Distance in space !

Moving about is an inherent need of most human beings. Lets keep the rest of the folks out. For the present. And lets just consider the folks that indeed desire mobility. Now, who doesn’t want mobility.

Even the Gods do. The modern day self proclaimed Gods have streams of Roll Royces and BMWs perched in their courtyard, that would perhaps use the GDP of Norway on fuel ! Perhaps all of Scandinavia.

And still be left with some surplus change to pick up the islands in the pacific ! But that’s a different story.

Where were we…yes. The Gods. Moving on to the ‘Common Man’, the common man’s urge and need to travel is often times expressed in the most uncommon of ways. This blog has had several posts in the past. Often, showing how informatively local trains and buses have been used.

The urge to travel is universal ! Modern day man has it woven into daily life ! Mankind has been known to use anything that moves. For travel. From donkeys to Camels. And now, we are even talking bacteria led biological http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/gastrointestinal/ warfare !! Phew !

The point is if it moves, it will be used. Presence of a specifically designed seat / place for travel is rather immaterial ! Here is evidence.

That perhaps leaves us with the smaller families. Four member. Three member. Five member.

Well mention of a five member family is not something that will cause a flutter in your eye. But say, all of the five members travel on two wheels at the same time. On a busy highway. Without helmets. Without understanding of road rules. And without a lot else too.

And also. Not as a part of a circus trick. Or a politician’s austerity drive. Or a photo op. Or an advertisement promoting shock absorbers, engine power, fuel efficiency. etc etc. And the like.

The question of how much space is there between two wheels of a bike is yet to be answered.

Indian roads keep presenting a picture of space that can take as many people as required. A space that houses a seat that has no end.

A space which screams ‘no distance is too far’ !

21 thoughts on “Distance in space !

  1. “…..A space that houses a seat…” or maybe it should be “a space that seats a house ” ?

    The continuing innovativeness of the Indian public, makes it difficult to make rules, I guess, forget
    implementing them.

    Enjoyed the post….wonderful!

  2. Neha says:

    this space screams – welcome back..:)

    it is really scary to see people travel in multiple numbers on a two-wheeler…once on our western express highway, bike pe a baby was seated between her parents and an infant was in the mother’s hands…the baby seated fell asleep and was about to fall down, mother did not even notice as she was busy maintaining her balance, somebody from behind screamed just in time and the baby was saved…

    sad view, but still loved the clicks 🙂

  3. manju says:

    Lovely post. You actually said a lot without using many words! 🙂

    Do you know how many people can fit into an autorickshaw? I was once in a village in Thane district and saw TEN people emerge from a rickshaw! Some were children, but still incredible…

  4. it really is so unsafe, but what is a middle class family to do? Hope the Nano sells well for this reason at least!

  5. RGB says:

    Sometimes the sights on Indian roads makes you believe that a 2-wheeler is more capable of accommodating more people that in a 4-wheeler. I think rather than promoting a 2-wheeler as a 2-wheeler, calling it strictly a 2-seater might help. 1 Driver, 1 Pillion Rider. Period.

    Enjoyed reading your post.

  6. sujata says:

    the last picture was amazing!! there is less space on the roads and yet there are so many places to go and that too quickly..what to do? a family of five in a scooter..I thought That was my generation!!

  7. Titaxy says:

    theres an award for you on my blog, Kavi…

  8. These are dangerous but somehow we Indians love to risk our lives.

  9. Jeevan says:

    We’re one of the families then to travel on bike to school with five members! I see riding a bike in traffic today is risk and much chances of strike. Many people don’t realize that wearing helmet is for our safety than it’s a rule.

  10. Onkar says:

    Well written. It seems a lot of violation has a lot to do with poverty.

  11. aativas says:

    Only shows that all of us cannot afford the luxuries.. or we have a compromising nature :).. or both!

  12. The story tells us….. that when you are ‘on the move’ you get ‘closer’ to others!

  13. When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. I love the energy of people who do not let the ratio of wheels to people stand in their way.

    But I do hope for their safe arrival.

  14. Aparna says:

    I feel that if I were one of those people,I would have travelled by train. No way I would have risked my children’s safety. Whats arriving late compared to the well being of my kids?

  15. nsiyer says:

    You have shown different vehicles with people screaming for space. the other issue is about parking space for such vehicles.Yes, its all about space.

  16. Swatantra says:

    Beautiful as always from you..

  17. amreekandesi says:

    4-5 people on a two wheeler is still relatively common. I recently saw over a dozen people crammed into a jeep, and that was pretty cool! 😉

  18. Meandered in from Neha’s blog.

    Necessity is the mother of all inventions. While we in India may not have invented much, inventiveness and adaptability is innate in us. Darwinism to blame I guess ! We make do with what we have ..

    Nice post..

  19. I am told by unimpeachable sources, that about 40 years ago in Ahmedabad, driving your Mom and 10 of her Mahila Mandal members in an Ambasaador, for a Haldikumkum, was the done thing. And no one gave a second glance. 🙂

  20. Kavi says:

    Ugich Konitari : Yes. Its tough to make rules. Its tougher to enforce whatever rule ! But it seems so easy, to extend the seat and create space. Space, that some time ago, only the Gods could !!

    Thanks !

    Neha: Thank you !! 😀

    Its not only scary. Its also downright unsafe. But then, what would one do, if there was no option. Well, thats a difficult option !

    Manju : Thank You. Yes The number that can fit an autorickshaw is directly proportional to all the small spaces into which autorickshaws squeak through i guess ! 🙂

    Roshini : Exactly. What would a middle classs family do ? And there isnt enough space for enough Nanos ! To ride or to park !

    RGB : Two seater !! Perhaps with ‘bucket seats’ and all ! I think it would help. And then you would find the third hanging on the ede of the seat ( literally ) to a bike moving at 80 KMPH ! 🙂

    Thank you !!

    Sujata : Exactly. There is so much lesser of places. And there is so much more of people and travel to take place ! And thats something that is relevant to the day !!

    Titaxy : Thank you for the award !! ‘Humane’ness is something that i can do more with i guess ! 🙂

    Nazish Rehman : Yes..we all risk our lives. in the most silly of ways ! Sigh !

    Jeevan : Exactly. Sometimes the way rules are flouted looking at them as a bane rather than the benefits…is appalling ! To say the least !

    Onkar : Yes and no. I cant imagine a chap who can buy a 25000 rupee bike not spend the extra 1000 to buy himself a helmet. But what you say about families not being able to take to different modes of transport is bang on. Poverty has a way of egging our behaviour.

    Aativas : Both i guess ! both indeed !

    VSP : Sir !!! 🙂

    Christine : Yes ! When distances have to be convered..they better be covered ! indeed !

    Aparna : Well, if i were to tell you that these snaps were clicked on the Ahmedabad highway, with little access to trains…

    NS IYer : I cant help agree with you more sir ! its always about space ! And room ! 🙂

    Swatantra : Thank you ! 🙂

    Amreekandesi : Cool !?! hmm !! Jugaad at its height ! 🙂

    Madhu : Welcome here. Glad such meanderings take you places like here ! And necessity is indeed the big old grand mother !! Thank you for the visit and the comment !

    Ugich Konitari : The first and the last word are yours indeed! I can imagine a second glance if one less a person was there ! 🙂

  21. ~nm says:

    I remember when I was about 5…we were a family of 6 and we all used to go on a scooter 😀

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