Upgrade to life !

Upgrades are everywhere. You upgrade from live shows to gramophones. To radios. To TV. To Plasma. To LCD to iPods. To God knows what !

You upgrade from a bullock cart to a bicycle. To bikes. To cars. To a bigger car. To a bigger car with a fancy number plate and swanky shine. To.. God knows what !

You upgrade from crayons to pencils. To ballpoint pens. To fountain pens. To fancy pens to….God knows what !

You upgrade from ‘water from the lakes’, to ‘water from the wells’. To ‘water from the canals’. To ‘spring water from a fancy bottle’. To …God knows what !

You upgrade from pigeons carrying messages. To human messengers carrying messages. To the postman carrying mail. To email carrying attachments… to God knows what.

You upgrade from simple means, to glorious comforts. You upgrade from simple equations to deep relationship(s).

And God has been upgraded too. From being a concept. To God being nature. To God being another man or woman. To God becoming a statue and a stone. A Temple. A mosque. A church. And of course, the latest upgrade version is some man or woman claiming to be God ! And the next….only God knows what !

Upgrades themselves were designed to get life simpler. At least that was the ostensible reason. Merely a means. That’s where they all started out with. Hmm. Somewhere, along the way, upgrades started becoming the end ! hmm

Thats a tonne of ramble.

On another note,

Its Ganesh Chaturti ! The festivities have started in right earnest. Ganeshji seemed to have been given a new transportation as he was taken to a home ! An upgrade of sorts. From the good old mouse to a bullock cart !

The newspaper and the TV is full of ‘pick me for i am the latest‘ ! As one upgrade shouts out ‘Try me‘ over another, and just as living becomes a race to keep pace with the ‘new, latest’.

I am telling myself to bear in mind, that there is a life to live, love & joy to spread, and a ‘oneness’ to eschew. Moving there, would be a real upgrade !

So may the real upgrade, reach all of us, around the world. This Ganesh Chaturti ! Am praying for peace. Happiness & health. Joy and life. Fulfillment & hope. For us.

For all of us.

24 thoughts on “Upgrade to life !

  1. sujata says:

    I am praying too. Ganesha is the cutest of all Gods, just like krishna is the handsomest. I love the modaks and the aarti , miss my Pune days a lot during the chaturthis. Why dont ppl upgrade and make our motu God a bit slimmer? maybe they should give him a VLCC voucher instead of modaks!!

  2. Witsnnuts says:

    Nice Write up .
    It may not be long before, Mr.Ganesh upgrades to a car !!
    We the ppl should upgrade too. We still stick just one rupee coins in his tummy 😉
    Straight here from Sriram’s blog.
    Wonderful blog you have 🙂
    Cheers. 😀

  3. Sriram says:

    Pillaiyaar never fails to surprise us. Happy Vinayaga chaturthi!

  4. Health / Peace / Wealth – Amen !

  5. Aparna says:

    Ganesh has already upgraded to a car, I see people bringing him home in a swank Toyota or an Accord near my home every year.
    And some of my friends kids have upgraded their offerings to Swiss chocolates instead of down market home made laddoos. Now only if we could upgrade the happiness! For some obscure reason our downgraded childhood with its snail mail and Doordarshan programmes seemed to have more fun!

  6. Lou says:

    What you say about God being upgraded..what an insightful observation! Humans cannot leave “well enough” alone. We are always looking to improve.

    Excellent post!

  7. Ranu says:

    Yes lets pray that we upgrade to life and happiness and no i don’t think ganeshji should lose weight. He is the only person who looks so cute in oodles of fat and honestly he restores my faith that there still is place for fat people amongst size zeroes!!!

    Ganapati bappa morya!!!

  8. Swatantra says:

    Very nice written… we have upgraded many things.. But with all these upgrades happening around.. is our life are upgraded from sad to happy…. 🙂

  9. Phoenix says:

    Ahh.. Ganesh Chaturthi.. Mumbai… memories of different colors..
    What do we upgrade to from being ourselves.. not materially.. but the way we think and behave? Do you think people think of upgrading themselves like that?

  10. Arunn says:

    @ Dubai i miss all this….. last year same time, i had definitely seen Mr.Ganesh going on bullock carts, fruit carts, vans, lorries, cars and wat not….. But what made things bad was an email forward which showed all the ‘LOVING’ idol god thrown in to water and lying in bad condition…. one such email which i wud never want to see again….. Kavi, some one wud surely send such an email to you…. So i suggest, people to take God on vehicles to display (or for whatever) but not to head to the sea, but to go back to their homes…. and keep it back safe in their homes….. So it would be better to have smaller idols and retain it forever for prayers….. This i wud call an UPGRADE in people’s mind!!!!!! Believe me, given an option, I can never throw Mr.Ganesh idol in to the sea….. even if its called a culture….. Happy Upgraded Ganesh Chaturti….

