Of flowers. Noise. Colour. Fragrance.

And as we sit in Bryant Park in Kodaikanal, the spectrum of colours that stand on green plants are just mind boggling. Theres this endless stream of red and yellow. And then, as we walk a small distance, there is a blue, violet, white mosaic.

I pause to click a few snaps. And in the lens appears what appears to be a Cartoon character. I look away from the camera to admire nature’s fine dance. Many more images seep through the lens’ to the hard disk.

Just then, a bystander says ‘if only these flowers had as much of fragrance like the Jasmine..’ and i seem to agree. Of course, why don’t these flowers have some of that hauntingly waffling fragrance of Jasmine. I think. (of course i love jasmine)

We move on.

In some time we walk to ‘see’ Jasmine meandering by. Peeking from a basket that a vendor carries. And by the time we reach the car, the driver has adorned the rear view mirror too. And the aroma fills the car. The question returns. And i wish there was some more colour !

A few days from then, we reach Madurai. And folks at home wear flowers. And this question of colour remains. Dormant. You don’t speak it.(of course not). Ah ! But the mind resonates with ‘If only there was some more colour to the flower…!

The next morning, i am on my morning jog. At the Corporation Park. They have many signboards. And here is one that i pause to read. ” Every flower has its own beauty, you cannot compare two flowers…. ” And after reading those two lines, i stop. To read the full signboard.

Of course ! Of course ! The Jasmine regains its unparalleled height in my mind. And so do the colourful tapestry of flowers from Bryant Park. Each reigning in boundary less kingdoms.

I laugh. Suddenly i feel handsome. Powerful. Light. Simple. A thousand life events zip by in those intervening second. Even ‘Kavis Musings’ with all its faults seems OK !

I quickly re-pass the resolution that i slip out of. Often. ‘Do whats to be done. And leave out the rest’

And so, i jog on. And as another man sprints by, i tell myself ‘Yes leave the rest out. The rest of it is noise’.

23 thoughts on “Of flowers. Noise. Colour. Fragrance.

  1. ♥ Braja says:

    Lovely, Kavi…as usual…

  2. nsiyer says:

    What a powerful insight brought out fabolously by you, Kavi.’limitations are not mistakes’ – wow, I feel am a more powerful human being now nad sthat I have my own individuality that none other has. Truly inspiring, my friend and KUDOS to you.

  3. Aparna says:

    I loved the line limitations are not mistakes.
    The flowers look lovely.Though I have to admit, I am partial to jasmines.

  4. Those who cannot speak
    learn to share
    their best;
    Riotous brilliant colors,
    nodding petal heads
    in agreement with
    little jasmines,
    whispering excitedly
    hanging out in groups.
    They have no limitations…

    But we talking types,
    blind seeing types,
    fight on
    about color,
    and shape,
    and size, and name.
    We are so intelligent,
    we never learn.
    We are the mistakes.

  5. Swatantra says:

    Nice post,nice pictures as always!! Great!!

  6. Priya says:

    Nice pictures indeed.

  7. manju says:

    Such a thoughtful post, Kavi- Of course,every flower, as every human being, is unique!

    The cartoon flower pic is great!

  8. Lou says:

    I love that sign!
    Such good thoughts, worthwhile reminders.

  9. Aleta says:

    An important message ~ we do not need to offer a lovely scent in this world to be important and perfect in our own unique way. Excellent post!

  10. Shobha says:

    Excellant! …will use it when I do a lesson on Self esteem…and give all the credit to the author of Kavi’s musings. Thanks.

  11. Lovely..i really loved it..specially the snap of the yellow n red flowers.

    Liked that signboard pic….can i download that???


