These chaps, they used to be regulars at the garbage dump near home. So much so that if they missed a day, it showed. On the garbage dump.

At first, nothing seemed abnormal to the mind. One day, perhaps when the eyes were really ‘seeing’, a question popped.

‘What do these chaps eat in a garbage dump’ ? A dump that was a collection of discards from middle class housing board colony ! Old magazines and discarded report cards. Perhaps old love letters and recent bills.

Or maybe it was the worn out dress with fresh designs, left by the milk that went sour. And such else.

And in a short while, the bigger question popped up. Since when did horses start feeding on garbage !

It took some intelligent souls to let my primitive brain know that these were not exactly ‘horses’ but some sort of ‘crosses between horses and donkeys’.

Ok. So ?

The answer trail didnt lead anywhere. Infact the trail stopped right there. ‘What’ they ate, ‘how’ they ate and ‘how come’ they ate garbage, didnt occur to (m)any !

In a typical worldly way, It was satisfactory to all that lived there, that some work on the garbage happened. So, this unanswered question still stays unanswered.

And i wondered, what other beings live off garbage.

Quick realisation dawned, about that being a very tricky question. If you include metaphorical references of ‘species living on garbage’…well, the entire world will have to get mentioned.
Isnt it ?

All the mega serial and news channel followers. Of all the political analysts who will comment on TV about your cat, if you call it Cabama ! Of all those that hurtle after those wierd material stuff. As wierd as as a Rs.11.00 lacs ( Approx $23,000) pen in the name of Mahatma Gandhi !

The list is endless. And ofcourse, includes the writers that dish trash, and trashers that dish out blogs.

So, leaving out such metaphorical references, what else have you seen live off garbage !?!

But then, who defines what is ‘garbage’ !?! For example, these half asses must think of me to be a complete ass, to label their principal source of sustenance & living, ‘garbage’ !

And, so must the others.


18 thoughts on “Garbage

  1. Some hardy horses,
    righteous donkeys,
    and stubborn mules,
    their knowledge
    of living
    in a world
    asses of a different kind.

    They peruse
    and shuffle
    the garbage
    of the modern asses;
    shaking their heads,
    flicking a tail
    at the fly
    which tries
    to whisper a secret
    in the ear :

    “These two legged asses
    throw so much
    in the bin,
    should actually
    be carrying it
    if they need it at all….

    Dont they know,
    is like Windows
    Recycle Bin
    and the
    My Garbage
    is iconic
    on their
    so called

  2. Rush says:

    its all in the language.

  3. bodaat says:

    On a side note – those horses look very well fed!

  4. aativas says:

    Looking at the photograph I felt very sad..

  5. they might take offense as being called half asses..

    looks like they know what they are doing.


  6. Naveen says:

    your message is well conveyed …. in a very funny way ….. nice blog:)

  7. Neha says:

    what they ate? – no idea..its impossible to go near the garbage dump cos of the stink..but yeah, the dump has the things we found “useful” some time, we eat and use the young garbage, and the moment it turns old, we throw it away..and it becomes “useful” for animals and creatures living on it!

  8. Lou says:

    You are so right, Kavi! There is garbage of the physical kind, and garbage of the emotional kind. And then the garbage of prejudice, hatred, narrow mindedness.

    I loved this on many levels, not the least of which is horses that are allowed to roam around and eat garbage!

  9. nsiyer says:

    I agree. We come across quite a lot of them who appear to be horses and turn out to be asses. Problem lies with half asses.

  10. manju says:

    Nice post, Kavi!

    It is in the eye of the beholder- what is garbage and what is not!

  11. Aparna says:

    I felt so disturbed after seeing the photo that nothing you said in your post actually registered in my mind.
    May be I will come up with a witty comment later…

  12. well, they seem to be on a balanced diet! 😛

  13. ♥ Braja says:

    I loved this, Kavi. Very interesting fact I can share with you about who lives off ‘garbage’… know the Hare Krishna’s famous FOOD FOR LIFE department, it was created in the 70s when the founder of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada, looked out of his window after a big temple feast and saw some local village children and dogs all rifling thru the pile of plates that the guests had thrown in the rubbish. He was extremely upset, and told his manager in Mayapur, “Go out and feed them. And from now on, feed them always. No one within a ten kilometre radius of the temple should go hungry.” And that’s how they started their food relief program.

    btw today I’m using a pic of yours that you said I could, and linking to you of course :))) Bless you Kavi, hope you’re well….

  14. Swatantra says:

    Nice post!! I was also wondering what these horses doing or eating there…

  15. Kavi says:

    Rush : yes..its all in the langauge indeed ! 🙂

    Ugich Konitari : Garbage is iconic. Much like the desktop without the recycle bin !

    awesome piece !

    bodaat : hmm ! 🙂

    aativas : hmm ! I wonder how different people see the same picture. And what different emotions people are filled with…! My wonder of the human mind never ceases !

    Sundar : you bet !

    Naveen : Welcome here ! And thank you !

    neha : hmm. Yes. So, whats garbage for one species of the world becomes staple food for another ! isnt that the case ?

    Lou : You are more precise. yes. The garbage of human folly. Of ego. Of hatred. Of fratricide. And such else ! Lovely addition !

    NS Iyer : Perhaps sir, its all in the eye of the beholder !

    Manju : Yes…thats exactly what i had in mind as well !

    Aparna : A witty comment is not always in demand, as much as perhaps stating whats on in the mind !

    Thanks for being here !

    Roshini : 🙂

    Braja : yes. I have read of Srila Prabhupada. And of the famous program ! There needs to be more like them in the world…more like them..!!

    yes, Braja. Trust you are well too. And that the Hyat Regency spoiled you well ! 🙂

    Swatantra : hmm ! 🙂

  16. susan says:

    You have a very nice blog for sharing your subtle and amusing insights. Once again I’m amazed by the scope of the blogosphere that allows me to say hello from so very far away. Distance does not imply a lack of commonality.

    I linked from Braja’s place.

  17. RGB says:

    hmmm…some garbage (I mean ‘food’) for thought:)

  18. amreekandesi says:

    Indeed the world is full of garbage, and we all are constantly exposed to it. A lot of it.

    As for the horses in the picture, any donkey would be proud to look like them. They must be the Salmans of Donkey world.

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