Lakeside ticket to Mars !


Theres Powai, in Mumbai. And theres a lake out here. Called, what else but, Powai lake ! Fortunately, it has not ( yet ) attracted the attention of politicians or they would have named it after a great grandson of a bloke in power, who is yet to be married !

That’s another story. Yes. No politics here.

The lake is an artificial lake, created in 1799 ! Its part of the ten major lakes in the country that have been identified for revival and improvements. Blessed be those souls who made such an identification.

And God bless the other lakes !

And more importantly, its a beautiful visual treat. And yes, its close to home !


The Indian Institute of Technology has been in the news. For a variety of reasons. The IIT-B was founded in 1958 ! And has produced some fantastic prodigies ! Who contributed to get the alumni building and such else! Where Gulmohar, the cafeteria rocks.

The campus of course has wonderful settings. With fountains, walkways, lake views, and of course, the wonderful Powai lake !

There are stone benches. To sit down and catch the breeze laden with moisture from the lake. For the mind to stay open i guess. And the eyes to catch the pretty girl. Or handsome boy, for that matter !


NASA is carrying names of some people, on a microchip. My nephew’s name is going too. And this nephew of mine knows a thing or two about colours too.

For a young thing that’s barely getting to walk, the Mars must be over the moon ! What a gift for him, and that too, courtesy, this blog ! I am not sure of my nephew but i sure am over the moon !


We met again. The bloggers. Like the last couple of times.

What could i do ?

I had to write about the Powai Lake, IIT and the gifts my nephew got ! Everything else has been blogged about.

Here !

To Suranga ( of the ‘colourful ticket to Mars’ fame) , Vivek, Manju, Sucharita and Harekrishnaji, a big thank you.

The next meet is in December. Tomorrow, the car goes for servicing. The trousers will go for pressing. I am getting ready. I sure will be on time ! The next time !

13 thoughts on “Lakeside ticket to Mars !

  1. Rush says:

    Ur nephew is on a NASA mission..woow!!
    congrats to him and yes congrats to the proud uncle!!

  2. nsiyer says:

    Trust the lake is revived soon.Else it will be Late Powai Lake.
    You went then write an obituary.

  3. Thanks Bro. Not sure on the how the name got there on the chip or the certificate. But sounds cool. Krrish should be proud of his first ever certificate (after the birth certificate!).

    On a lighter note… would the chip be able to correct the spelling? 🙂

    Just imagine the certificates that are bound his way. Your nephew is going to be furious on his dad for providing such a unique spelling that is bound to be spelt incorrectly. 🙂

  4. The Place certainly looks wonderful in the photos and after you write about it 🙂

    And yes. You can generate another certificate with the correct name by going to this site. Every name entered gets put on the chip which travels to Mars in 2011.

    Given todays IT savvy kids , maybe Krrish can enter his name himself in early 2011….else Uncle is always there….

  5. Neha says:

    many congratulations to Krish Anand 🙂 i loved that image, the 3rd one…

    Powai lake looks so beautiful in that pic, so does the benches…but do handsome boys come there? I am asking for my friends as you would be knowing this since it is close to where u stay ;)))

  6. aativas says:

    The pics reminded me of Powai lake in 1980s.. happy to find out that the lake is still beautiful (at least in the photos..)..

  7. manju says:

    The pictures are lovely, Kavi- and the write-up, too!

  8. Aparna says:

    Once I could see the lake from my window. Now I only see some buildings. Sad. Fortunately the IIT campus still looks serene and beautiful. A patch of sanity in a city that is madness.
    There was a bloggers meet in Powai and I did not know?

  9. Pearl says:

    A beautiful lake, a comment I make many times, particularly since I am from “the land of 10,000 lakes”. It’s true!


  10. Ugich Konitari, thanks for sharing the link.

  11. Swatantra says:

    Nice pictures!! Nice writing!!

  12. Kavi says:

    Rush : His name is going along ! 🙂 And thanks to Ugich Konitari !

    NS. Iyer : 🙁

    Kamal : I am sure he must be proud of it whenever he sees it ! The originals are with me ! Pick it up day after ! 🙂

    UK : Well, what a good time we had ! Yes, the ‘younger’ ones were quiet ! But then…all of us had some wonderful conversation ! 🙂

    Thanks a ton for the Mars trip. Its deeply appreciated

    Neha : Because you asked…well, i amm not sure if the handsome boys came there. I guess it was just an assumption. Seeing the beautiful benches and the wonderful lake…the boys cant be faraway. I think ! But yes..thats an assumption !!

    Aativas: The photos look pretty. And some effort needs to go into them ! To the snaps that is !


    Manju : Thank you !! Welcome to the gang !

    Aparna : Hmm. I seem to have a neighbour in you !! I guess we’ll bump into each other some time !!

    Pearl : 10000 lakes ! And we cant maintain one properly !

    Swatantra : Thank you !!

  13. Jeevan says:

    That’s great to have a lake near our home that too clean and beautiful! good sight out there and hope u had wonderful time meeting bloggers.

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