  11. Neha says:

    blogging is also a result of upgrade, don’t u think….and I thank god for such an update, as I get a chance to read wonderful posts like u and many others come up with..thank you for sharing this one…wish u too a happy ganesh chaturthi..:)

  12. Ya update is a continuous process and the day it stops u stop.
    Wish u a happy ganesh chaturthi.

  13. nsiyer says:

    Fantastic Kavi. You are too much. My wife and I read this at 115 am in the morning and enjoyed every bit of it, laughing our guts out at the beautiful connections. You are a marvel, Kavi.
    Let Lord Ganesha shower His choicest blessings and upgrade you in whatever shape and form you wish.
    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi from both of us to you and Shanti.

  14. chitz says:

    upgrades and changes r the only constants in life nowadays…nothing and no one is spared..:)

  15. all people should upgrade their mouse and use a mousepad with Ganesha’s picture today..

    let us start a new tradition

    love your last lines.


  16. We have just upgraded from cable TV to TATA Sky.

    Wishing you a very happy Ganpati, with upgradation and unity in diversity.

  17. Some One Up There
    many years ago,
    through a wise man
    a Frequent Helpers Club(FHC).
    Go forth
    and welcome HIM,
    celebrate his wisdom,
    his trouble shooting,
    management abilities,
    his eco friendly transport;
    Work together
    with respect,
    no caste, no creed,
    And earn your credits
    for the FHC

    earn your Life Upgrades.
    Some did.

    But now the FHC,
    riddled with politics
    of the jingling pockets,
    felicitation of crooks,
    blasting music,
    lies and much else,
    has forced HIM
    on the back foot;
    observing us,
    becoming I from We,

    The mouse quibbles,
    exhorting departure,
    and he smiles,
    shaking his trunk,
    as he watches,
    the little one in a family,
    make a garland
    for Him;
    one eye on the modak,
    one on the flowers,
    There will be new helpers,
    new generations,
    the FHC will revive again.
    Coming togehteher,
    to celebrate,
    pray, and
    get their upgrades again….

  18. manju says:

    Upgrades have become a competition- making life complicated not simpler!

    My best wishes to you and Mrs. Kavi on the occasion of Ganeshotsav!

    On a different note- Lord Ganesh looks good on a bullock cart, I think. I don’t like to see the large Ganpatis in the back of trucks with a hundred people hanging on.:)

  19. Suma says:

    happy ganesh chaturthi!

    i hope your last para comes true 🙂

  20. Jeevan says:

    Thanks for praying bro 🙂

    I wish for good upgrades and these are some very nice upgrade examples. Hope u had wonderful celebration.

  21. Kavi says:

    Sujata : A VLCC voucher ! Phew ! My God Ganesha ! look what happens to you ! 🙂

    Wits N Nuts : Welcome here. Thanks for the wonderful comment and look forward to staying connected.

    Sriram : Yes..he does not. The one rupee suggestion is interesting indeed ! hmm ! 🙂

    Hobo : Health and happiness for sure !

    Aparna : Love the comment. Our present needs an upgrade. To the past ! Speaks volumes of the ‘progress’ we have made over the years !

    Lou : We are looking for improvement, as though improvement is the goal ! And that i think is the root cause of many a problem !

    Thank you, indeed !

    Ranu : He is cute. And yes, he is benevelont beyond measure. And he takes care of all of us, in the most precious of ways ! And let him be !

    Swatantra : Yes. Thats the question thats there on my mind as well ? If all upgrades were designed to give us more happiness…whats wrong..even now

    Phoenix : Welcome here ! Excellent observation. I guess all of us need an upgrade in our minds. And thats not coming in a hurry !

    Arunn : i completely agree with you. I cant see something like a Ganesh Idol or a Durga idol get thrown into the water. But thats the way it is…thats the way it is.

    Neha : Thank You ! And yes, there are many things that are upgrades. But when the upgrades become the finish line…breasting the tape gets a new meaning. Doesnt it !

    NR : Thank you ! And wish you the same as well !

    Iyer : Sir ! Thank you for all the sincere wishes. Its a treat to read your comments and all the good wishes. And the missus gets a broad smile at this too ! 🙂

    Chitz : Welcome here. And yes. nobody is spared. And it is also a question of choice ! I guess. To upgrade the mind simultaneously along with the upgrade of everything else !

    Sundar : Hi ! Hope you are recovering well. And thanks for stopping by. I am so happy that it didnt take 6 weeks !

    Sucharita : So you got a new dish !! May you stay away from Such ke Saamna and such else. 😉

    ugich konitari : I take a bow. I am simply honoured to have such poetry going on here.

    I am going to put in a separate post on poetry ! Awesome stuff here !

    Jeevan : We did ! And i hope the celebrations in Chennai were rocking too !

  22. Rush says:

    EVOLUTION…preoccupation of the mortal souls trying to be immortal…but they dont even leave the gods…get Ganeshji home to soon drown him in the juhu beach??
    i wonder what upgrade would go there?

  23. Yes, the trend to upgrade relentlessly is indeed a scare esp when it’s narrowed down to ‘keeping up with the Joneses’…:)

  24. Thank you Kavi. I only hope the upgrades keep what is good and only change what doesn’t work so well. That would be ideal.

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