The merry-go-round deal !

Children scream. Half concealing a laugh and a spirit that seems to come alive when the man with big biceps heaves all his might on to the ‘merry-go-round’.

For 25 paisa, there they are, sitting on red cars. With stationary wheels that spin in air and a steering wheel that needs no steering. The man with the big biceps moves them well ! For two minutes or for such time till the man with the big biceps gets tired, the kids spin around.

In seemingly countless whorls. Seemingly in control. Giggling. Screaming. Some crying. Some closing their eyes in sheer fear and great fright. And there they go. Round. And round. And round.

When their turn is done, they alight.

Slightly heady. Perhaps longing for more. Sometimes looking at their parents for ‘one more round’ ! This merry-go-round is a prominent feature of local fairs and any decent gathering in the villages.

The name says it all. Merry-go-round ! Be merry while going around. Wind in the hair. Screams. Laughter. And all that. For as long as the man with the big biceps desires. Generally its equitable. Sometimes he gives some kids a few more turns. Thats part of the deal.

The merry-go-round deal. The man spins the kids around. As new kids climb on to old cars. Cars with wheels that dont run on the ground and a steering wheel that doesn’t steer.

The same deal, that gives kids a heady high, to think that they steer while knowing that they dont. The same deal that the man with big biceps plays along. The ‘Merry-Go-Round’ deal !

Think about it. Merry-go-round. Man with big biceps. Heady high. Spin. Scream. Scare. Loss. Seeming control. Joy. And so on.


Isnt it ?

Life…seems to me, to be one big merry-go-round !

Whatsay ?

18 thoughts on “The merry-go-round deal !

  1. Very true.
    And God – The man with biceps.

  2. Vijay says:

    “to think that they steer while knowing that they dont.”


  3. Pearl says:

    Some of us get on that merry-go-round at birth and don’t ever get off!

    There are so many layers to your observations, Kavi!


  4. Karthik says:

    Beautiful! So very true. Life’s definitely a merry-go-round.

  5. Kevin says:

    “Seemingly in control. Giggling. Screaming. Some crying” Hmmmmm… I wonder whether the man in biceps really had control !!! Isnt it always like that the the people ‘living’ the ride are in control.

  6. ♥ Braja says:

    Kavi Panditji, good post 🙂

    Now look, I need that “no urinating here” photo, and the “inconvenience regrated” pic. Any chance? I’ll link you 🙂

  7. G says:

    Everyone is merry here except the man with big biceps. But then life it is.
    The picture reminded me of my baccha days. I remember there were names of countries written in bright paint on each of those seats. JAPAN, AMERICA, ENGLAND, INDIA. Or sometimes there were names of cities. Made me feel that the car/rocket/horse is going to take me there. 🙂

  8. Yes it feels like that. Knowing that we do not control the ride, sometimes screaming, sometimes squealing. Life is a Merry-go-round.

  9. Jeevan says:

    lovely penned the deal! it brought back the memories to imagine and i love going around this wheel 🙂

  10. aativas says:

    Yes, it reminded me of LIFE.. and was amused to find out you ending the post with it..:)

  11. manju says:

    Lovely post, Kavi!

    Yes, just like the children, we too think that we are in control. For us there is no getting off, though!

  12. Thats so true kavi life’s like merry go round…nice post!!

  13. The tough
    tricepy man
    lets you shout,
    cry, whoop,
    and even
    shut the eyes
    as you steer
    round and round,
    never to dash
    into those ahead.

    Thousands of moons
    the tough tricepy man
    has turned
    in the sky;
    Another generation
    whoops, shouts,
    but never shuts the eyes.

    They’re busy
    watching the world
    through airconditioned
    tinted eyes.
    And he tells you,
    you have a lot
    of practice,
    Learn to ,
    keep the distance,
    as some race,
    and some stop…

    Heed the
    new tricepy man
    in your
    mind now,
    and I will look after
    the new whoopers
    and shouters

  14. Neha says:

    I used to scream too outta fear, after looking at merry-go-round…I can’t even sit in the one in this picture…so life for me is a good long drive in a comfortable car..:)

  15. Aparna says:

    I have never got into a merry go round. Just looking at it makes me feel giddy.
    Life’s easier Kavi. Going through it has been a joy ride so far, with all its ups and downs. One just has to always keep in mind that someone else is in the driver’s seat and nothing is truly in our control.

  16. Kavi says:

    hobo : yes sir ! Biceps and all ! 🙂

    vijay : Thats the way with us. Isnt it..thinking we are in control. While we arent…! 🙂

    Pearl : We hold on as long as we can ! Perhaps ! 🙂

    Karthik : Welcome here ! And thank you !

    Kevin : Hmm. Interesting that you look at it this way. In my case, whenever the man with the biceps stopped…the ride stopped ! So..!

    Braja : Panditji !!!! 😀

    From the yogini herself. Am i not an enlightened soul now..!?!? 😀

    G : Thats a new concept..different countries ! That makes it even more appropriate in the modern times..!

    With maps and boundaries fading. Or are they growing thicker…!

    Strange Pilgram : Yes..its that way. In California. In Italy. In Mumbai. Everywhere !

    Jeevan : Thank you mate ! How is health…hope all is well wth you

    aativas : We seem to think alike…!! nice to know that !

    Manju : Thank you ! the endeavour is to hang on. Perhaps all through !!

    NR : Thank you mate !

    Ugich Konitari : Lovely. And the new whoopers…! well they are a different breed though !

    neha : Life is so different for so many people i guess !

    Aparna : Life is giddy in its moments. Isnt it !! 🙂

    And you are bang on. I guess thats the essence . Of knowing that someone else is in control !

  17. Macha says:

    Mine’s a roller coaster ride, and I usually wonder if there’s anyone at the control at all? Hmm..

  18. you need to start a series on the sidebar for “things that are almost long lost”

    like the raatnams, the rita ice, the soan papdi, the pumps, red post boxes, etc. etc..


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