls…
    Keep rocking!!

  17. manju says:

    So true, Kavi- hits and numbers do not matter. Only touching the soul matters!

  18. Kavi says:

    KK : Thank you ! Miss your writing buddy ! 🙂

    Naperville Mom : A versatile poet’s comments are indeed ego boosting !

    Priya : I am not sure about the ‘down to earth’ part ! 😀

    But i just try and be myself !

    Sriram : Thank you ! And there is no necessity of guilt, i guess. Just the reading is just fine too !! Thank you !! 🙂

    suma : And yes, the conversation just flowed. and i hope to keep the posts going that way too !


    Sujata : About that book, Lou put me to a publisher. But hey, go ahead and ask for it… I will be happy to send it along !

    Let me know..

    Jeevan : Thank you mate. And hey, send in your number too. Lets get talking !

    Aparna : There speaketh modesty. With the kind of blog that you run, i guess you touch quite a few people !!


    Thank you for the generous compliment !

    Braja : Absolutely. I knew you would agree to that !

    Iyer : Thank you very much sir ! The quest continuous.

    Balaji : It was one heck of a conversation. And my posts are about the incidents around me which touch me. and the conversation did ! So !!

    I hope to continue speaking to you !


    Rush : Poetry flows much like the hot springs !! Thank you !! That was a lovely compliment. indeed ! Indeed !

    Lou : Thank you ! And you inspire too. Just by being yourself !! Will let you know.

    Ghost Particle : When you come to India we have a world to talk about. The books can wait !! 🙂

    Swatantra : Thankyou !! Thank you. Appreciate your encouragement big time.

    Pradeep Kumar : Thank you Pradeep !

    Manju : You bet. You bet. Looking forward to connect to you.

  19. Aleta says:

    If the Internet bloggers didn’t exist, I’d miss out on SO much culture and so many new friends. What a lovely tribute post to those you have “met” through the blogging world. I’m glad that you write. You have enriched the lives of your readers!

  20. dinu says:

    what I am going to write here, is short but real, and sincere … a strong wish, and something that would love to see happening very soon or any news about it, at least

    I wish you write a book ….. publish something …..

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