In awe of a plastic pot

I am in awe. Among other things, At the number of snaps of plastic pots that i have clicked.

There are many aspects of small town and village living that the ‘sophisticated’ cannot understand.

Amongst them, is the plastic pot. A very important lifeline to many. They come in different colours. Bright pink. Yellow. Orange. Green. Of course, the pot had to be identifiable in a sea of pots waiting for that trickle of water.

Getting to the tap, before anyone else can is important. At the dead of the night. Sometimes earlier than that. And take a place in the queue.

But that’s not where it ends. That’s where it starts.

It really ends when a pot full of water gets balanced on the head. And another on the hip. And gets home by walk. When home is a perhaps a kilometer or two away. And a flight of steps to climb, by the way. Careful that not a drop drips. For each drip means more trips to the tap.

And as this is getting written, there are other folks in big cities of the world. Who think water and such else, are in perpetual supply like a television soap. And the worst water woe is parked at the doorstep of the municipal corporation. But then, this post is not about them.

This post is about awe. And the plastic pot. The pot that helps carry water. With much love and such else.

I truly am in awe. Of a different life on the same planet. Of daily struggles. Of people. Of water. Of pots.

And of course, of mothers. Especially, one that i know, that carried many pot fulls, from the community tap. And climbed the stairway, many times. As her young sons fought over the plastic ball that each wanted for himself.

And she let them be. And they played, watching their mother amble along for more water in thirsty summers. Those were different times.

And so, the plastic pot opens a dam of memories.

And now, indeed there is awe. Now that i see.
What it would have taken to raise my brother and me.

15 thoughts on “In awe of a plastic pot

  1. Neha says:

    I am really amused by the simplicity of your work…your post speaks a lot…keep it up kavi 🙂

  2. Rush says:

    ohh Kavi, i feel im listening to a little kid talk…ur capture moments, u capture time, u play confidence, u instill belief..i bet u must have been a great kid, a lovely bro.

  3. sujata says:

    Thats just a wow post. The last lines got to me kavi!! The trips, drips, pots, everything was going on in your usual style and then comes the amazing snap in motion, the black and white picture is brilliant and then those last lines..

  4. Colorful pots…really very colorful.
    Your right we ppl take things for granted n think water has to b available to us…well thats not true. Its sad that we still have not been able to supply water in interior areas!!

  5. Knowing oneself is excellent rather than knowing others And not knowing oneself.
    sophisticated – influenced by west.
    Great post.

  6. Aparna says:

    The lyrical quality of writing never fails to awe me.
    I hope you and your brother later helped her carry the plastic pots!

  7. R k laxman,had a very same prespective that you have .making a common happening to a style statement,this posting will show real indai.even non-indian will admit and admire it .keep it going.

  8. Tread softly on the banks,
    so quiet flows now
    the river of Life;
    A gurgle now,
    a torrent then,
    And she bends
    into the stream,
    sometimes with the current,
    sometimes against….
    All the while knowing
    that the pots
    filled with
    the colors of experience
    must reach
    the children,
    busy as they are,
    their little boats,
    their own little pots
    of experience…..

    Sometimes dunking,
    sometimes bobbing,
    but always looking up
    at her,
    as she leads them
    by the hand,
    balancing those pots
    filled with love….

  9. Swatantra says:

    very inspiring!! I love the way you connect your thoughts to the real life.. great going!!

  10. ♥ Braja says:

    Someone wrote “wow post” and I agree :)) I love it….

  11. S’pot’ on! I am in awe of such women also, who balance everything with such ease and grace.

    But I wish the pots were of clay or steel, not plastic.

  12. Kavi says:

    Neha : Thank you !! I will discuss simplicity later ! 🙂

    Rush : i wish my brother and mom are reading this comment !!! 😉

    I am sure they have a different story to tell !!!!! 😀

    Sujata : Thank you ! Sometimes, the lines just flow. And this was one such post !! Thank you indeed.

    Nazish Rehman : Thank you. And i think we ought to be more careful with water! Thats the biggest help we can do for ourselves.

    Hobo : thank you ! indeed.

    aparna : Thank you. And when we got old, we moved houses. And the problem was fixed to a large extent ! 🙂

    Balamurugan : Welcome here ! That was a neat comment. Keep coming back for more ! 😉

    Ugich Konitari : I cant say anything in response. Except a huge ‘Thank you’ ! and when you write such lines here, it just enlivens my heart and provides the fuel to think and script more.

    Thank you !!

    Swatantra : Thank you

    Braja : Thank you. How have you been in Australia ?

    Sucharita : The steel ones were too heavy to carry. and the clay ones would break. Plastic stayed ! Practically !!


  13. Jeevan says:

    Plastic pots has a way of caring water and I have seen many pots carried away and since flat system the plastic pots goes invisible and no way it helps or we didn’t use.

    Nice pics, it reminds the days and night spent near pumps with mom for getting water. I should do a post sometime on it.

  14. nsiyer says:

    Awesome! nice snaps and good thought. I remember when I used to stay in the Govt. colony,the value of each drop of waterwas known

  15. Martha Flores says:

    Where I can buy this pots in the USA?

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