  12. Jeevan says:

    A good judgment on flowers as the couple of lines read on signboard! Lovely pictures kavi 🙂

  13. Kavi – You remind me the show “Chupa Rustaam”.

  14. Dharti says:

    Woww…Very nice post.Makes you think.Took a lot of time off and read a lot of your posts.You are so observant and in a way philosophical.Is there a fan button out there.I cud be your fan 🙂

  15. Kavi,

    Man… you rock! The pictures brought back nostalgic memories. Hey… how can you have similar taste like me. Believe me or not! I have always that I should take those kind of Jasmine flowers pictures and write a post. You are right.. “Every flower has its own beauty”. I keep saying it often. Again, the pictures of Bryant park brought back sweet memories. I too have the pictures you have published taken many years before and lying in some loft in my place in India.

    Please send your contact number to my mail id balajis04@yahoo.com. I would love to talk in person.

  16. Rush says:

    loved this post kavi…and especially how u ended it “leave the rest out…the rest is all noise”

    so, true..im always in awe of how u take events, little incidents, build up stories and leave ur thoughts behind…do u have kids? they must b the luckiest bunch, having an awesome storyteller everynight beside.

  17. அருமை! ‘limitations are not mistakes’.. Great post Kavi….

  18. Aleta says:

    I had to come back to your post… I was thinking about it this morning. You didn’t just blog ~ you made art!

  19. Kavi says:

    Braja : Thank you !! Indeed !

    NS Iyer : Thank you for your words of appreciation sir ! i am learning..from you !


    Aparna : Partiality to Jasmines is to be forgiven !!! 😀 !
    Thanks for the words of appreciation

    Ugich Konitari :

    We are so intelligent,
    we never learn.
    We are the mistakes

    I cant say more. I just cant say more. Thank you so very much for such a thoughtful ‘comment’ ! And thats such an understatement.

    Swatantra : Much appreciated

    Priya : Thank you !! 🙂

    Manju : Thank you ! And yes, the cartoon flower just bowled me over. Completely ! Just like all other flowers did ! 🙂

    Lou : Thank you ! Thank you!

    Aleta : Thank you. And i much appreciate your coming back to let me know that this post occupied your thoughts. It touches me no end. Thank you !

    Shobha : Thank you ! Indeed. I am glad that this post is having unbelievable multiplier effects. Thanks for being the multiplier !! 🙂

    Nazish : Thanks for letting me know ! Go ahead and download ! Thats a picture from the Corporation Park at Madurai. ( If it helps) !

    Thanks for the kind words !

    Jeevan : Thank you !!

    Hobo : I am not sure why i do that to you. For i havent seen that show. Hope its for a good reason !


    Dharti : Thank you ! Thank you. Thats nice of you. To have read. And to leave such a generous comment !

    Well, hmmm.. you could subscribe to the posts, by leaving your mail id in the space on the sidebar. For starters that is ! 🙂

    Balaji : I always knew we had similar tastes. And how i enjoyed reading about your train journeys and such else !

    And Bryant Park seems to have left a lasting impact on so many of my friends ! Hmm ! Thank you for such a generous comment !

    I will send in my phone number…! Will look forward to connect up !

    And i would look forward to your posts on the Jasmine too !


    Rush : Thank you so much ! That comment made me beam !

    And btw, No kids yet. But i am happy i am ready for them, in a small way !


    Pradeep : Thank you ! Thank you indeed !

    Aleta : Once again..i am so glad that you took the effort to come back here and leave such a generous comment.

    many many thanks !

  20. God definitely did not make a mistake when he gave white flowers heavenly fragrances (jasmine, rajnigandha, gandhoraj), and gave the others bright colours to lure the birds and the bees.

  21. beautiful sentiment! I was just thinking that after all if jasmine had color as well as fragrance, all other flowers would be totally ignored, so maybe its a good thing that it doesn’t! That sign is perfect! Wonder who wrote it!

  22. Mojo Arasu says:

    I like the beautiful flower photos. The flowers with a look of cartoon character is interesting.

  23. Vibha says:

    Beautiful post. What held my attension was the natures way to answer the question on your mind. What are the odds of you stopping by this particular sign board among so many in the park and to find the answer to the unspoken question on your mind 🙂

    Your analogy of this to life is commendable and now you have reached that thought to all of us just making us feel unique and special.

    Vibha 🙂

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