Those medals. They hang from his chest. A chest that seems swollen from a distance. Medals that were won in the military. Many years of serving the nation. If these medals had a mouth of a TV newscaster, they would narrate battle tales. Perhaps.

Perhaps. Of war cries and hospital walks. Of wins of territory, and loss of limb. Maybe life. Of bravery amidst blood.

Retirement. An able body. A need for family sustenance. And a clutch of medals. These form a neat concoction that provides him employment as a security supervisor at the apartment complex. On special occasions, he wears those medals. And walks with a swollen chest.

Proud as he is. Of his past. For, every time he wears those medals, the second-grade son of the Vice-President who lives in Flat No : 202, insults him lesser.

These medals, awe.

In a distant small town, an array of medals, trophies, certificates, and plaques adorn an entire cupboard. They keep a lonely mother and father company. They were brought home with great joy by sons, long gone.

When these trophies were first brought home, they were brought with tremendous happiness.

Awarded for many reasons. Ranging from elocution to essay writing. From quizzing to tennis. From topping school to writing complex code. And other prolific stuff including ‘attending school without a days leave’ to ‘blood donation’ !

Each trophy was treasured. Polished. Shined. And till date, enjoys the attention of visitors. ‘These were brought by our sons’. They say, to people who care to ask, amongst the few that care to drop in.

Trophies, tell tales.

On another note. Big city living has trophies that are in vogue. From the air conditioner to the amplifier. From branded shirts to premium underwear. From the luxury car to Luxembourg holidays. From the digital thermostat to hand wound watches. From cat salons to the digital mouse !

The excitement of the acquisition always compensating the emptiness on usage. For, material trophies atrophy.

Simple living. Good health. Shared love. And building a collective future.

These perhaps are the trophies that count. These perhaps are the trophies that secretly awe lead runners and podium finishers of the rat race. These are the trophies that will spawn a million memories. Worth more than all the gold with the RBI.

And these perhaps are the only trophies that come, atrophy proof !

23 thoughts on “Trophies

  1. “Simple living. Good health. Shared love. And building a collective future. “

    I liked the above lines. As usual a good post. Kavi, I wish the majority on this earth follow this principle.

  2. (Firmly controlling the urge to comment in verse here…)

    This post is so wonderful, it needs to have a trophy of its own. Plucked a string in the mind somewhere, and the thoughts continue to resonate.

    Why do I feel, that the real trophies are not the ones in the cupboard though. Nor on a puffed up chest. They are in a Madurai mind and point to Mumbai and Bengaluru ?

    Great post !

  3. bodaat says:

    oooh, well said, well said kavi!

  4. Phoenix says:

    What a fantastic, and soft-toned post! A picture, a word, a memory.. somethings in retrospect.. and some introspection… and what a beautiful flow of words.

  5. Sriram says:

    beautifully put Kavi.

    At the end of the day, “Simple living. Good health. Shared love. And building a collective future” are perhaps the real trophies that stand high and shine ever brightly.

    thank you!

  6. Arvind says:

    true “kavithai”. first time visted your blog. will do so more often.

  7. Pearl says:

    Beautifully done, Kavi; and now I feel slightly wistful…


  8. Sujatha says:

    Most of us don’t realize all this until we’re old and wrinkly, Kavi. Very wise post!

  9. nsiyer says:

    Boss, fantastic. The line ‘For, material trophies atrophy.’. Brilliant, so beautifully described. You won’t get out of my system.

  10. Love you friend for the said post.
    Winning hearts – The best trophy.

  11. Aparna says:

    Somehow I got the feeling that you are not too fond of big city trophies…a big screen TV, a designer outfit, a brand new car, don’t these trophies also tell tales? Of a person who perhaps struggled against all odds to achieve what he/ she has? Of will, determination, strength? Of competing not with others but with oneself? I like these trophies as well, because to me these represent a person celebrating the goals that he or she has achieved, they are not just material successes, they symbolize a persons dreams.And validations.And these too never atrophy.

    As far as love, good health or simple living are concerned, they can never be trophies. No matter how fiercely competitive you may be, you never ‘win’ such things in life. These are blessings that have been bestowed on a chosen few.

