Means, meaning and change !

A twitter friend informs that a Singapore friend a store carries a bowl with an announcement “if you fear change, leave it here” ! Ah, change ! That universal constant.

Finding change is difficult. All the time. In the organization. Or in the wallet.

There was a time when a handful of such coins would get you a fair distance. But those were times when inflation was something that you did to a balloon or a cycle tyre !

The modern day frenzy of glitz, glamour and big ticket acquisitions, these coins don’t curry any favour. You run the risk of being politely told to keep the change that you left behind for the waiter, if the change was nothing more than a grand jingle of a fistful of coins !

There are those that rue “For 10 ps you could get an ice cream. For 25 the town bus would traverse the distance that would do the milestone proud”. Ofcourse, people from a generation ahead would talk about ‘annas’ that used to have far more bang for the coin.

In a process of evolution, these are becoming relics of the past. A couple of years ago, while exploring the Daulatabad fort a young boy tugged at the camera bag. “Psst..want to buy old coins ?” It was much later that I learnt that the ‘cloak of secrecy’ was a class act. A ploy to work on the ‘genuine’ quotient of all what was sold.

There was no way of identifying if the coins were fake or otherwise. They all looked faded, oddly shaped and interesting. The missus was appalled that I was even pondering exchanging coins that had ‘no value’ with hard currency that would set her back by an arm and a leg.

Someday, these coins will be a collectors item. Out of circulation. Called antique pieces. But that’s the story of life, isn’t it !?! These coins, if they had vocal chords, what stories would they tell. Of endless toil to acquire.

Inevitably wrapped in those instances, stories of how ‘means’ superseded ‘meaning’ !

I write this pondering about life. The setting sun is taking the Sunday with him. Tomorrow is Monday. A busy week ahead.

Theres loads to do. But that’s not going to stop me from wishing you a meaningful week ahead. By all means !

6 thoughts on “Means, meaning and change !

  1. Ranbir says:

    Hi sir,

    A very critical thing all of us need to remember in our life but forget very easily is that change is the most inevitable thing one would come across..

    Now what needs to be keep in mind is that “Attachment only cause detachment”.. Perhaps this is why people fear that whether they would actually have that attachment in future or not to cause that detachment, and if that is not there it is indeed painful.

    But then I have started believing in something that creating and destructing is the way to go in life… Its the destruction that would create something…though it require a very high emotional quotient to believe in this.. Its Shiva who gives way to a Brahma…

    Asian Paints, Chandigarh

  2. Insignia says:

    I liked your way of integrating ‘change’ with change/coins

    I am one such who indulges in antiques and centuries old coins. I have heard how people could buy a kg of rice with 5 ps and other similar ones. What value does it hold now other than being the collector’s item.

  3. Finding change is difficult. All the time. In the organization. Or in the wallet.

    Best lines. 🙂

  4. Jeevan says:

    Interesting change! It’s a change that we used to buy anything then, but today it becomes a thing of exchange for currency. The antiquity has turned unique these days and could perhaps change more impressive in future ahead.

    Once my uncle used to collect old coins and we used to steal one or two while visiting his home, but he lost everything now and someone had said him the old coins are taken for worth rupees… so he’s seeking for old coins now. But it seems completely deceive.

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  6. dr.antony says:

    First time here and I liked it.
    Life is exactly like the way you mentioned it.
    Some coins are bright and new,others old and rusty,some damaged and some,useless!

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