Of Water !

The arrival of the sun is announced everyday by a cans of water washing down the previous day’s dust and soot from the city’s vehicles.

Now, that is under threat !

The cars themselves could be dented so much that you could think it to be pop art ! The auto rickshaws and taxis could well make more noise than a NASA space shuttle. The bikes may wear their riders’ kick ass attitude visibly, with torn seats !


Yet, everyday morning, vehicles get a wash down. Washed. Scrubbed. Turned upside down. Well, almost. But then, cleaned.

It is part of the city’s DNA ! To rise and wander with the bucketful of water and scrub away grime !

Now, that’s under threat ! Well, the rain gods have heaped scorn on a parched population. Which any which way let three quarters of the rain water into the Arabian sea ! The weatherman’s prediction of rain was a joke that you could only bear with a stiff upper lip.

To cut a long pipeline short, well, we don’t have much water in reserve. And the summer is yet to show up !!

In apartment complexes, meetings have been organised, and eloquence has been well waxed. With blame being apportioned between Obama and the Ozone layer. The BMC and Brazilian rain forests

Of course, the water conservation was the only buzz ( until google usurped ‘buzz’). A multitude of steps have been announced ! And done very well too. And yes. The morning car wash routines have come under the scanner.

There isn’t much option is there ? If the option was between cleaning a behind and cleaning a boot…. well..Is there much choice ?

Of course, there is haggling that’s on. About the taxes that we pay and the action the government should take ! of how neighbours use much water. Of how we should all get into conservation, until the next monsoon ( after which we all live happily ever after )

Of course, We will have to cope with all of this ! Of course we will ! Of course we will. Blaming the politician. Blogging about the weather and the BMC. Tweeting for help and twiddling thumbs !

Wondering whatever they did in conferences like Copenhagen ! Drinking mineral water and bathing in triple refined swimming pools.

Copenhagen is for the wealthy.

Perhaps, the rest of us can be content with cope-n-haggle !

21 thoughts on “Of Water !

  1. Aleta says:

    All of a sudden, I feel as though my life is filled with gluttony. There is so much that we take for granted. Water being one of them, but then, in New Orleans, we have rain often and I’m not talking just about the hurricane season. My eyes are a little more open..

  2. Priya says:

    I agree water has become so precious just as our lives. When things become personal everyone wants it to take care as a child. Why rivers are not nationalized is the pretty big query in a Democratic country like India. We always divide for every thing to give/ share and hardly ourselves Indians rather identify with so called community/caste/state.. watever.

    More than politicians when will people’s voice will be heard louder and together..

  3. Insignia says:

    Thoughtful, filled with humor and sarcasm. We have taken water for granted, imagining a life without is dreadful. Maybe thats why most of us dont even try imagining and waste water!

  4. Water is wasted and its high time that people understand that if we dont take care then we are inviting a big problem . Washing vehicles everyday is stupid…u just put a price on the usage of water n then u’ll see how often they’ll wash their vehicles.

  5. bodaat says:

    Arizona is in a drought so water is prized here but not as much as it should as evidenced by a young teenager I caught using the power hose yesterday to clean the driveway of his family’s house. I grimaced at the amount of water he probably used when he could have just used a broom.

  6. Your concluding line says it all. As one friend put it, earlier when India was not so developed, we had water to drink, now we have just it to flush, clean and make aerated drinks.

  7. ‘The auto rickshaws and taxis could well make more noise than a NASA space shuttle.’ 😀

  8. G says:

    There is this Baba Bhide bridge in Pune, which overflows every monsoon atleast once. One can see auto rickshaw drivers lining up their vehicle for a free wash.
    What an exemplary and cheap way of saving water.

    Last summer when there was shortage of water, our society did not allow any car to be washed using tap water. It had given stern notice to members saying that if they wished to wash their car, they should buy bottled water and do so obviously nobody did. The water shortage went on till early monsoon, and another option was to park their car in the open when it rained. So one would see a line of cars coming out of the basement parking just when it began to drizzle.

  9. I'm Nu says:

    cope-n-haggle !! Brilliant 🙂

    Wish there was a ‘like’ button here on blogs too 🙂

  10. sujata says:

    the other day i heard a lady here advising a friend on the benefits of washing one’s hair in mineral water, and I remember thinking, have we really lost all touch with sanity or are we just plain snobbish!

  11. G says:

    @sujata: I KNOW a lady who washes her hair with mineral water. Don’t ask me HOW I control my anger every time I see her. :@

  12. Neha says:

    we are indeed facing a major water shortage crisis..hope people realize it soon and start conserving as much water as possible..

  13. Coping and Haggling is certainly our lot. The CM and his juniors, each consume like 5 lakh litres of water a year. ( Mumbai Mirror).

    So much undesirable stuff to wash off ?

  14. Kavi says:

    Aleta : Well, there are many of us who take things for granted. Irrespective of where we live ! We got rains every year ! This year was different. But habits die hard !

    Priya : I think water will be the cause not only for national strife but international problems !

    You ask a very important and powerful question. About ‘when’ ! Well, i am waiting for that day too !

    Insignia : Thank you ! yes, most of us dont even try. And therein lies the problem ! It is a serious problem for all of us to sit up and take note of !

    NR : Well, all of us ( including me) have had this habit for a while now. Its difficult to let go of the habit. It doesnt make us ‘stupid’ ! But perhaps it clearly shows us not ‘thinking’ & changing !

    Bodaat : I just read Aleta’s comment about how its ok in New Orleans…and now i read about Arizona and the paucity ! Life and its extremes stand out clearly !

    Such folks are everywhere ! Everywhere !

    The Holy Lama : Well, yes…flush, clean and aerated drinks ! Perhaps in reverse order ! 🙂

    Chandrika Shubham : 😀

    G : Ingenuity always helps ! Always ! To apply the mind and seek creative solutions is a function of the human brain ! its a different matter though, that very little of it happens ! Sigh !

    I am NU : Thank you ! 🙂

    Sujata : Oh ! people ! Mineral people ! Well, what can i say. Such folks are there too !

    G : Oh ! One more ! Mind boggling ! Hope its not twice a day !

    Neha : Hopes run the world !

    Ugich Konitari: yes, with all the dirty linen and stash that gets swept under the carpet…carpet cleaning sure will requrie so much water !

  15. Tempo says:

    Here in Australia to, where water and the sharing of water among the various states has become a huge topic for conflict. (River Murrey)We are running out of water as all the while our population, industry and farming grows relentlessly. Surely it is obvious that thirst and starvation are now more than ever just a bad season away.

  16. Shaili says:

    cope-n-haggle haha
    ur posts make me smile… like always! even when i don’t feel like.. 🙂 btw, Happy Valentine’s day!

  17. Aparna says:

    I am guilty of wasting water quite a few times myself. There are certain things we take for granted and one day we wake up and find them gone.
    On my trip to Rajasthan almost 15 years ago I found how hard the locals try to conserve water and that was such an eye opener for me. In the western part of the state, all houses have a small basin outside to provide water for the animals and birds. And here, we waste water on rain dances.

  18. radha says:

    Strange, that they like to keep their vehicles clean, but drive like maniacs!

  19. Lou says:

    You are a witty, entertaining writer. AND you prove a point. Always great to visit here.

    We are wasteful in the West, and that extends to water usage also.

  20. Rajlakshmi says:

    very thoughtful post there… well the choices u mentioned doesnt leave us with a choice either 🙂 witty indeed…

  21. tattytiara says:

    Facing drought here in my part of Canada, too. Never thought I’d see the day I’d pray for snow, but I’d rather have to shovel the walk than have a brown spring!

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