We drove !

We drove. It was getting to us. All elements of big city living. All we needed was some quiet. So we drove. In the fond hope that would get some peace and quiet as the rest of Mumbai screamed in the holy name of Allah and Ganpati !

Armed with an array of music on an ipod borrowed from the father-in-law, resting on the direction powers of google maps, with just the two of us for company, we drove.

Unlike in a romantic movie, we drove straight into traffic.

It seemed like an exodus of sorts, for there were that many cars on the road. All intent on getting out of town. Hundreds of Tata Sumos, Taveras and the like, each with half a village packed in, and all their belongings packed on the roof ! Suitcases. Pots. Bags. Chairs. Cycles. Rice bags. We suspect that there were cows and buffallos up there too, that we didn’t see! Enough, in my opinion to last a travel to Jupiter and back !

It was quite like a Hollywood movie with aliens attacking the city and everybody moving out of town !

We then hit pristine highways. National highways that at some points could be well termed as notional highways. And state highways in such a state of disrepair, that it must be blamed on some other state ! By and large (make that LARGE), the roads were inviting with undulations and scenery that we only get to see in big budget movies!

But the drive was worth it ! The Konkan coast is beautiful!

We drove through hills and beaches. Through small towns and smaller hamlets. Chatted up with fisher folk, caught up with cow herds, asked directions from kids playing by the roadside and their burqa clad moms. All of whom responded with so much precision, kindness and care that it was an education in manners for us. And it was coming for free !!

The waves seem to dance in unbelievable style and synchrony, leaving patterns on the sand that would make designer salivate ! We saw off the sun. We walked as far as the eye could see. Stopping by streams and drinking off roadside taps! We zipped by elegant simple village dwellings that made some of the city high rises appear as straight out of ‘Architecture for dummies’ !

We stopped by long forgotten bridges, only to be looked at by the villagers as through we were from the Public Works Department ! All that remained was them handing over a petition to us !

Ofcourse, we saw the Ganpati festival in small village homes, where they were more than glad to have us ! Unspoilt, homely and simply nice ! Devoid of Salman Khan songs and Rakhi Sawant gyrations that adorn the Mumbai Ganpati mandals ! Ramzan in village surroundings was so much more simpler, quieter yet so much more splendid !

There are hundreds pictures. Some of it will make it to the blog here! And stories ofcourse ! Stories of a 5000 year old temple. A 5 Km long clean beach with less than 5 couples on it ! Stories of gold and treasure chests told in hushed tones with elaborate hand movements that made us wonder if we were state guests !

Bear with me people ! As I share the excitement ! Look out for blog posts not only on all of the above, but also on mentally stimulating topics like ‘how to endure a traffic jam’ !

Actually, I was in two minds about writing about the ‘serene’ experience. Not wanting to give the place any more publicity than they have now! Wondering if the writing would fuel more people visiting the place and spoil the tranquil.

The missus, inbetween cups of coffee chipped in, ‘Remember, people read your blog out of politeness. Don’t mistake it for following’ !

That sealed it. People, you will hear from me !

19 thoughts on “We drove !

  1. fantastic shots Kavi.

    especially the two low to high shots of the sandals and the waves..

    engeyoooooo poyitteeenga!


    can’t wait to read about the places you visited.

    well people follow your blog, but I would not dare correct your missus.

    there will be repercussions and consequences..


  2. Insignia says:

    Your comparisons!! Worth waiting for your post. “Each with half village packed in” I can visualize!! 🙂

    You decided wise by going away from the city. The place is so green and the water pristine and the road inviting. I am sure you would have captured huts and little hamlets as well. Waiting for more!

  3. I just passed that way in the throes of a July monsoon, and you made me want to go back. The Kokan coast really is out of this world, and I can never tire looking at its images. So many who rush down the “notional” highway, miss out on the magic of the small rural coastal roads,and looks like you went on the smaller ones too.

    Finally, all these things you say the missus said, I dont believe a word. (You write such wonderful stuff because of all the delicious payasam she keeps on making. Samjha ?)

  4. Kevin says:

    That was a great beginning to your description of ‘we drove’ …. definitely looking forward to more from your blog on the Koran coast.

    Your selection of pics also is totally awesome. Some of your pics are really really good.

    How could I stop myself from being ‘polite’ !!!

  5. RGB says:

    Sounds like Mister and Missus had a great holiday away from the hustle & bustle of the concrete jungle! Lovely pictures. Waiting eagerly for the ‘stories’ you have promised 🙂

  6. Kavi, Each post of yours surpasses the earlier one!

    Lovely pics and excellent narration!

    You were lucky to get out of the city. I wish we could have gone, but we had guests staying with us. I am now anticipating next week’s Anantchaturdashi and the subsequent Navratri-Utsav with dread.

    And I would love these festivals if there were no noise involved!

  7. Neha says:

    I “follow” your blog and the reason is not “politeness” 😉

    such a beautiful beach..reminds me of Umbergaon – my hometown..I will share a few pictures with you of that town – the beach especially..will mail you some time 🙂

  8. Beautiful shots..fell in love with the first one and the rest of them too! A visit to such quiet, serene places if totally rejuvenating. Waiting for all those thousands of pics…:)

  9. Scribbler says:

    Did you go to ‘Ganpati Pule’ ?? Seems like that actually…clean and serene beach which is still untouched by commercialisation…and one of my fav places to be for peace 😀

    Reading through the entire post..I felt like packing the bags and get on the move right away !!!

  10. sujata says:

    fantastic shots and lovely narration. I love the pujas in the village homes too. Even the durga pujas done in the family homes of bengal are un polluted by the filmy songs. Usually the family gathers around the deity and sings either prayers or rabindrasangeet. Its so much better and peaceful.

  11. Aparna says:

    I do envy you, we were right here, in the heart of the city, ushering in Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi. It was nothing less than madness.
    I hope you stopped at the banks of the river that passes through Chiplun. And counted the number of birds that come in the morning to find their breakfast there. And I hope the birds dutifully posed for your camera.
    I follow your blog but I have no intention of telling your wife why. Hell hath no fury like a woman contradicted.

  12. A S says:


    amazing pics

  13. Jeevan says:

    lol! about the cows and buffallos…

    I wish I just sleep on that road! The travel would be bliss if we have this road everywhere.

    of course that true! Publicizing a pristine place would sure gonna spoil soon, I think about it sometime too before writing on something unknown publicly.

    I enjoyed the pictures…

  14. radha says:

    What lovely pictures! While I would liked to have agreed with the missus ( woman power), we are definitely not here to make polite comments! Will come back for the rest of the posts as you drive along.

  15. Swatantra says:

    awesome Kavi!! Beautiful Picture!! and mast likha hai aapne..

  16. starry says:

    A beautiful write up and amazing pictures.

  17. Kavi,

    Super write up with great photographs. I could see the Photographer Kavi shaping up well.

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