Reeking of history !

Aurangabad is like any other bustling Indian city. Crowded roads replete with rushing motorists and fearless pedestrians. Cops bulging in the middle and signals that work on their whims. Occasionally.

Hoardings that occupy all available air space. Large and small format stores existing side by side like India and Pakistan. Uneasy yet accepting. Of course, this is Maharashtra and Shivaji on a horseback is present too.

Yet, the streets of Aurangabad are paved with many thousands of years of history. The caves and the forts stand mute testimony to that. Situated bang in the middle of the country, it was as our guide told us, the gateway to the south. Or North ! Depending on where you came from.

But have you seen a stone base structure on a road divider like this ? Well, i haven’t ! Quite a structure isn’t it ? Wonder what purpose it serves. But its made of solid stone. (A walk in the morning was undertaken to ‘feel up’ this structure ! )

Carved out stone as part of a road divider is something that begets attention easily.

Have you seen something like this ? Perhaps you have. I havent.

My own demented hypothesis is that…this is about making a point. About every corner and bend in the road reeking of history !?!


12 thoughts on “Reeking of history !

  1. starry says:

    I have never seen anything like this.Have never visited Aurangabad also.I think you have a neat blog here.I just hopped on over from Jeevans blog to say hello.

  2. arun says:

    these stone protrusions are nothing but trouble. they can damage tyres during the rains when visibility is poor or when you are forced to run on the shoulders of the road

  3. Very minute observation. 🙂

  4. Insignia says:

    I have not seen anything like this, or maybe I wasnt that very observant as you are. Kudos!! you do observe a lot, a lot.

  5. Neha says:

    we have stone dividers too – but not these kinds..right at the churchgate station – where the bus stops and aarey stores are there..well I remember it well as I was once caught and fined Rs. 25/- for jumping it 10 years back 😀

    you reminded me of that incident..

    as usual after talking about my story – now back to your post..great always score here 🙂

  6. Swatantra says:

    Nice observation.. These stones reminded me of the dam..

  7. Firebolt says:

    Interesting – the road dividers are really interesting..


  8. ‘reeking with history’ – should we read something else in the words? The dust pattern shows it has served purpose, ‘Don’t venture too close to the divider’. Peculiar, all the same

  9. Priya says:

    Good eye ther.

  10. sujata says:

    I havent seen such stone dividers, but a similar kind of thing does exist in some old parts of Vadodara, where I stayed for long.

  11. I did not notice this during my visit to Aurangabad. But then you are far more observant than I am! 🙂

  12. Kavi says:

    Starry : Welcome here ! Thanks for stopping by. And Aurangabad is a city that must be visited indeed ! 🙂

    Arun : That was what on my mind too. Think of this, the city and these divider have survived for all these years dude ! And wears it quite proudly on the sleeve ! What else would you need !

    Chandrika : Thanks ! But…you know it was there. Right in the middle of the road !

    Insignia : Thank you ! But come on…my observation skills…you must talk to the missus. She will tell you how observant or otherwise i am ! 🙂

    Neha : You are welcome to share your story here. Anytime. Always ! 🙂

    I hope to score someday, on points other than observation too !

    Swatantra : Thanks !…BTW, which dam.. ?

    Firebolt : Thanks ! And arent they interesting…! hmm !

    The holy lama : Yes. Peculiar. All the same ! 🙂

    Priya : 🙂

    Sujata : I see. I thought as much. That it should form part of some other cities…i couldnt get myself to think that this is unique here. But i never knew. and it was so plausible, given the level of hitory and signifcance of this place

    Manju : I notice the things that are besides the roadside. The missus will tell you more ! 🙂

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