Giving !

It is morning. Its still raining. The flowers on offer are too tempting to resist. Bright white ones. With those dots of yellow. All kept in a red bucket. Fresh from a pond close by. Theres not much aroma. But they are a treat for the eyes.


Theres a knock on the door. And a young innocent school going kid stands on the other side. She smiles. And proceeds to state that she is from the 10th floor of the same apartment.

“Its the Joy of Giving Week uncle”. So she speaks. In a well rehearsed presentation. The request is simple. She is collecting old newspapers from each house in the apartment. She wants to sell it and ‘GIVE’ the proceeds to slum children living close by.

She sure should have given slum children something. For all the newspapers in the apartment would have added to decent sum.

More importantly, she sure gives hope. That all is not lost. That people still do think about the man living down the street. And are willing to go knock and open many doors. The mind is young ! Nothing can be more encouraging.

The Joy of Giving week is here ! Actually, its slipped into its third day ! It sure does merit an extra thought ! And some action too.

In the modern day, fast paced world, to stop and look is at a premium. Giving is still further away! Perhaps its time, to make a start. To stop, look and give ! Perhaps its time to commence by giving !

Whatever. Clothes. Eyes. Appliances. Books. Sweets. Whatever ! Perhaps its important to add there : Time, hope and such else too. And maybe they are the ones on real short supply !

So people, here is the message. To all those that give, give more ! And for all those that have been thinking about it : try giving !

The Joy of Giving week is here. And we are three days into it ! Make a start this week. And carry it all along ! Perhaps you can let the world know by sharing it too. You never who it will propel to action !


Ah those flowers. They were beautiful weren’t they.

The smile and joy that emerge after sometime, evident from their wide grins and shy nods is but a logical visible consequence.

A consequence of something as simple as a small conversation over a pack of cookies that were in the car..! It has always caused unceasing wonder, that such smiles indeed reside in otherwise sad faces.

The beauty in those smiles.. well.. they beat the beauty of the flowers. All the time !

20 thoughts on “Giving !

  1. Pearl says:

    Beautiful flowers, beautiful children, beautiful sentiments!


  2. Swatantra says:

    This is beautiful!! Surely the beauty in their smiles beat the beauty of the flower anytime.. Nice written post!!

    Joy is coming from the post… Good luck!!

  3. God made men, men made boundaries.
    And one day They decide lets remove boundaries.

  4. Rush says:

    Kavi,me wants a flower for my birthday…one of those flowers.

    lol…i am kidding, but i loved the giving part…lets do it, start with some action..i am all in and charged up baby!!

  5. Aparna says:

    My kids are giving their favourite books to a library. This is being organised by the school itself. There is a reading room and library coming up in the area for the children of the labourers who work here. In case you want to donate some brand new books,the local Crossword has a list of books that the foundation wants for these kids.
    Lovely flowers!

  6. bodaat says:

    simple message yet beautiful. 🙂

    thank you for letting me join your blog.

  7. Sriram says:

    The joy of giving is something quite special. Super post Kavi! 🙂

  8. Thank you for this beautiful post. I like “giving week” very much. I will share this with my family.

  9. So true…give more. This post of yours made me remember my junior school days where even we were told to collect newspapers for evening school children who were not as lucky as we were. Society has given us so much and i think its our duty to give it back whatever we can in our own way!!
    Great post Kavi!!

  10. Neha says:

    first post that I am reading for the day…the flowers brought freshness, the message was conveyed beautifully – time and hope they need above all…

  11. Macha says:

    What’s yours today’s gonna be some else’s tomorrow. Guess there is some thing in that. Kavi dont u think its time u wrote a book?

  12. nsiyer says:

    The largesse to give is so beautiful that once experienced, will ever remain. Nice thought, Kavi. I will do my bit.

  13. sujata says:

    lovely flowers, really bright and cheerful. the malls here have opened separate counters for old books, toys in good conditions, even food grains and non perishable food items like tea coffee etc, families are regulary pouring in with things, children are being made to feel good as with each toy or book they give their picture is put on the wall nearby as a donator, which is a huge incentive for the tiny tots. I think a simple thing like where exactly to donate is what is needed, if somebody is willing to take care of that, if there are places in your vicinity that have such collection boxes, there are people who are ready to give and give whole heartedly, its just the hassle of where to go and give that stops people.

  14. Kavi says:

    Pearl : Thanks indeed ! 🙂

    Swatantra : Thanks indeed. As always ! 🙂

    Hobo : i really hope that day comes by very soon !

    Rush : Ah ! now you want those flowers! May i call that a view from the top ! 🙂

    Sure you can have them ! And much more too. Especially when you are so willing to give !

    Aparna : I didnt know this bit about this Crossword store. Will check it out here…And indeed great that you are encouraging your children in this direction !


    Bodaat : Anytime !! Appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment !

    Sriram : Thanks mate ! 🙂

    Christine : It just needs a few more people like you. To share, spread the news and spread some cheer too !

    NR : I cant think of better words than ‘society has given us so much’ ! We live a charmed life, so to speak. And it is our moral responsibility to contribute !

    Well said, my friend. Thank you !

    Neha : Thank you ! 🙂 Am glad you liked it !

    Macha : Oh yes ! There definitely is something in it !

    I am sure you are kidding me about the book part though !

    NS Iyer : Yes sir ! Thank you !

    Sujata : Interesting thought. And it is so easy to give, isnt it ? Time, money, joy, good wishes..whatever ! hmm !

  15. manju says:

    Great post, Kavi! I didn’t know about this initiative- thanks for the information.

    And lovely flowers!

  16. Aleta says:

    Your post keeps my spirit happy, to know there is still giving and joy in giving in the world. That’s a good thing, a very beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing and giving with your posts.

  17. Jeevan says:

    It’s more beautiful when the beautiful message is spread. beautiful capture too 🙂

    That’s great! Must appreciate her for her mind and thought to cause to help those in need! I too wish more young minds to think about people in need and come forward to give.

  18. Onkar says:

    You have chosen a very good topic for this post. True, the more you give the more you get.

  19. aativas says:

    Joy of giving .. very interesting.

  20. Phoenix says:

    Giving brings so much pleasure.. and along with that warms your soul, fills you with the feeling of having been instrumental in causing a mini miracle at times… nothing indeed can equal this pleasure. The flowers are beautiful!

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