In-dependence day

So its independence day. Again. At the apartment complex.

The security guards create the background synchronised movement. With some loud banging of their boots and arching their vocal chords! Children play in gay abandon. And some stare with surprise at the normally ‘normal’ security guards playing ‘statue’ !

Kurtas rub shoulders with Hawaii shirts. And a ‘i love New York’ t-shirt, has the Tricolour pinned on it. Like the one pinned on every other shirt and saree. There is discussion about the water problem and swine flu. But all of that dies down soon.

The chief guest arrives. The tricolour hoisted and the rose petals fall. And the National anthem is sung. The tricolour continues to struggle to disentangle and catch the breeze !

And of course, a speech. By the immaculately clad chief guest. A speech that broadly rests on Kargil. On India becoming a superpower. Our pride. The army’s brilliance, the economy’s resilience.

There is mention of hunger. Poverty. And such else. A gentle nudge that we all should work towards a greater India. Of course, the sacrifices of ‘our forefathers’ are mentioned.

I sigh, as the speech ends. People shout out ‘Jai Hind’. A kid standing close to me, asks her mother, “Mamma is it ‘Jai Hind‘ or is it ‘Jai Ho‘ ” ! I struggle not to erupt in laughter.

And then, children sing ‘Patriotic songs’ as the lovely lady compering the event says. ‘Patriotic Songs’ gets the emphasis. Many times. Sure thing, that must be specified.

In sometime, i get home. Generally rant, about independence day speeches. About ‘all that empty flowery language and a lack of purpose’ !

And the missus, clearly annoyed, jumps in. ‘So, what would you have talked about if you were giving the speech?”

That catches me by surprise. But i still bravely list out.

Perhaps some stories from everyday lives…. Of teaching children basic manners. The value of money. Water conservation. Closing taps. Treating household help with dignity. Respecting other countries. Other religions. People that are different from us.

Perhaps some stories…. of tolerance and respect for each other. And that means parking cars properly, sorting out garbage, not playing loud music, loudly. Respecting mother Earth…

Independence day is not about a strange alien man or woman who lives somewhere, who will take India and the world to great heights. Its about each one of us. And all of us are dependent on each other…….”

And i notice, she is already walking away. She turns around. And says, ‘Thank God, you didn’t make that speech. People would have moved on before it ended’.

From the other room, she shouts, ‘Now, don’t go put that on your blog’. I think about it. And head here, to post. Heck. Today is independence day !

Happy Independence day people !

25 thoughts on “In-dependence day

  1. sujata says:

    hahhahaahha!!Freedom to blog and freedom of speech is our basic human right! I would love to see a few nice tshirts promoting India, even the flag, Kids were tshirts with the American flag all the time, Our flag seems so out of reach to our kids, its just something to be hoisted on independence day, But you can never draw a line maybe, next we know john abraham will pose in a tricoloured undie!

  2. Aparna says:

    You should have made that speech Kavi, would have been more relevant.
    The tri colour pinned on the I love New York was interesting. I feel so cynical when I hear the ‘chief guests’ talking about Indian values and the freedom struggle. But cant help getting a lump in my throat every time I see the flag flutter.
    Happy Independence Day.

  3. How come all apartment complexes have Independence Day programmes which look and sound like each other. Is it India Shining, or India Cloning?

    But hats off to “Independence day is not about a strange alien man or woman who lives somewhere, who will take India and the world to great heights. Its about each one of us. And all of us are dependent on each other…….”

    And, BTW, it also seems that bloggers’ spouses have taken to cloning each other, right down to the sarcasm bit.

  4. manju says:

    Independence Day, Kavi!

    I suppose today’s kids are more familiar with Jai Ho! than Jai Hind!

  5. Happy Independence Day to India, sir 🙂

    a proud moment for the citizen and the diaspora.

  6. I have never really understood this big need to have a chief guest and a speech for Independence Day. That too , someone called from outside your daily environment. So many things we “perform” are for “show”.

    But i thought the kid had the right idea. It was all about feeling optimistic enough to say “Jai”. It doesnt matter if it is “Hind” or “Ho”. Whoever grants us trysts with destiny understands.

    Guess you too had the write idea. About seizing your independence from someone who holds it in the hands…:-)) and ).

  7. niru says:

    Hi Kavi,

    Happy Independence Day!

    I once was in a meeting where the fed up of the “same old same old” speech, the frustrated public threw tomato at the chief guest.

    Guess inflation and high prices have made rotten tomato a valuable commodity.

    I miss going to such entertaining meetings. 🙂

    Jai Ho!


  8. nsiyer says:

    Brillianr Kavi! brilliant. The way you write, it is becoming infectious. Your speech had deep messages and I thought I myself should pick up some of them for execution. And that final humour of writing the blog independently atleast on Independence Day. And the Misus.Om Shanti Om!

