Cops !

You cant miss their impressive height nor their majestic gait.

If at all you missed the height or the gait, the impressive turnout will get your attention. With clothes that fit to the T and muscles that show their contours although firmly behind those impressive uniforms

If you miss all of that, you sure must be fully blind to miss the half dozen accompaniments that hang from his sides. I mean, from the big leather belt. A gun, which perhaps could be a taser but could kill by the looks. A baton . Half a dozen pouches, with God knows what in them. A wireless microphone or a walkie talkie. A torch that perhaps can double up as a hammer. On top of all this, sometimes, a tie !

With all that on display, it is but natural that cars slow down, almost as an auto response when a cop car shows up in the rear view mirror. Wouldn’t it be an insult if the slowing down to all the ‘costume’ if the slowing down didn’t happen ?

I spoke to an officer once. No, no. No hanky panky. Just asking for directions. The response was to the point, respectful yet with a firmness that flowed !

You cant help but contrast the policemen that patrol Indian roads. Out of shape and out of favour of public opinion. Definitely not an inspiring presence!

On bikes and cycles. A faded khaki and heavy boots that adorn feet more worn out by providing ‘bandobust’ duty as some sundry cavalcade is supposed to whiz by ! Equipped with the most potent weapon in the world : a lathi !

Sure, the cops in the US were impressive. By how they talked, looked what they travelled in, and what they carried along. Am sure they are brave men, who inspire confidence in a society and are faced with innumerable challenges.

Yet, it is men like Tukaram Omble that stand tall. In the mind, that is. An unmentionable salary, unthinkable equipment, yet blessed with an undeniably indomitable attitude. An attitude that causes holding on to an assault rifle’s barrel that was pointed at him, even as a terrorist was spraying bullets! And just not letting go, thereby giving India the lone captured terrorist in the Mumbai attack of 2008

Such men’s stature has nothing to do with their real height. Making them taller than the tallest of them all. Often forgotten. Many other times, ignored. Yet, rolling up the sleeve and tapping the lathi on the floor to enforce order.

And sometimes, holding on to a barrel of a gun and falling, just so that a country can stand.

11 thoughts on “Cops !

  1. Pearl says:

    The ending of this is very powerful!


  2. One of the things one observes in the US is the huge investment in law and order facilities, education (even at the kindergaarten level) and infrastructure. As a country our investment priorities in services for the citizenry, law and order, and primary education are so lopsided. It is amazing that folks like Tukaram Ombale happen in this country, despite all the difficulties and inadequacies faced in their daily lives.

    One often gets carried away by the pomp and show. But sometimes things happen to show us a heart .

    Wonderful post !

  3. shobha says:

    I am glad I stayed on with the blog till the end…I was wondering if you had failed to see the good in India after a stint in the US 🙂 I was wrong, thankfully. Brilliant! well written, Kavi..!!

  4. Insignia says:

    Your last few lines reflects the reality.

    The importance given to public safety, maintenance of law and order in countries like USA shows in the attitude of the cops.

    I have had a couple of encounters with them 🙂 Maybe a post on that 🙂

  5. manju says:

    Absolutely loved the last line, Kavi! Well said!

  6. Neha says:

    Yes, we can’t forget certain things. and certain people! and you are right, we often choose similar topics 🙂

    Mumbai is so huge, yet so small..people are different yet similar. We are bound to have similarities in spite of the differences!

  7. Nice one. Yes, I have had a few encounters with them too – on home and foreign soil. Dramatic. I was in fact sharing that with one of our clients who had visited us and were discussing about some of these differences yesterday.

    So true.

  8. dr.antony says:

    It is deserving tribute to the policemen in our country.They look the least stylish among police anywhere.But there are sparks of hope among them.
    Honestly,the majority I have seen in my place are all corrupt and irresponsible.

  9. Jeevan says:

    hats off to those guys! a very strong man there but looks so kind. y said nothing about the bike, which is also impressing.

  10. Carmi says:

    Courage knows no bounds, and it often comes in the most surprising of packages. I love how you’ve painted this for us, Kavi.

  11. nsiyer says:

    Brilliant Kavi. I am still spell bound reading the powerful ending. Only you can.

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