Inconvenience Regrated !

Did you know Kodak retired Kodachrome. Their iconic film.

Do you remember the time….When a clicking a snap was a big thing. When you had to go buy a film ( after ensuring it was original & make a choice between the 24 snaps or 36 snaps variety). And load it without exposing it to light.

And click with great care. Remove with care. Go to a store to have it printed. For some Rs.6/- for one snap ! Seems to have been in the stone age. If i were to apply that costing to the randomness of my clicks with the digital camera, well, i could have bought myself something….!

But technology helps me indulge. Digital technology emboldens. To click as many snaps as i want. Like looking at signboards and spotting mistakes. As though, i cried a meaningful English lullaby, all by myself when i was born !

And as i look at each of the snaps below, i thank God for spellchecker. And get reminded of good friends like Ganesh. Who call me up all the way from Bangalore when i make ‘errors’ ! ( like writing ‘he was quiet impressed’ ) !

So here are a few that i spotted in Kodaikanal. People have their quirks. And this is one of mine, to look at signboards !

Please bear with me & take a look !

So there. That’s that.

No more on signboards. ( For sometime, ok). I promise. Regular writing will resume soon.
Ok. Inconvenience is….Here’s one more to state that more convincingly. One that i spotted on JVLR, Mumbai. Yesterday !

13 thoughts on “Inconvenience Regrated !

  1. Nachi says:

    not regretting this one mate!! glad i stopped by at the blog, even at this odd hour…

    …lol @ the Peenat Masala and the Bred Omelet. come to Gujju land, you shall be blasted with ‘Tea & Snakes’ billboards.


  2. Rajan says:

    Really Funny! Those are the trademarks of real Indian sign boards!!

  3. Lou says:

    So funny, just today my husband and I spent the day at a famous botanical gardens. I took many pictures of course.
    When we got home, I put them immediately on my computer and emailed them. I said to husband “remember when we had to take film to the store to get developed.”

    Actually, it was not that long ago, but seems like decades now!

  4. He minutely revels,
    As the vowels preen
    around the consonants,
    A smart celebration,
    Of a brilliant
    but emotionally barren mind…

    While the wide eyed
    binds your mind ,
    with Peenat,Bred,
    posing for a
    Camera-Caste no bar,
    Plats with Dust Pins,
    All Here,
    not even on hire….

    And as the scholar,
    fingers the dictionary,
    you enjoy,
    a gourmet meal,
    hospitality reloaded,
    regrated finely,
    to reach way inside….

  5. ♥ Braja says:

    Your photos are always great, Kavi, but the first one is priceless. I’m grateful :)))

  6. G says:

    I am so surprised sandwich is not spelled as sandWITCH 🙂 That is certainly some progress I say!

  7. SGD says:

    Too good!!!
    Your pics, as always, prove that seeing and observing are not synonyms!!!!

  8. First person to die while laughing will be me may be one day.
    Great hilarious post.

  9. Swatantra says:

    Great!! Nice catch and writing!!

  10. Kavi says:

    nachi : Thank you ! The tea & snakes billboard adorns my twitter page though !


    Rajan : Heyy nice to have you back here after some time..thanks for the words..yes. Typically us !

    Lou : Exactly ! It seems like decades. Technology spoils us…so to speak 😉

    Ugich Konitari : What can i say..what can i say. My fingers refuse to go beyond those words on the keyboard.

    And as i read those lines..i cant help but smile. At two things. The first one, being how well you read whatever i put up here ! And the second one, how well you connect your lovely lines !

    Hmm ! what can i say !

    Braja : yay ! theres a mastercard snap also in here !! 😉 Thank you!!

    G : 🙂 I think its about getting the intonation ‘customised’ to local language or leaving out letters. Addition of letters…hmm..i havent seen much of those.

    But a sandwitch..wouldnt that come on broomstick. Or something of that sort !! 😀

    SGD : thank you ! Thank you !!

    jairam : Will try that mate. Thank you !

    Hobo : Lets talk living !!! 😀 !! Thank you !

    Swatantra : How are you..thank you for your comments

  11. Arunn says:

    Surprisingly ‘inconvenience’ is spelt perfect, where most of the convent educated even get it wrong!!!!!! Possibly this is written by an english expert and you might need to check more meanings of ‘regrated’ to understand the context!!!! hahahahaha…… All result of INDIA SHINING!!!!!! Keep clicking…..

  12. Shilpa Garg says:

    Veri funnie sineboards! 🙂

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