Wisdom in a truck..

The colour and pageantry of India is a subject of a deep discussion for anyone who lands from a foreign soil. It has always been a comment with sincere and perpetual wonder, often causing ceaseless head shaking and a breathless ‘its so colourful ..’

What was so colourful here didn’t dawn on me for a long while. But, enlightenment can dawn at odd places and often arrives unannounced. The Bodhi tree for instance would have been another tree until Buddha sat underneath it ! Or take the case of the like the just-another-apple that brought appledom great fame by falling on Newton’s head!

Well, read on !

A sultry evening of fiddling with the camera had an interesting picture in the view finder. A moving truck. In all red splendour. As a cleaner hung on to in what appeared to be a rather precarious position. To me, that is. For him, he didn’t seem to have a care in the world as he sashayed like an emperor in his bathtub, with confidence only fit of a trapeze artist in a Russian circus !

Sruprise surprise, I soon lost the plot of staying clued on to the chap that was hanging by the door, but was hooked onto pageantry of the rather pedestrian form of transportation for goods!

As the finger clicked away, beaming red truck carrying what looked like gravel suddenly became an object of wonder. Go on, play close attention to the picture. Play with me, ok ? Go on an spot these for yourself.

The trishul on the bonnet

The yellow eagle on the bonnet

The multi coloured fenderThe chains that hang

The picture of ‘kumb’ on the sides

The invocation for profit (above the headlamps !)

The same invocation (written colourfully in the head )

The Triad of Red-Green-Yellow ( three ) near the windscreen

The Three night lamps kind of bulbs on the header

The psychedelic designs on the header

Ofcourse, all in the name of God !

The intricate curls in the brain could be filled with hyperactivity to articulate a cogent utilitarian reason. Those three bulbs you see ? or for that matter, those chains that hang ? Or the psychedelic design of the header? And so on. Except ofcourse, well, the cultural leaning towards colour !

The truck was oblivious to the zoom lens in action. A rash swerve announcing a turn and bearing the blue design on its behind ! What a combination you would imagine ! A bright red on the bonnet and a bright blue to compliment that would seem an eerie combination as a shirt-trouser combination but somehow this truck seemed to pull it off with elan !

Ofcourse, the tale doesn’t end there, if only you care to look. Yellow and red design layering on the rear may seem out of place for the rather dull gravel in the back but, don’t they make a pretty picture. The ubiquitous ‘Horn Please’, some flowers, and two seemingly replica landscape paintings! Landscape paintings!

If there were any questions in my mind about how colourful a land we are, well, those were dispelled with disdain by another swerve of the truck. Considering the plain monstrous trucks that ply the highways of foreign lands, and where only one man precariously hangs by the door : Arnold Schwarzenegger !

When the eye starts looking, the colour and art that thrives in our everyday lives isn’t funny. Sample this designer danglers that adorn another truck’s door.

And ofcourse, intricate artwork to back it up. If so much of colour can go into porting gravel and such else, we sure were worthy of the tag of a ‘colourful’ country !

Well, that’s the wisdom that came in a truck !

7 thoughts on “Wisdom in a truck..

  1. Trucks are like child. Dressed up in a way the parents enjoy, with colors that brighten up the kid, and assorted amulets and color combinations and spots to ward off unwanted bad vibrations from suspect folks.

    I’ve seen words like “Buri nazar wale, tera muh kala ” painted prominently on trucks too. And woe betide anyone who overtakes it with a flashing of headlights and a mean look through the window….

    Great colorful post!

  2. cyber gipsy says:

    That was pretty interesting. For a person who spend 13 years in Automotive sales, like yours truly. In Lubricants, Tyres, auto-spares. We in AP call them ‘ Lorries’. Once upon a time, before I left the industry, I used to reel of statistics like, how many ‘ Lorries’ each district has ! NamakkaL had the hightest. Some 40,000 trucks. 2nd was Vijayawada.
    But you captured much beauty in a lorry that I could not capture in 13 years of my profession ! That’s the time I spent with Lorry mechanics, owners and drivers, to sell our wares !

  3. Insignia says:

    Such a myriad variety of multiculturalism in a truck! You have a keen sense of observation and such details. 🙂

    I could see the truck parked in my aisle 😛

  4. Magic of colors! 🙂
    Magic of words!! 🙂

  5. Neha says:

    i had blogged about a similar thing long back! ah I feel old! not that I am complaining, but still!

    colourful post 🙂

  6. aativas says:

    I have always seen trucks well decorated and taken care of – the relationship of machines and human beings is as interesting as relationship of animals/trees and human beings. That shows the infinite love we have 🙂

  7. Reminds me of some of the ways independent operators jazz up their rigs here in the states.

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