Gas !

This tricycle has a load of gas. But it doesn’t run on gas though. Its pedalled by a young chap. About whom this post is about.

On another note…

The world runs on gas. Well, i can at least speak for many a corporate work life. Without much substance, but much gas. But then that’s a different story.

The Ambani brothers are at war. Bringing their corporate empires and the government into the ambit. Gas, they say, is the reason.

China and Australia are sparring. Ostensibly over gas.

India, Pakistan and Iran have a tryst with a pipeline. And they say, its about gas.

Russia’s shutting of gas supplies, had Europe shivering. That was about gas too.

Now, now, all that would make it appear that it is gas that’s driving us and our lives around. And now, about the protagonist of this post…

One afternoon, over a post lunch walk, i strike a conversation with this simple young chap. who distributes gas cylinders.

A truth emerges. When he shrugs his shoulders, and says in a matter of fact manner. In the middle of conversation. About work time and kilometers covered ever day, pedaling this gas.

“I try and stop around 6.00 PM. I study part-time and i have a college to go to. Its difficult at times, especially when there are exams, but…” his voice trails off.

And after a 10 second silence, which seems like forever, erupts a sigh and an emphatic ‘…its got to be done’.

And almost as an instant rejoinder to himself says, “How long can life be about gas?’

I smile at his question cum statement. ‘How long can life be about gas ?!’

In a second, a million images go past my mind. I think of the people of India. Pakistan. China. Australia. Iran. Europe. Russia. Alaska. And the rest of the world. And the Ambani brothers too.

And stare into this determined young man with well built calf muscles and sweat, with a ton of gas in front of him.

I smile a weak smile. Shake my head and say,

‘Not for a long time. Not for a long time at all’

24 thoughts on “Gas !

  1. cyber gipsy says:

    /**”How long can life be about gas?’ **/

    **/’Not for a long time. Not for a long time at all’**/

    God Bless him. In General, people of Bombay are ambitious and competitive and goal oriented. May Young India realize its dream, both at individual and at collective levels !

  2. Thats really shows how much determined that boy is. Ya inshaallah he gets what he wants and god give him more strength to fight any difficulties that come his way.

    How long can life be about gas…ya move on!!!

    nice post Kavi!!

  3. Rush says:

    haaaa….gas cylinders, seeing them after ages.
    The gas wala is soo looked upon, if a gas delivery is scheduled and no one is home, appointments are made wit neighbours to take proper care of the gaswala…good tips, thanda paani and a smile ensures great service for the rest of our lives…so much an integral part of our daily lives…daily chula chakki.

    Man, do i miss those days?

  4. Gas/petrol/oil is the number one concern of any country today. Anyone who says otherwise is just spewing a load of ‘gas’!!

  5. Kavi,

    Superb post! I think you can write about anything. That is a well written article about the natural resources which are not going to exist for ever. Well thought and knit together with the man who delivers gas cylinder.

  6. Lovely story. Sometimes it takes a simple un-involved perspective (that young man with the well-built calf muscles and a load of studies) to reveal the solid truth behind the smokescreen of all that gas.

  7. Superb post, enjoyed reading.


  8. Undigested lies
    Tougher truths
    The convoluted innards
    the power movers
    So much gas….

    But the real Movers,
    sinews rippling,
    mentally ticking,
    smoothly flowing,
    run up the stairs
    with the cylinders
    of gas,
    a kinesiological tribute
    the hardworking,
    solidly genuine
    son of India,
    shining bright
    at noon….

  9. Nachi says:

    ahh!! a very pertinent question bro & an equally well deciphered answer!

    …life has more to it than ‘gas’. or i think so. well i certainly hope so…

    …good post bro!


  10. Neha says:

    @ Kavi, yeah you can write on anything…even on my red scooter :)))

    we have got the pipelines installed, but before that, we had befriended our gaswala…his story is also quite interesting…pretty old chap..he still visits us sometimes when he comes to deliver the cylinder in our building..

    lovely post 🙂

  11. Jeevan says:

    hum… he deals with gas and we never know unless we converse what there life deals with. You caught up the interest of world on gas here, well.

  12. manju says:

    Great post, Kavi!

    And I’m sure the determined young man you have written about will go places!

  13. Onkar says:

    This gaswala is an inspiration to others.

  14. sujata says:

    its all about gas..but only gas wont sustain anything for long..a lot of other things are required including the perseverance and determination of people like the protagonist of this post.

  15. Kumaran says:


    Short and sweet post.

    Yes, the poor fellow after all his education will realize life is all about power( read Gas). 🙂 🙂

  16. Pearl says:

    I do so admire people with ambition and goals.

    You meet the most interesting people, Kavi — but I suspect that there’s something in you that sees interest in everything around him.

    And how long can things run on gas? Scary question. Hosw long can those who make those decisions deny the need to find alternative fuels?


  17. The world runs on gas.
    And Yes, Gas is a laughing word. Save Gas.

  18. nsiyer says:

    Again the intelligent connect from Ambani brothers to Alaska. I need to open up your brains and see what exists. Lovely post, once again.

  19. Kavi says:

    Cyber Gipsy : Thank you! And in such stories that nestle among the ordinaryness of our lives…live extraordinary tales !

    NR : Thanks mate ! Insha Allah, he will move on !

    Rush : A whole lot of modern day apartments come with piped gas. But yet, this man is the nerve centre of many families for eking out a daily living !

    Roshini : yes..spewing a load of gas indeed. Until that spewing would last that is ! 😉

    Balaji : Thank you ! When he said that, the irony of what he was saying and where we are as a planet, just stood in front of me. In black and white !

    Sucharita : Thank you! When it comes from an accomplished English prof, well, i guess all this has reached somewhere ! indeed ! 🙂

    VSP : Thank you sir !!

    Ugich Konitari : What do i say, for i am tired of saying i am honoured.

    What do i say, for i am just truly honoured to have such poetry nestled here.

    What do i say, for i cant find the right words, to say thank you !

    Nachi : Thanks mate ! Thanks indeed !

    Jeevan : Thank you indeed !

    Neha : Your red scooter must indeed be something !!! 😉

    We used to have such ‘close encounters’ with men of this ilk. But we had to let go, once the pipes came in !

    Manju : Thank you ! Thats my hope too !

    ONkar : Welcome here ! And he sure is an inspiration !

    Sujata : well, you are so right. Perhaps with a little exception in the corporate world, where gas can take you far ! But then, even there, something else needs to happen ! 😉

    Kumaran : 🙂 I keep my posts short. Usually ! I dont want to add to the trouble readers go through, by increasing lengths of posts too !

    Pearl : Hmm, there sure must be something within me. And there must be a component of gas too ! I guess ! 😉

    Isnt it scary the way gas resources are being exploited. Nobody seems to be thinking of the future ! Ok, leave out a miniscule handful..and its so scary !! indeed.

    Hobo: The world does run on gas. And for how long my friend…!

    IYer : Perhaps you will open and find some more gas sir !! 🙂

  20. amreekandesi says:

    Nice one!

    And yes, there is a lot of gas going around in the world. There’s many people full of it all over the place 😉

  21. Swatantra says:

    That’s a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing!! Nice picture and post!!

  22. Aleta says:

    Whew… just in those few words, a great deal of meaning. How much do we focus on the material things and not the value of what’s truly important. Excellent post!

  23. ♥ Braja says:

    Another way of saying “a whole load of hot air”? :))

    Missed you Kavi…am home now and things will possibly go back to normal.

    Oh wait. They never WERE…

  24. Suma says:

    you can write on any thing, i think 🙂

    how long can life be about gas?


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