Ganesh Chatruti !! My word !

I had to publish this today. Now ! I gave my word, just an hour ago. To a policeman. And i am already late !

We are just back from visarjan. The 10 day long Ganesh Chaturti festival is through. Infact, its still happening, as i write this. And Mumbai celebrated it. In style ! The elephant God indeed has some fans !

Any festivity is a mood that i love to soak up . Whichever city. Mingle with the people. And watch life, as people go by. Or perhaps, watch people, as life goes by.

Here at the Powai lake, crowds jostled to take a closer look at the immersions. And seek blessings. I got better access than most others.

With T-shirt, camera, shorts and sandals, i guess, i must have looked like a TV journo indeed ! For, there he was, a friendly cop. Who asks me, “which TV channel are your from!?!”

And seeing my surprise, modifies his question : ‘Ok, which newspaper ? Where will you publish all these pictures ? When will you publish the pictures ?”

I clear my throat. I tell him, Having this blog in mind, “This will be published on the Internet”. He continues to stare into me. And i add, ‘in half an hour’.

He perhaps had visions of ‘Breaking News’ and thought of himself to be a facilitator of such news. And waved me in. I was free to click !

I walked in. Beaming. Only to realise there already was a motley crew. Presumably from newspapers. For they had bigger and far more sophisticated cameras. Some tourists. And some other junta like me.. All clicking away.

So here are images. But they sure are not going to send in the images, like what i am doing now ! At this speed, that is !! That’s for sure.

‘Breaking News : Immersions happen in Powai Lake. As well’.

They have those huge cranes, that lift off the Ganpati idols that are brought in trucks. Taken to a deeper part of the lake and ‘immersed’ ! Its an an awesome sight.

The crowd, the trucks, the electric mood, the food, the noise, the lights, and of course, the policemen. Offer a unique Mosaic which is quite something. Indeed.

Here are some pictures.

Hmm. So, there. Thats Visarjan in Powai for you. I can sleep well. The word given to that policeman, is kept !

Regular posting, ofcourse, will resume shortly !

20 thoughts on “Ganesh Chatruti !! My word !

  1. ♥ Braja says:

    Life’s one big festival….:))

  2. Ganpati Bappa Morya ! Didnt know things were going high tech . On the opposite bank of the lake, visarjan is still about fellows carrying Ganpati Bappa slowly into deep waters and then suddenly dipping below and coming up with the mandatory clutch of earth to take home….

  3. Rush says:

    click! click! breaking news! click!!

    Mamma ko mammu bana diya?

  4. Neha says:

    the images are awesome ya…which ganapati is there in it?nice way to reach bappa I must say…

    how nice of u to keep ur word…keep it up:))

  5. Aleta says:

    Those are some great pictures! I laughed about the police officer story – that’s classic! And you didn’t fib!

    I can just imagine how you would react if you attended Mardi Gras in New Orleans!

  6. hahaha….so u were a reporter from Kavi’s Musing!!!

    I loved the pics…were great…

  7. I’ve always felt that you’ve missed your true calling as an investigative journalist. That policeman sure had ‘vision’.

  8. tina says:

    Hi Kavi,
    Why can’t they keep those beautiful statues?

  9. Swatantra says:

    Nice pictures!! and great to know a reporter!!

  10. manju says:

    Great pictures, Kavi! Much better than watching on television.

    And great ‘breaking news’- you will do anything to get material for a blog-post, won’t you? 🙂

  11. White Forest says:

    u bet…Mumbai is a place to be there during Ganesh Chaturthi 🙂

  12. sujata says:

    That was news indeed, never knew visarjan happened at powai lake!

  13. Lou says:

    You a clever man..ha,ha..and true to your word. The policeman probably has visions of being discovered for the movies!

    We are having a 3 day holiday in the US this week end, but nothing this spectacular!

  14. what happened to your photo of yourself…..would have loved to see you posing next to Ganeshji!!!

  15. Onkar says:

    Nice write-up and pictures.

  16. Kavi says:

    Braja : You bet ! One big festival indeed !

    Ugich Konitari : Oh it happens at quite some scale. And size too. And there are those that walk in with those small idols as well…i hope to have a post on them too.

    Rush : 🙂 He was a nice chap, and there werent very serious restrictions either !

    The camera and shorts sure did help. Though !

    Neha : Thank you ! And what does ‘which Ganpati’ mean. Isnt there only one ? I really dont know ! There were so many Ganpatis. So many !

    Aleta : I am sure i would enjoy that. Huge bit. I will publish it on this blog. Live too ! All i need is a sponsor with a large heart. Who will fly me. Up and down, New Orleans. Economy will do !


    NR : yes i was !!

    Thank you !!

    Sucharita : Really ! Investigative jouranlist…sounds sexy. I must say !


    Tina : Its part of tradition, that the idols are immersed after the 10 day long celebrations. Thats the tradition. I am sure there must be some folklore behind that…

    Suman : Welcome here..thank you !

    Swatantra : Thank you indeed !

    Manju : 😉 Well, not really. It doesnt stretch all the way upto ‘anything’ !

    White Forest : Oh yes, it is. And some of the pandals are just fabulous. Unbelievably so !

    Sujata : my my ! i have indeed delivered news to people. Now, there is no guilt at all !! 🙂

    Lou : !!! That rings such a loud bell ! enjoy it !

    And this festival was indeed very spectacular !

    Ryan : Man oh man ! You know how shy i am. Besides…i dont want any publicity for myself. Everything goes to Ganeshji !


  17. Kavi says:

    Onkar : Thank You !

    Amreekandesi : Thank You !

  18. Jeevan says:

    This year i can’t visit sea shore to witness the immersion. hum… great pictures and words, alike the crane!

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