Paying Guest. In my humble opinion, that’s an oxymoron. For guests don’t pay. Are not expected to. Never. At least that’s my belief. And generally spoken word too.

What gets passed off as ‘PG’ accommodation these days can be best called a hostel in most cases. Perhaps ‘Paying Guest’ perhaps gives a ring of graduation to the professional world. Hostels are for college goers. (I havent seen any PG accommodation here in Mumbai so i have no idea of it here)

And perhaps also delivers another punch. With ‘Payment’ inherent in ‘Paying guest’ what it also perhaps signifies, is a degree of ‘self respect’ to the individual in question. That the stay is paid for !

Whatever be the logical reasoning around this, ‘Paying Guest’ continues to be an oxymoron, to me that is !

The world however moves on. Irrespective of what i think of as an oxymoron or otherwise. And PGs are advertised. Or… are they. Sample this.

These advertisements make the brain cells work. Wondering what is being communicated.

The ad on top. It talks about ‘Males in Powai’. As though the males in Powai are a special species, looking for such accommodation. Perhaps Powai breeds such males. hmm. But look at what follows.

No Brokerage.
No Deposit
No Restrictions

So, for for males in Powai, i guess these are the three principal woes. Brokerage. Deposits. And restrictions.

Move on to the ad below.

Which introduces us to a new form of human life called ‘Rentals’. What else would ‘ Boys & Girls & Rentals’ mean ?

Hmm…they could some thing else as well, but hey, i am not going there at all.

But here again : ‘No Brokerage No Deposit. No Restriction’. The brokerage and the deposit i can understand. But this ‘No Restriction’ business i find difficult. What kind of restrictions will boys and girls ( & rentals of course) usually suffer from, that would make them seek out such accommodation ?

Males in Powai, Boys, girls, rentals will be paying up. And staying as guests. With no deposits. And restrictions. Hmm.

I wonder why my mind is working this way. This post was supposed to be about the ‘Paying Guest’ being an oxymoron.

But you know, I am consciously practicing letting my thoughts flow on this blog. Without restrictions. Maybe thats why.

‘No restrictions’ for males in powai seems to be in. ahem.

14 thoughts on “Restrictions

  1. Rush says: restrictions for a PG, kinda scarry!!

    Powaii is the hub of all PG’s and bachelor pads, thanks to andheri east and beyond…the andheri east was officially known as the armpit of Bombay for us, me and anil….coz guests we were, on official terms and we were getting paid to work there, so PAID guests!!

    gosh, i went on a complete different direction!!

  2. Aparna says:

    My mind is going going off in all directions, wandering what the ‘ no restrictions’ means.
    But on a serious note, the Hiranandani gardens in Powai has a lot of restrictions for ‘males, females and rentals’. My cousin was denied a flat as he was staying away from his wife(who worked in a different city at that time). The housing society said no ‘rentals’ to bachelors and ‘staying away from wives’ males as they may possess ‘ loose character.’ Single males apparently have a tough time renting a flat here. Ironically, the same does not hold true for single WHITE males.

  3. sujata says:

    what bollocks!! no restriction for males???Powai seems to have turned interesting, when I was in pune our complex had a standing rule not to rent flats to bachelors, poor things had a tough time getting a place to stay..and had to fake a marriage too at times just to get to live peacefully..times are changing arent its a common thing to see men and women share flats..ppl dont even raise a brow..its accepted..they have no relationship apart from the fact that they have the same address!!

  4. Neha says:

    are these advertisements for real…i always thought they must be coaxing people, as once a friend had tried calling on such a number, and well, I better not tell here what that person told him who happened to receive the call…no restrictions? that’s indeed something..

  5. ♥ Braja says:

    Its true, paying guest is an oxymoron….well done


  6. Swatantra says:

    I would really like to know how much good response by writing.. no restriction… Great advertisement!!!

  7. FrankandMary says:

    That’s what I’ve been told anytime I am at a hotel. I am their guest.
    Very odd ads,I’d not call.

  8. Priya says:

    That shows the life of men and women who are single and also to those who remain single after marriage to go thru’ such disasters.

  9. manju says:

    I haven’t seen such ads yet-is it a phenomenon restricted to Powai?

    No restrictions? Hmmm… 😀

  10. ♥ Braja says:

    I don’t think you’re posting enough 🙂

  11. Jeevan says:

    When IT boom many homes had came forward to accommodate bachelor since they could afford high rent. Many places money changes the mind.

  12. Kavi says:

    Rush : Armpit of mumbai. Gosh. I didnt know that…. !

    So, you were here too ! Wonder where you lived here !

    Aparna : Hiranandani has such restrictions? I didnt know. Maybe because i havent faced this before ! But this ‘loose’ character business is interesting. I guess i should post something on this !


    Sujata : ‘Poor things?’ Thats some thought for the chaps indeed. I guess our concept of sharing and space has some walls that need to be broken!!! 😉

    Yes, you are right, the world indeed is changing and changing quite a bit too !

    Neha : Well, the ads are for real. Whether these ads lead to somewhere real..well, thats something i am not sure, for i havent called !! 😉

    Although, i must admit, ‘no restrictions’ is a very interesting proposition

    Braja : 🙂

    Yes. I am not posting enough. Thanks for the nudge !! Helps !! Big time !!

    Swatantra : I have no idea about the response ! I guess there must have been some good ones ! 🙂

    FrankandMary : And at airlines. At hotels. At malls. And so on. After paying money.

    When i pay, i am not a guest ! 🙂

    Priya : The life of single men and women have many parts to it i guess. One of them is accomodation. Hmm. The more i think of it, the more there could be a problem here !

    Jeevan : Every other boom brings with it higher rents and higher everything ! 🙂

  13. no wonder PGs are a confused lot.

    And as for the three magical words in your previous post, i shoul have guessed.

  14. amreekandesi says:

    No brokerage
    No deposit
    No restriction

    In a city like Mumbai, i just hope this isnt an attempt to lure innocent kids, blow out their eyes and do a Slumdog Millionaire!

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