Diveagar diaries !

Diveagar is about 200 kilometers from here. After weaving through all the traffic, insignificant seeming roads and amply aided by inconspicuous road signs that you mistake for signs leading upto something like a failed undergarment factory keen on hiding failure !

We did get to Dive Agar. Was like a treasure hunt and it indeed is a treasure ! It’s a small place. A gram panchayat. That must settle it. But for all of those that need more explanation : imagine simple dwellings. Small lanes. People sitting in their front yards, most of which is the road itself. Some of them viewing you as though you are riding a kangaroo with three legs and big moustache !

But then, they really are simple people. Simple Minds. Simple Homes. Simpe egos and such else. A home that caught my attention on the way, was the one you see below which was more exotic than the most of what those big builders offer. ( At prices that could well maket me a bonded labourer for three generations)

How would it be to retire here. With the grassland as your garden, real mountain as a wall paper !

For a big city officianado, frankly, there is nothing to do here. That sentence reads as ‘no malls here’. Those malls with parking lots and attendants who guide the cars into parking bays imagining themselves to be Air Traffic Controllers guiding an aircraft on to its parking bay. Those were 200 kilometers behind us.

The claim to fame of Diveagar is its beach. That beach is long and clean. But more important to me, is that it is a few kilometers of COMMERCE FREE ZONE! No candy. No ground nut. No silly target practice with a bunch of balloons and bent air guns, http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anti-inflammatories/ with which you cant hit a target as big as buffalo on growth hormones, not to think of those small oddly shaped balloons.

There were no swank cars. No ice creams the size of cauliflowers. No groundnut vendors. No gola. No Pav bhaji. Nothing. Just the beach and its sand bubbler crabs !

Ah. One exception. Just one old chap on a carriage pulled by horse look alikes. And no takers. We were content walking barefeet that we politely declined his offer for a ride on the beach. The horse look alikes seemed to nod and neigh in great happiness, and I strongly suspect they managed to look at our pizza powered bulges through the corners of their blinkers.

The little of the tourists that we saw, were more like us. Thankful to walk and spare the horse look alikes religiously, that we could have applied for some award sponsored by SPCA or someone of that ilk. Some time soon, the horse cart was out of sight !

It was such a relief. The only murmur and occasional shout, came from the waves and the breeze. All else was silent! The waves themselves leaving patterns on the beach which could take up all of the hard disk space on my camera !

The sun dance was spectacular, to say the least. Playing hide and seek with such élan that at one point, the missus repeated a line that she has a particular way of saying. She has said it enough times in the recent past and I usually interpret it as ‘danger’.

‘Its either the camera or me’. I stopped. Obviously.

18 thoughts on “Diveagar diaries !

  1. Pearl says:

    WOW. That last photo knocks me out, Kavi. I’ve never seen anything even remotely like it…

    The world is indeed a large and wonderful place.


  2. From your previous post , I kind of suspected you were heading to Diveagar and was going to ask. And now this wonderful wonderful post ! Did you also visit Harihareshwar. Shrivardhan ?

    I am avidly waiting for more Konkan posts. I did a trip at the height of this years monsoon, and still havent got my fill of the scenery and moods of nature.

  3. aativas says:

    It is cool! But I suggest that sometime to enjoy such peace completely, you need to ‘give up’ your camera for a day at least! I went to Lakshdweep and Himalayas without camera and I still remember those moments fully!

  4. Scribbler says:

    the house does look exotic to retire at…but hey by the time you retire will that remain the way you saw it now ? 🙂

    So Diveagar it was! Sounds like an exciting place to be at…with no frills and fancies…

    As always Kavi,I loved the photos..the shot are awesome 🙂

    LOL @ ‘the camera or me’ 😉

  5. Interesting! 🙂
    I liked the second and fourth pics very much.

  6. RGB says:

    Where’s this place Diveagar? Sounds like virgin territory, unspoilt by commercialized tourism!

    Love the pictures and your purple prose which is vivid in description 🙂

  7. Vaish says:

    First time on your blog. I enjoyed reading your travelogues 🙂
    The pictures are worth thousand worth, especially Diveagar Beach in blue with its wave patterns! Great work here!
    Such a lovely, “unpolluted” spot! LOL @ Commerce free zone!

  8. Neha says:

    what a lovely place..there is so much more to explore in maharashtra..3 years back, i went to nanded, basar, bodhan, dharmabad and a few more places around..and the most memorable one was a jyotirling – aundha naagnath..it’s located underground and you have a rope and a stone in the middle of a 10 feet deep entrance..but no matter what ur size is, you manage to get down n climb back up!!

    I even visited raaj raajeshwar 🙂

  9. Kavi, the Konkan and the Western Ghats fascinate me. This is another entry to the long list of places to visit. Thanks.

  10. Lovely pics! The Konkan region is enchanting in this season.

  11. Ranju Arya says:

    Awesome photos Kavi! You’re talented in multiple ways. I’ll have to learn more about these locations and check them out. God knows I’ve eaten enough pizzas!

  12. Insignia says:

    Those untouched non commercialized places are blissful. Glad you had found this place. The last 2 photos are fantastic!

  13. cyclopseven says:

    wow…fantastic pictures. And well written article.

  14. radha says:

    Such lovely pictures. And as you rightly mention unspoilt by any commercial venture. I hope you had a long long trip so that we get to see more such pictures. Wasn’t the missus bowled over by your photography?

  15. sujata says:

    The pictures completely bowled me over. Loved the the last shot, really amazing place. Hungry for more on the konkan coast

  16. nsiyer says:

    Typical you, Kavi. Beautiful description and snaps. Book a bungalow for me nearby if at all you move out.

  17. Diveagar says:

    absolutely beautiful pictures…
    i will keep returning to this blog for more that’s for sure!!

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