  9. nsiyer says:

    Brilliant Kavi, brilliant. The way you write – for me it is infectious And those deep rooted messages in the speech, awesome, and called me to action. I will teach my children too from those messages. And finally the icing on the cake – your humour of writing independently on Independence Day. And the Misus. On Shanti Om!

  10. Rush says:

    and indeed u did the best about it.
    Jai ho or Jai hind?? hahahaha, i wud have definitely burst out.

    Loved ur message Kavi!!but im surprised u didnt manage to enroll missus?

  11. The leaders have become independent. They are not governed by any law, regulation and code. Not even by their inner voice.

    The Aam Janata has become dependent on them. That is the story of Independece day.


  12. there is so much to learn from your post. Really liked it…
    Yet,i wonder that why till date i haven’t seen children wearing t-shirts with the indian flag on it??
    It makes me actually ponder that if i would have come across a t-shirt with India printed whether i would buy it or not??I would love to see an Indian flag being pinned on a t-shirt with some oother country’s name…indeed!!!

  13. Thats in a way true…you should have made that speech!! Your so correct..

    i loved that pic…

  14. dinu says:

    Happy Independence Day !!

  15. Yeah, I would have loved one such speech. And wouldn’t listen, when it’s Mr.Kavi.

  16. G says:

    I was waiting for a pic of the tiranga pinned to the “I (heart) New York” tee. Too bad we couldn’t see it

    Happy Independence Day! 🙂

  17. Neha says:

    very nice post say so much thru ur posts..I love ur style of presentation…keep it up..:)

  18. ♥ Braja says:

    OK I don’t get the Jai Hind thing….what is that?

  19. The best about a writer is to observe whats happening around And Kavi, you are one the best.

  20. Lou says:

    Happy Independence Day to you and your countrymen!

    The t-shirt is ironic indeed. We are always seeing pictures of malnourished children in Africa, and they are wearing a Nike or Batman t-shirt. Crazy world!

    But yet the speeches are all the same. They go “blah,blah,blah.”

  21. aativas says:

    Once I was forced into ‘Flag Hoisting’ ceremony as a chief guest. And looking at the kids and the teachers, I got totally confused about what to say. I realized that what I would love to say would be totally irrelevant; and what would be relevant, I would not love to say it. I don’t remember what I said, but I interacted with a group of 60 teachers afterwards and I believe that was more fruitful than my ‘chief guest’ speech. So, good that you were not invited to speak as chief guest.. writing blog is much much easier…

  22. Swatantra says:

    Happy Independence day!! That was a great speech…!!

  23. Kavi says:

    Mr. Abraham in a tricolour undie is something that i am wrestling to get out of my head. Please Sujata !!

    Aparna : That lump in the throat is perhaps the only connect that keeps me attending these functions.

    Sucharita : Gee ! I have some company here ! And there cant be better news than that ! Indeed !

    Manju : you bet ! you bet. Jai Ho is far much more catchy. Jai Hind comes only in Movies that depict the independence struggle

    GP : Indeed ! indeed ! thankyou !

    Niru : Hmm. tomatoes have climbed. Heck. You cant even think of throwing dal ! 🙂

    There are plenty of meetings on. Let me know if you want to attend … 🙂

    NS Iyer : Sir !!!! Om Shanti Om is my mantra too ! Big time !!

    And all thats written comes from there. You see !!! 🙂

    Thank you for your wonderful compliments!

    Rush : The missus has her own points of view. And most times i dont cross the bridge. At other times, i blog about it ! 🙂

    VSP : I cant say much more than that sir. For all that you have said is enough and more ! 🙂

    Shraddha : Thanks for the comment, and welcome here.

    Frankly for me, it wont matter. For these are far too symbolic. We’ll talk about it ! 🙂

    NR : Thank you indeed mate!

    Dinu : You too ! You too !

    Kamal : When did you ever listen to me !?! 🙂

    G : Couldnt get a proper shot at it. Although i did try !!

    Neha : Thank you ! 🙂

    Braja : Hmm.. hmm..will take it offline ! 🙂

    Hobo : Thank you my friend ! Indeed !

    Lou : I am sure that the blah blah blah is universal ! I am relieved that we were not subjected to that as a special treatment !

    Aativas : Ofcourse. Writing a blog is far more easier. They dont invite me with reason ! 🙂

    Swatantra : Thank you ! 🙂

  24. Aleta says:

    Happy Independence Day!

    I’m glad that you blogged about it and had you made the speech, I wouldn’t have moved on before it ended. I thought it was beautiful!

  25. Jeevan says:

    We need more apartments to come up celebrating national festivals, at least it makes know each other faces and share thoughts. Nice post indeed.

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