Whose name is it anyway ?

Sporting a tattoo that an actor wears. Or growing a goatee like a cricketer. And setting hair like a footballer. They are all easy to do.

Of course, its going to be difficult to sculpt a body like Silvester Stallone or John Abraham. Not forgetting ‘size invisible’ ( or was it ‘Zero’ ?) like those thin lasses. Those are tough asks.

Easiest done is to imitate a ‘star’s outfit. Still easier is to wear a t-shirt bearing the man’s name ! Walk into a store and pick up a T-shirt which says a famous mans name !

Its kind of ironic though. Pay YOUR money, which the credit card company will send to YOUR address in YOUR name. To wear ANOTHER man’s name. On YOU ?!? How interesting !

Of course, this is so common ! The eye brows wont arch one bit if a man with ‘Ronaldo’ written on his T-Shirt is spotted hitching a ride on the streets of Daman.

Or for that matter, if ‘Torres’ is spotted at the Madurai railway station !

The stars themselves, are known to wear those low caps and big sun glasses to hide their identity in public. Perhaps trying hard to melt into the crowd. Becoming more common than common.

And the common man, wears the celebrity name on his sleeve. Actually on his back ! Mankind indeed finds numerous ways to stay busy. But such are the ways of the world.

The eye brows only half arch. That too, in irony. Looking at this ‘Ronaldo’ netting the small fish on a Goan shore !

While the stores rake in the big money, counterfeits rule the pavements. Hollering hawkers, are known to sell such counterfeits to highest bidders.

Just the shirts. With the names, of course ! The stars dont come as part of these deals.

For they have been auctioned long before. To clubs, who were highest bidders too. But that’s a different story. Of a different auction !


18 thoughts on “Whose name is it anyway ?

  1. Neha says:

    I m guilty of this crime too…I own my favourite football player name tee 😀 though i don’t wear it with the fear that it might get faded, as he has changed his club and that tee is no longer available :)))

    phew…no comments for ur observation this time…

  2. Now that explains why some folks wear Tees that have only one word, “GUESS”, printed, and that too in front. So that no one is encouraged to comment behind the back :-).

    If you dont believe it check Here !….

    These Ronaldo and Beckham types need to take lessons….

  3. Dude, you need to get permission from Madurai-Torres before using the snap on your blog. I will have my marketing manager talk to you! 🙂

  4. Fans are mad. Success of their favorite players or stars makes them feel as if its their success. They’ll for them… forgetting the fact that for whom they r fighting even cares for them. May be one sees themselves in their success.

    As always its a nice post Kavi…always different!!

  5. Nachi says:

    hehehehe…i got me a Drogba donning the Blues!!

    …how sold/bought am i?? Viva la Blues!! Go Chelsea!!


  6. ~nm says:

    Loved the post like always 🙂

  7. sujata says:

    I can never do this, Call it ego if you must, but I wouldnt be caught dead wearing another person’s name celebrity or not up my sleeve or back or wherever, Its just not me! Everytime I see something like this I wonder..why?

  8. When I was young I could have killed for a No. 10 (Pele, Zico, Platini…NOT Maradona) football-shirt. Now, I prefer watching Federer than wearing RF gear. But I guess I am becoming too old to be a true-blue fan, who love to lose their identities in their hero’s attire.

  9. ummm…I have plenty of Gucci purses…from Kolkata hawkers!!

  10. manju says:

    Hey, where did my comment go? I’m sure I commented here yesterday!

    Anyway, loved this post!

  11. amreekandesi says:

    The stars themselves, are known to wear those low caps and big sun glasses to hide their identity in public.
    And the common man, wears the celebrity name on his sleeve.

    How true!

  12. Jeevan says:

    There’re some people who can’t buy a tee, but there’re people who spent more to have some specific name on them. These tees are common and I never think to check those. It was fun reading this post and last snap was too good 🙂

  13. Lou says:

    Good post, Kavi! I myself refuse to weat “logo” tees, or the name of a company (Nike, Guess, etc). Let them pay for their own advertising;)

  14. Rush says:

    now thats what i call creating a brand name there..
    thought provoking indeed…i never cared whenever i saw someone wearing someone else’s name until u bought it up…u really have some presence of mind Kavi…literally, hats off to u for that.

  15. Swatantra says:

    Ha ha that’s a nice observation..These are still better.. Once I have seen a photo of ashwariya on a very filthy bag of bidi..

  16. Onkar says:

    A beautiful post on an unusual subject.

  17. Kavi says:

    Neha : Aww.. this is no crime ! Yet, its just beyond minds like mine. I am sure you see some reason.


    Ugich Konitari : ROTFL ! had such a laugh at this comment !! Such a laugh !!

    Kamz : Marketing manager. Sure dude. Would like to meet this chap !

    NR : Thank you mate !

    Nachi : Blues ! Ok sir ! Ok ! 🙂

    nm : thank you ! Indeed !

    Sujata : So, it just not me ! Yes. I wonder why. And this time i blogged about it !!

    Sucharita : Is there something like RF gear ! I see. How interesting. ‘lose their identity in the heroes attire’ ! Is that where the energy comes from !!
    hmm !

    Roshini : Gucci is a different ball game i thought ! Thats the brand ball game !

    Manju : I am not sure where it went. It wasnt here though !

    Thank you !

    Amreekandesi : Thanks mate ! 🙂

    Jeevan : Ofcourse they are common !! Thank you !

    Lou : You seem to have taken it to the next level ! And ofcourse, its a very different perspective. Of them paying for their advertising ! indeed !

    Rush : Thank you ! First for the ‘mind’ part ! Now i have third party reference to show to the missus !!

    Swatantra : Thank you ! Aishwarya on a bidi is something indeed. A lot of smoke !

    Onkar : Thank you !

  18. Rohit says:

    I have a few “Sachin” shirts ..but yes irony..but never thought of it as irony before as I am thinking abt it now after reading ur post..

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