Three Magical Words

You give me all of 20 minutes. That’s it ? All of 20 minutes, to write out a blog post ? And this, after knowing how ‘slow’ i am. what would i do in 20 minutes.

A post for the anniversary should be ‘proper’ ! You know…!

I had wanted to write about our life in the last several years, with many pictures and anecdotes of your heroics from each year. After all these years, of course, i have a few stories and events from our lives.

The bank balance is in no shape to share. But we are richer in our stories though. And that’s one thing to tell. Ones that cracked you up. Others that cracked me up. Yet others that just withered us down.

Of course, I had made a list of them. I am no good at lists. I know. But this one, i made. OK ? Really.

I thought of swinging a spin. To talk about the ring on your finger that i slipped in years back, losing shine, but the spirit and love just shining through. That would have been neat, i think.

I had even clicked a very rare picture of you reading The Economic Times, with the hand carousing the Mercedes ad. Now, i haven’t yet quite figured how i would connect up ‘Get Set. Drool’. And now, in 20 minutes, how would i weave that in ?

It was on my mind to write a few lines about what a sport you have been. In life, and generally too. As i pull your legs and extend it to the blog. And of course i wasn’t going to mention the ‘treatment’ i get post such posts !

You bet, a prominent sub-topic, underlined and in blue, would be : acknowledgement of the trials and tribulations of living with a ‘perpetually perplexed’ chap !

Khalil Gibran was already looked up, for me to quote on what a delight of a friend and partner that you. In fact here is the link. And here too. For some reason, you do not like this man. I was contemplating between quoting him and annoying you. So, you know…there i am. At that at that crossroad. Yet again.

Of course, in that post, the culinary skills, and the filter coffee would have a deservedly large mention. Of 450 words each. Quite obviously, i wouldn’t have talked about the odd day with extra salt or sugar and such other days that got classified as ‘experiments’.

There was the other option too. Of a superb post. With mushy romantic stuff and lines stolen from ads and greeting cards. Lines like ‘Oh how you complete me’ ! Stolen, even though i mean it ! In humble acknowledgement of the fact that i cannot be ‘romantic’ to dance around trees with a song, like they do in Hindi movies. And by the way, where are the trees ?

My God, of that twenty minutes that you gave me, eighteen are actually gone. Now what would i do. You give me all of 20 minutes. That’s it.

All of 20 minutes, to write out a blog post ? And this, after knowing how ‘slow’ i am. what would i do in 20 minutes. The dull dreary chap that i am. I could have done a lot more. But for now, i would leave you with those three magical words.

Words that set you afire. Magical words, that don’t get purred into the ear, but said in the open. Yes, so this post could have been different. But with the 20 minutes that you gave me, these three words are just about what i can manage….

Its your fault !

23 thoughts on “Three Magical Words

  1. ♥ Braja says:

    Oh well done! :)) I’m laughing because right next to the “Post a comment” link was that photo on your blog of another three magical little words that would also have made a wonderful post: “NO URINATING HERE.”


  2. Shobha says:

    The post was fun to read…. and Braja’s comment was funnier!!!!

  3. Neha says:

    awesome post…20 min? wow….

    @ Braja, lol :))

  4. manju says:

    Very entertaining, Kavi! What was the reaction to this post from Mrs. Kavi?

    Happy anniversary!

  5. Her presence is a given , as it lurks and peeps through your blogs, and tolerates your rushing to photograph mobile bathrooms, broken Sumos on pushcarts,a guy lugging 1000 eggs on a bicycle, trees (around which you could have run with jai Ho playing in the background), and elephants, to just name a few….

    Its wonderful, that the real power behind this blog is finally being acknowledged. 🙂

    That too in such a wonderful heartwarming way…

    Happy Anniversary , you guys….

  6. Swatantra says:

    Congratulations!! That’s a great post!!

