Been looking…

Its that season. The season for rain. When the sun goes on vacation, handing over charge to dark clouds laden with rain.

The dark clouds have been pelting rain like sun rays. Incessant. All night long, the sound of the rain landing on whatever comes in the way : the floor, the wall, the tin roof, or the man running with the raincoat on.

And so i have been looking. Looking at sky. Looking at earth. Looking at people from the earth, looking at sky.

Looking at the single bird sitting on a construction pole, braving the rain. In solitude. Perhaps in reflection. Of the world and its ways. Of man. Of nation. Perhaps of inflation.

Sleep stays a good distance away. The rain providing music to images of loved ones that stay far away. Looking at images run in the mind. Looked at with love and longing.

To look at mother Earth responding. With a green haze that covers the mountains and molehills and soaking up the collective communities of slums and distinct dwellings in high rises.

So that’s about the one thing the monsoon gets the eye and mind to do. Sit back and soak it all up. Keeping the windows open, the rains have been some sight to see. Nestling the filter coffee laden stainless steel cup and staring into the dark clouds and silver rain.

Oh yes. There are many items on the the ‘to do’ list, that still sit pretty. People to meet. Projects to finish. Flights to take. Documents to sign. Books to read. Pictures to click. Workouts to commence. Friends to be talked to. Of course, blog posts to write.

But then, the rain you see…the rains are just beautiful. Not pouring because they are seen as a thing of beauty. Because that’s the way to be.

So there ! I thought i will return to the blog world, laying the blame for the two week hiatus at the rain God’s door step.

By now, that lone bird has taken flight. Those bamboo poles jut into the sky. Into the rain. Am still looking !

Care for some filter coffee ? The rain show is on. At my window.

27 thoughts on “Been looking…

  1. Beautiful pic! 🙂
    Interesting narration! 🙂
    I enjoyed reading ur ‘to do’ list. 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    hmmmmm…. the rain show …. starting to be the rage this season… seems to be showing at all windows in the neighbourhood 🙂

  3. sujata says:

    Rain, friends, coffee and vada pav! That summarises joy for me! Thanks for bringing the rains to desert country

  4. The bird
    looked down from the
    bamboo pole
    at the
    of the earth,
    the muddy perfume,
    as the gift of the season
    pouring in torrents
    cooled and calmed
    of the mind.

    It flew off
    to another
    sipping coffee
    at a window….
    “Sun’s after me,
    am going north
    with the
    rain clouds,

    Looking to see if he retweeted
    to 100 others…….

  5. Nu says:

    filter coffee with some rains ? why not 🙂

    the pic has come out very well 🙂

  6. Arundhati says:

    Loved the pace of this one, reminded me of RK Narayan’s writing 🙂

    And I love the rains too

  7. Neha says:

    ermm, is tea an option please? 🙂

    yes, both of us wrote on rains..and yes, both the takes are completely different from each other..Mumbai Rains change from person to person, bird to bird and town to suburb..scary and beautiful at the same time, isn’t it? 🙂

  8. starry says:

    very well written and I also love the rain.nothing like lying in bed looking out of the window at the rain.I also love the smell of the earth when the rain falls.

  9. bodaat says:

    i would love to be a part of that experience! coffee and rain…ahhhh…

  10. Insignia says:

    This is poetic and filter coffee did you say? I miss the Kaapi very much.

    Rains, always brings a smile, keeps alive the hope for better things to come

    I liked your take on the rain 🙂

  11. rajk says:

    So glad to know someone loves rain like I do. In younger days, I too would forget my homework and my assignments as I sat at my window and watched the rain.
    Have fun!

  12. radha says:

    To think that bird inspired such thoughts! Kavi – very apt name – another Shelly?

  13. Hmm.. the only thing on my To-Do list when it rains is PakoDas and masala chai!

    It rained after a long break in Bangalore, yesterday and today, and boy, did I miss it! Guess living in a desert all your life makes you rain hungry.

    Well written.

  14. Rains are just could just spend the whole day looking out of the window..

  15. Swatantra says:

    Beautiful as always..

  16. Wow, thanks for a beautiful post. You have reminded me to keep looking. SO much to see.

  17. rajk says:

    Hey, you are tagged!

  18. Sriram says:

    Filter Coffee + Rain. Throw in a good movie/book to the mix…that combo is a keeper! As I write this, i am reminded of that close up pic of filter coffee you uploaded in FB. Oh kaapi! 🙂

  19. RGB says:

    The rain has flooded your post with a sweet rhythm, and has broken into a sing-song. Loved it, every word of it. Thank God for rains!

  20. south indian filter coffee and pakoda… hmmm 🙂

  21. Jeevan says:

    Inspiring post to check out for rain! I could say this is a summer not seen before just being cool and raining here. Nice snap kavi 🙂

  22. nsiyer says:

    Filter coffee? Hot Chai and sizzling hot pakoda will take us to where the bird has flown.

    I am surprised you have stopped writing. Imagine what the world has lost.

  23. Shaili says:

    Amazing post, Kavi! Suddenly makes me realize how beautiful a world it is! 🙂

  24. Shiva says:

    Hey Man.. that’s an awesome snaps. Contemplation of a saintly crow.. Beautiful

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