Of hotels and offers : Random rambling !

While on travel, my mind wanders. Not that, it stays at one place, otherwise. But the travel, accentuates the wandering. This travel was no different. Sample this.

On the way to and from Daman, there are very many hotels. Its a busy highway, with a zillion trucks (and slightly less than a zillion demented drivers. But thats another post).

The names of the hotels on the road, keeps me intrigued quite a bit.

Obviously, a Simla Inn transports the mind to Shimla.

And a Nilgiris takes the mind to Ooty !

Wonder why they have named these hotels here in the Western Ghats after scenic hill stations in the North and the South. Perhaps there are other meanings to the name that i am clueless about.

And then, there is Vegas hotel. I mean, what was that ? When the moral brigade runs out of ideas like Valentines Day, they will get here. And organise a protest against foreign names to Indian hotels. Culture. Heritage and such else will be recalled. I don’t want to go further and sound like a regular newspaper or TV channel. Out to depress people.


Why on earth would they call a hotel in the Western Ghats Niligiris. Or Simla. Or Vegas for that matter.

Thomas Friedman told us that ‘The World is Flat’ . I am sure my geography teacher must have been glad that the book wasnt around when i was a student. She would have had a hard time teaching me that the world is round.

Especially when this Friedman chap, made a mountain of money, proclaiming that the world is flat. ! But still Vegas in the Western Ghats is out of place enough to occupy my thoughts for sometime.

Suddenly, i want to become an IAS offcer with a fancy designation. Like “Commissioner of Appropriate Names”. Or something of that kind. An IAS officer with an Ambassador car and the read beacon light on top, passing orders.

Hmm. Like this : Moutains in the ghats of India, will respect local sentiment and choose names that will have ryhming consonants from the local dialect !‘ Or something like that.

And, then i see this.

Mansoon special offer. And the thought bandwagon jumps.

How do you do that ?

I mean, making of a man.
And that too, soon ?
And that too, under a special offer!
For all of Rs.350/- !

Whats on earth can be on the curriculum ?

Hmm. My mind wonders.

Ideas anyone ?

12 thoughts on “Of hotels and offers : Random rambling !

  1. Rush says:

    lol..i am amazed at the way u capture billboards.
    are they shady motels or actual family cottages? i wonder!!

    years back…
    when i wa pursuing my CA, i remember we had to audit a UPL company in daman. we took the train to reach there and find the place amazingly clean and beautiful…lush green, facing the beach, historic houses that were turned in hotels…somehow lost in my memory and bought alive wit ur daman series..im glad.

  2. Hey lovely post !! Well analysed i tell u…n ya whts there in a name ya, it can b attracting ppl of those regions..lol!!! The best was Vegas..lol!!

    Well i think only the hotel owner must b having an idea of this “Mansoon Special Offer”..lolz!!

  3. Aparna says:

    Naming hotels can be full time occupation. While in Daman, we always stay at the hotel Mira Mar. How many people do you think know what it means? Atleast people in India know about Nilgiri and Shimla.
    I admire the way you weave a story around small things.

  4. aativas says:

    Interesting post and your observations and thoughts over it are amazing. I liked the idea of “Commissioner of Appropriate Names”. You will have tough competition from cultural police though… anyway, best wishes!

  5. sujata says:

    again an interesting post woven so humorously around small detail that we either overlook or just pass with a smile..I really admire this ability of yours

  6. gOOpi says:

    ha ha.. good one!

    if you have noticed another anomaly, in mumbai there will be chennai sweets and in chennai there will be bombay sweets!

  7. Neha says:

    nice post…the hotel names are so familiar for me as my home town is umbergaon, so i make frequent trips there n daman as well and nvr thought of writing anything bout it, so kudos kavi for comin up with such a splendid post…

    and about the hotel room @ 350, well, let some things better be unsaid;)

  8. Great post ! Reminds me of a time in the early 70’s , when we had some US friends staying and they wanted a shirt copied . There was a Hollywood Tailors (!) amidst the rubbles and ditches outside campus, and he did an excellent job and the friends were just stunned to get the stitched shirt back with a grand red neck label that said Hollywood Tailors,Powai. Incidentally the fit was perfect. Maybe like your trip ? 🙂

  9. Lou says:

    What about the India Palace in Dallas, Texas.

    or the one in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    LOL..it’s a small world!

  10. Swatantra says:

    Cute one!! I had a big laugh that brought tears in my eyes.


  11. manju says:

    Nice post! And yes, hotel names of far-off places make you wonder- why?

    Maybe the decor/ atmosphere is of that particular place. Like restaurants with names like Great Punjab or Malwani Fare serve the cuisine of that place….

    Don’t know about the ‘Mansoon’ special, though! 😀

  12. Kavi says:

    Rush : You CA ?!?! Phew. Thats something !! 😉

    The beaches were not clean. But the people were. And that mattered. Its an awesome place. I loved it. And i am not talking of the booze.

    Nazish : I guess you are right. ONly the hotel owner would have an idea ! 🙂

    Aparna : Mira Mar was close to were we stayed. And i wondered what it meant. I didnt get very far with that. So, it kind of wandered out. and then i heard there was Mira Sol also. So..!

    Aativas : Everybody has a problem with the moral chaps !!! 🙂

    Thanks for the wishes though !

    Sujata : Thank you ! Indeed. Some chaps survive on small things and fringe elements. I am one such. I guess !

    Goopi : Welcome here. And yes. And there is a Kolkatta house everywhere else !!! 🙂

    Neha : You are from there !! Ohh. I guess i can consult you more to stay over there !! 🙂

    And you are leaving things unsaid…psst…do you know more ?


    Ugich Konitari : LOL !! Hollywood in Powai !! LOL !

    But i dont entirely disagree. Especially with so many movies getting made in Hiranandani !! 🙂

    LOL : That was a fitting rejoinder. Ofcourse, its a small world !

    Swatantra : Thank you ! 😀

    Manju : I am not sure if these places have Shimla mirchi or Niligiri stuff !! Not sure at all !!


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