  12. Neha says:

    excellent post kavi…loved the flow and narration…when i saw the title of this post, i knew what i am gonna comment here, or at least add that para in my comment about ur write up, but i changed my mind…will for sure share it with u sometime, when you have a similar post on a bit lighter note 🙂

    thank u for sharing it…

  13. radha says:

    Not all are capable of winning these trophies of real value! So the lesser mortals settle for the ones that can be bought! Nice post.

  14. Lou says:

    You captured perfectly the feeling of parents..some times the material things are all they have left.

    PS thank you for your kind and sensitive words, always. “God” might look different to each of us, but we all feel the power of a supreme being.

  15. Very touching post on trophies. You really deserve a trophy for this.

    Best wishes.

  16. Aleta says:

    I enjoyed how you tied “Trophy” to “Atrophy” and then the value of life.. what truly matters. You’re so right. Beautiful post about what should be the trophy… and it needs none.

  17. Suma says:

    i think the material trophies mean something to the owner loses its shine when it is flaunted and shown off…otherwise it too is perhaps a dream being realised…

    and this post brought back memories, of shield being awarded at school and many more…

    wonderful post, kavi…really set me thinking

  18. Gyanban says:

    These medals stop having a meaning when those people who selflessly devoted them selves to a noble cause get a selfish treatment when they need help the most !

  19. manju says:

    Superlative post, Kavi! Very touching!

  20. Neha says:

    hey Kavi, congratulations for the blogadda saturday pick second time in a row 🙂

  21. Kavi says:

    Close this window Jump to comment form

    Balaji : Glad that it resonated well with you. Thank you ! And yes, i still hope that someday, the majority will not have much choice but to go here !

    Ugich Konitari : Your comment brought a music to the heart that is hard to explain, but still very clearly and deeply felt. The heart that is in Madurai was particularly fluttering ! Thanks for all the support and the verses. I would definitely be worse off without the verses ! 🙂

    Bodaat : Thank you !!! 🙂

    Phoenix : Thank you ! Your comment is in absolute flow as well ! A world of thanks !1

    Sriram : How have you been ? Itss been some time !! Thanks for this comment indeed.

    Arvind : Vanakkam ! Please do come back for more ! And leave your thoughts on the comment box too ! 🙂

    Pearl : Wistful !! Well, if it has left any impression, i am usuallly happy. To leave Pearl wistful, now now…that is something ! 😉 Thanks for your comment !

    Sujata : Yes. Perhaps some people grow older and wrinkly way too soon. Or perhaps, there is more thats happening in this world, that is getting us to realise this in greater speeds thann usual !! Thank you !

    NS Iyer : Thank you sir ! And your support and good wishes are always treasured. My best wishes for a very speedy recovery.

    Hobo : How are you…? Long time ! Shared understanding and collective future will bring in much needed love, i hope.

    Aparna : Thats a comment that got me thinking. And the perspective that you have so aptly put is one that is present too. To view these trophies as trophies to walk away with. And when these trophies become the only ends that matter, at the expense of love, sensitivity, understanding and such else, in my opinion these trophies dont hold much value. Living the ‘good life’ is sure an option. And it sure is a function of choices that we make ! I have quite a few things to say here, maybe i will write out a separate post !

    Thanks for the comment. Indeed 🙂

    Neha : Well, you kept that comment for a lighter note…! Ok. Am now quite eager to hear that comment out ! Really !!! 🙂 You know what curiosity does to the cat !

    Radha : Thank you ! 🙂 Yes. Perhaps its time for people to stop and take a look. At whats present with them. Each one of us would be surprised at the quantity of whats already available.

    Lou : I am so glad that the tide is turning. And yes, i guess i am a son too ! The feelings of my parents say top most on my minds…

    Chandrika Shubham : Thank you ! Appreciate your comments and thoughts ! 🙂

    Aleta : Thank you !!!! 🙂 I am glad this post resonates across seas too ! 🙂

    Suma : Thank you. The flauting sure robs the sheen off the dream being realised. In the eyes of the beholder ! Thank you for your thoughts and comments !

    Gyanban : There are so many occassions when the selfless go trophy less too. And perhaps it doesnt matter much to those that were selfless in the first place ! 🙂

    Amreekandesi : Thank you ! 🙂

    Manju : Thank you !! 🙂

    Neha : Thanks for letting me know ! My computer is down, and i have been infrequent on the net !

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