A – 1 bliss

Take a look at this snap.

Those green chillies hanging like a string of wall decoration are sure to catch the eye. In some time, they will be dipped in flour, fried in oil and served with a flourish. Chilly Bhaji ! And as this is getting written, the ‘mouth watering’ phenomenon sees new levels of inundation.

Those are for another time though. Take a look at the name of the Tea – Stall : ‘A-1 tea stall.’ Now, that is something, isn’t it !

This must be a hybrid of two superlatives. ‘A Class’ and ‘Number One’ ! Both ‘A’ and ‘1’ by virtue of being the first off the starting blocks of their respective series, take pole position as they say in F-1 ( notice the ‘1’) races !

The modern day world has no time, money and patience for that is B grade ( or C or D or anything else for that matter). Similar is the case of positions 2,3…etc !

There is a vast array of products. That are sold as ‘A-1’ quality. ‘A-1’ leadership position. ‘A-1 taste’ and so on. A double reinforcement of sorts !

The effort to belong to / be SEEN on top of the heap is mind boggling. And after all that effort, how must it feel to continue to be, part of the heap !

As the mind masticates that thought in a way that would make a cow hang its jaw in bitter shame, inundation due to the mouth watering are a swallowed tale.

This shop, is set in the chill of Kodai. Serving chili bhaji, tea and coffee. The chill of the hills, offset by the heat of the bhaji and the aromatic milk laden, sugar soaked tea, (re)defines ‘bliss’ !

So ?

You see, this A-1 tea stall, indeed attracts crowd. How much of it was because of they calling themselves ‘A-1’ is a question that begs no answer. At its supreme best, all that the question can get, is a smirk from the missus.

Of course, when the servings redefine bliss, whats in a name. But, would it make a difference if they called themselves ‘B-2 Masala tea’ ?!?

Perhaps. Perhaps not! There is something that has no ‘perhaps’ to it here : The bhaji and masala tea.

Well, that taste…that’s bliss. Perhaps its important say it properly. …’bliss of A-1 quality’ !

15 thoughts on “A – 1 bliss

  1. Chilly Bhaji – Love it.
    Thanks for rewinding memories.

  2. You make me want to try some new foods. And visit India someday soon.

  3. RGB says:

    Mmm….my mouth’s watering. I’m awfully hungry now, thanks to your lovely description of the A-1 Bajji and Masala tea!

  4. You know I almost touched the chillies on the screen, and wondered if my fingers would burn….

    (memories of cutting chillies for pickle …and then develop burning hands. But why am I talking about burning hands when the main thing is the bhaji…hmmm. Must be this firecracker polluted Divali air.)

    I guess these guys in Kodai can teach everyone something about A1 entrepreneurship, and marketing.

  5. ecophilo says:

    Earlier all or most theatres had “A1” brand samosas. Not sure if they still do…Its a sign of slightly olden/socialist times….

  6. Priya says:

    Pretty neat chilli decoration.

  7. Neha says:

    at 1 am, I want chai and chilly bhji…this is the thing with ur post…u always take me to places u write the post about…ab kya karu? how will I get tea n bhajji right now?

  8. tina says:

    We get same variety chillies homegrown here! And cutting those chillies for pickles, we use fitting hand gloves.

  9. Pearl says:

    I don’t even know it is, but whatever becomes of that pepper I would very much like a taste of it!

    And to be at the top of the heap — and still a part of the heap! I love that, Kavi.


  10. M hungry now!!! A-1 to most sounds good…lol!!

  11. ♥ Braja says:

    Youch!!! Chilli bhajis?? lol….only in India :))

    Aloo bhaji for me. I know, I’m SO western :)))

  12. Aleta says:

    At first I thought they looked like Banana Peppers, which are oh so yummy in an egg omelet. 🙂

    We have a store that is popular in this area, called A-1 Appliance. I never thought about their name, but now you have me thinking about it. How funny!

  13. Sujatha says:

    This post was such delicious torture! Sigh! Chilli bajji this weekend at home. Great way to counter the chill of the advancing winter. 🙂

  14. Kavi says:

    Hobo : Another bhaji lover ! hmm!

    Christine Gram : Thats how we work. One person at a time !! 😉

    Do visit us. We are actually nice ! 🙂

    RGB: Guess i have been of some use

    Ugich Konitari : yes. They can teach marketing, merchandising and a whole lot. I guess when everything is at stake, the mind works so well !

    Ecophilo : I am not sure. I havent been to many theatres in recent times. They have become a fiefdom of organised food chains in the multiplexes though !

    Priya : Yes. Only that the decoration ends up as good food as well !

    Neha : well, if i am taking you to the places i post…well, thats some opportunity. What a free ride ! 😉

    Thanks. As usual !

    Tina : fitting gloves ! hmm. Gloves is the last thing you would find in a typical indian kitchen. Atleast in the ones that i frequent !

    Pearl : Well, i am glad you connected to the heap. Well, that was the essence of the chilli !! 🙂

    NR : 🙂

    Braja: You must try the chilli ones. And that too, with sweet tea. Just try..! 😉

    Sujatha : Absolutely great way. Let us know how it all turned out..!

    Manju : Thank you ! 🙂

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