  7. cyber gipsy says:

    Terrific ! You wrote like a man possessed. Was like V.V.S.Laxman at his vintage best. Sublime in execution. Happy annivarsary. She deserves all those accolades. Some of those look like back-handed complements ! Have you been back at Tennis court in recent past ? 😛

  8. Pearl says:

    Oh, Kavi, what a wonderful post, but Ugich nailed it on the head — she’s very much been a part of this blog…


  9. Sriram says:

    20mins. This is some post!Congratulations 😀

  10. G says:

    Even if your missus does not blog (or I dont know if she does) her presence is so felt through yours yaar!
    Happy anniversary people! Have fun.

    And hey, going by the pic in this post, seems like the missus is quite a looker. Ready. Get set. Drool. Huh! 🙂

  11. sujata says:

    HAppy Anniversary!!! Its your fault is synonymous with I love you..I have accepted it and made my life romantic!!

  12. sujata says:

    An award awaits you on my page..Happy anniversary once again!

  13. nsiyer says:

    Fantastic post! Out of the world.Tempo beautifully built with my imagination running wild as to whether my good friend Kavi would say ‘ I love you’ at last.First I thought whether it was, ready, get set, drool’ Then again the tempo was further built, and i said to myself ‘is he going to say so?”. But let me tell the missus that this man loves you a lot and its not your fault.

  14. Aparna says:

    Loved it.
    Happy anniversary. Am I allowed to ask for how many years you have been tolerating her faults?

  15. niru says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    You know the love shared between you two shines through in every word in this post.

    20 mins huh? Wow!


    Happy Anniversary and many many more happy years together.


  16. Oh lovely post Kavi…it was very well written.
    Wonder wht will i land up with in 20 min…better not to try it 🙂

  17. Rush says:

    (((bear hugs)))) to both of ya’ll
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY…20 min was way too much time. And all u do is exclaim “its your fault” Sigh!! my heartfelt sympathies with the missus.

    The lady definitely needs some magic to pull herself go ahead, give her the best day yet and pleeease come back and share Kavis world!!

    Time for Cheers *glasses clink*

  18. Kavi says:

    Braja : Somehow, those three words are magical. I mean, ‘no urinating here’ ! They have an amazing presence ! 🙂

    Shobha : Thank you !

    Neha: Thank you !

    Hobo : I take slightly lesser than that. Usually !

    Manju : Thank you ! Ah, she did the face palming !!


    Ugich Konitari : Thank you indeed. She is very much part of the blog, for i have her permission to say what i say !

    Thanks a bunch !

    Swatantra : thank you !

    Cyber Gypsy : Man possessed ! Hmm. I thought you talked about married men, generally !! 🙂

    VVS Laxman, Tennis courts are all well meaning adjectives! I havent been anywhere close to either.

    Oh, yes, i have been trying to run the marathon. And that defines the marriage as well !!


    Pearl : Thank you ! Indeed !! 🙂

    Sriram : Whoo. Thanks mate !

    G : That was a Mercedes ad ! We are pretty much comfortable with the middle-class ways. Rather middle of the road, simple types.


    Sujata : Wha ! That is some connect that we share. now, i have another example to quote, to appropriate times !!

    Thanks for the award !


    NS Iyer : Thank you sir ! 🙂

    Aparna : Thats a tough question. She usually is faultless. This is the only time ever she made a fault !


    Niru : thank you indeed ! 🙂

    NR : Its no big deal. If the wife puts a gun on your head, you will be surprised at all what you can accomplish !!

    Rush : Thank You . Glass clinks and bear hugs too !

    The missus likes the comment, that somebody, formally let her know of their sympathies for her.

    Yes, we had a good time !!

  19. Jeevan says:

    A post in 20 minutes is great and u put it interesting as usual to amuse. Congrats! My very best wishes to you both 🙂

    It only sounds sweet what all u indicated about fault.

  20. ha! HAppy anniversary! Tell your better half that I am grateful for all the input she gives in all your posts!!

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