From Above. From Below.

On Mumbai’s marine drive, theres an exhibition thats on. Awesome. Is the word. Its titled ‘ Earth from Above‘. A series of stunning photographs. A collage from up above.

The setting is perfect too. With the Arabian sea on one side and a bustling army of cars, bikes and people to provide the contrast, on the other.

Perfect time to look at the big picture. The pictures are work of a creative mind at its best.

Talking of creative human minds, there is more to be done. Whatever are those scientist folks doing ? With all those gadgets and goatees that, whatever are they doing ?

Especially, for cases like this one. Read on.

An apartment complex that is home to a myriad set of people. Like…Hmm.. educated from the best of universities the world can offer. The best of designations the corporate world can conjure.

Cars that can swallow the economy and bank accounts that seem perpetually overflowing. Computers that run the household and household helps who pay obeisance to the family dog.

All in all, if this set of people were reduced to a single drop of petrol, they could keep an empty fuel tank power a world trip. Twice. That kind of power. You get the drift… ?

That type of an apartment complex. And this was the announcement on the notice board !

Hope the scientist folks are still listening. They need to come up with several things for this apartment.

But where do they start ? What work can science do, when common sense and basic sensitivity go on exile.

Perhaps these are the signs of our times. A time for extremes. New frontiers get broken as new inventions hit the market at speeds that only the sun tries to compete with.

New markets get created, as existing land disappears. A time when the Internet brings us all closer even as we as people get divided further.

A time, when those that coast in luxury are epitomes of ‘uncivil’ and the actions of the ‘educated’ take us back a few hundred years.

A time where the beauty of the Earth from the sky is only contrasted by our actions on the ground ! Actions, that which we inflict on one another and on ourselves too.

The opportunity to keep our Earth pristine is omnipresent. The choices are ours to make. And in this apartment’s case, the choice starts with the dustbin !

17 thoughts on “From Above. From Below.

  1. Nu says:

    Ahem,Ahem !! 1st 🙂

  2. The question maybe is:
    Which one is more important
    – The earth
    – A man’s owns materialistic wishes

  3. Nu says:

    Well common sense is surely not common,that we know. Also this has never been taught at schools or colleges…so where does it come from ?

    Our own homes…What we got is done and dusted.What we will give to our next generations is what we need to ponder, finalize and actionize.

  4. aativas says:

    The ‘sanitary napkin disposal’ board/display is true.. that shows how educated are not cultured enough!

  5. That was direct!!! I mean my mother would probably blush and say waht is the world coming to.

    But all for a sanitary cause, eh?

  6. Did you see the ladies of the apartment complex going whisper whisper whisper versus the manager for putting up such notices ? (An unfortunate choice of words. But apt. ) Will the big guy on the nth floor , in acknowledgement of the embarassment to his wife (when she came up in the lift with someone from the Press) demand an apology from the Society Committee ?

    I mean they could write about Mrs A’s maid throwing kachra from the 3rd floor, and Mrs G standing in the balcony combing her hair allowing several wisps and stuff to float down 7 floors. And what about Lays Potato Chips found on the lawn ? they could have thrown them quietly from their car on the highway on the way to school ?

    Really. I mean crib instead about the cable TV. I need to see the Copenhagen stuff to write an essay and there is nothing since an hour .

  7. Oh dear. The podium floor. That’s a disappointing development. Fancy cars or not.

    I’d love to see the exhibit though. Do you think they have the resolution to spot the offending napkins?

    Have you played around with google earth? Fantastic program.

  8. radha says:

    I feel so sad when I see boards like the one you have on the post. Why do we need notices like that? All over the walls in our city we have signs that say – Do not pass urine here – ugh! Some put pictures of various gods so that people do not spit paan.
    Can’t we ever hope to keep our surroundings clean without these messages?

  9. Lou says:

    My opinion..the internet, email, facebook, etc. makes it easier to hide behind bad manners and lack of common sense. We can be annonymous.. saying one thing, but doing another. Taking the lazy way of living (throwing sanitary napkins on the floor) instead of the right thing (pick up after yourself!).
    It will get worse with younger generations who have less human contact. It is very easy to not care about someone at the end of a modem.
    Of course, I am complaining, but I have no answers either!

  10. omg to the second sign! sorry for completelt bypassing the first…but the fact that such a sign needs to be put up is just so disgusting!!

  11. manju says:

    I agree with Roshni- the fact that such a sign needs to be put up is disgusting!

    Wonderfully thoughtful post, though.

  12. nsiyer says:

    I agree it all starts with personal responsibility.Oce it is given a go by, nothing remains.

  13. Neha says:

    ah u mentioned this…how many places we notice everyday where its written on the wall “do not spit here”, and this is barely visible below the red patches and splashes of spit!

    while travelling on sea link on the second day of the paid ride, I saw (and clicked) a family member sitting in the car ahead of us throw waste sealed in a few plastic bags in the sea!

  14. Deepu Balan says:

    Nice post… Really thoughtful… Thanks


  15. Aleta says:

    Respect. The lack thereof. It starts from that and manifests by actions. Appreciated this post!

  16. Kavi says:

    Nu : Common sense. Or is it not sensitivity. To be ‘sensitive’ to the other person, is perhaps the most important element that is missing sorely in our society.

    AAtivas : Yes. Education is no automatic gurantee for culture !

    Sucharita : Sanitary cause !!?! LOL ! insane people !

    Ugich Konitari : Whisper ! Whisper !! 🙂 The big guy keeps demanding an apology for the ants in the elevator and angsts of the secuity gaurd ! Mrs.A, Mrs.G, Potato chips are all part of our mileu. And so is the cable TV !

    And ofcourse, the cribs….they are universal.

    Christine : Fancy cars are just a spot on the block ! No, i am not going anywhere near any exhibits. Oh yes, google Earth is a fabulous program indeed !

    Radha : Exactly the point. The fact that we need notices like these speak a lot, of the state of our mind and state of our health !! Yes our surroundings are ours. Our Earth is ours too !!

    Lou : “It is very easy to not care about someone at the end of a modem.” Well said. For many the world ends with the computer screen !! Real life has to be lived, outside of the screen.

    Roshini : Exactly. Disgusting is the word.

    Manju : Yes, it is disgusting…. I wonder when we will change. And ofcourse, if we will change at all…

    NS Iyer : Yes sir. Nothing remains if personal responsibility goes…

    Neha : Sometimes people think their world ends with their entrance doors of their houses. Thats perhaps the most myopic view of the world possible !

    Deepu Balan : thank you !

    Aleta : Thank you ! Thought to action. Respect for the other and sensitivity to life around is so critical ! When will we learn ?

  17. Priya says:

    Unbelievable with the 2nd signboard. Ghosh.. will the sign help ppl’ educate finally?

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