Time graduates !

While I was there, I attended a graduation. Attended one. The brother in law was getting an MBA with some kick-ass project scores and some serious study.

Well, ceremony in itself was nothing short of splendid. It started on the dot and ending on another dot. The speakers, the pageantry and pomp gave order a new coat of glitz. The commencement speaker spoke with some purpose, perhaps taking her role rather seriously. That translates to “it was a rather long speech”.

People with knowledge of Six Sigma or stuff of that order perhaps facilitated the arranging of chairs. Students were at the best of behavior that had me wonder if they had been told that they better be at the best of behavior ‘or else’.

Three and a half pats, was all that I could give myself later. Beyond which it became a trifle laborious. For my hunch was right after all. Wikipedia says : “At the high school level, this allows academic administrators to withhold diplomas from students who are unruly during the ceremony”.

I know. I know. You are the ‘bullet train quick’ type who is quick to spot “but this is for high school”. Well, allow for some exaggeration. Will you ? Please adjust.

An overbearing black sea of gowns with borders of red / blue / yellow, well complimented by hoods, painting a rich tapestry of straight angles above the head. Ofcourse, you couldn’t miss the lovely garlands that adorned necks that seemed to have stuck out quite a bit to get this far !

Something that will definitely not miss the ear is the hoots and cheers from families. Families that seemed to have turned out in droves to cheer the graduating student, sometimes mirroring a mini product launch campaign, as names of individual students were called out. Much to my baffling, which you will empathise with, as you read on.

Overall, this was one heck of a ceremony. Something to remember.

Flip a page.

There are graduations. And there are graduations.

The only graduation that I attended was at the end of the MBA. Once. Just once in life. That was many years back. If you are expecting a deluge of memories to inundate this post, well, no. Sometimes you are spared.

The strongest memory, however, of that ceremony was the distinct smell that rented robe brought along. My family was represented by one person : me. I don’t recall of any of my classmates turning up. They had already immersed themselves in newly found jobs in an emerging economy. Better ( or worse) still, no one bothered to find how the ceremony went.

I have no recollections of the speech. Goes http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/birth-control/ even further, don’t even know who was the speaker. I have racked my brains and re-jigged my memory with no results to show, except perhaps five and a half strands of hair that the floor bears as evidence.

Ofcourse, those were days where a facebook update to let the world know that you have just had a glass of water, wasn’t exactly possible. So no trail remains. Digital or otherwise. Net net, nothing remains as evidence, which is disproportionately epochal to what the degree has brought me in life!

Looking back, it occurs that that those were the ages when you just wanted to get on with it. There was no celebration of ceremony. We had a future to make. A life to live and a livelihood to create.

Modern day urban Indian schools are now towing the US line. Ah, I forget. In the US, graduations galore. Everything from swimming classes to kindergarten have graduations. Unfortunately, I never could make it to any of those, but yet, have heard truck loads of stories of them.

Back here in India, many a school has graduation ceremonies. With robes and all that. When parents invite me and the missus, to a party to celebrate their son or daughter graduating from Kindergarten, we turn out in our best. The moment in time, when the kid graduates from mellifluous ‘child blabber’ to saying in impeccable English : “This school sucks”, is indeed a moment to savour.

While I am quite neutral on the graduation for kids. But then forcing them to wearing academic gowns and caps and such else doesn’t get better than the league of fancy dress. Both for me and the kids. But it is a wonderful revenue stream for the school and perhaps a good photo op for the parents.

I am reasonably sure that your suspicions of me being one heck of an old world twit have been proven beyond doubt. Perhaps. But then, I am someone, for whom the only meaningful recollections of a graduation are of a postman.

Yes. A postman, who brought a Post Card, during the height of every summer. The only word printed there : ‘Promoted’. That announced graduation to the next class.

Even as the card was entering the safe confines of a steel almirah, courtesy my dotting mother, I would be gone. To face the sun, and try to beat down the beads of sweat on the forehead. Cricket. Tennis. Or simply, attempting to stone the next odd shaped tamarind fruit. No robe. No gown. No ceremony.

Times. They change.

Perhaps, Time graduates !

11 thoughts on “Time graduates !

  1. Brilliant post!

    More so meaningful, today was graduation day where I live .

  2. shobha says:

    Nice to know that we belong to the same club called ‘Old World Twits’ club 🙂
    I have my degree certificate with my name written in very elaborate calligraphy, complete with all the twirls and exaggerated loops for each alphabet….So, far nobody has asked me for it, ever and it is not framed or even laminated…. So much for a degree certificate!

  3. Insignia says:

    Whoa!! Kavi, I had almost forgotten tht post card with a seal “PROMOTED”

    Many a time, disappointed to see no ranks or grades apart from the PROMOTED.

    Let me deviate. why is that we celebrate graduation from US but not from Indian universities…Hmm…

  4. darkabyss says:

    (the kid graduates from mellifluous ‘child blabber’ to saying in impeccable English : “This school sucks”, is indeed a moment to savour.) hah hah hah ! My LOL moment on this post !

  5. cyber gipsy says:

    (Perhaps, Time graduates !) Brilliant ending ! Touche !

  6. Shiva says:

    Yeah.. Time graduates and we complicate things as it does..As always, a good post Kavi


  7. Karthik Nair says:

    U may not remember ur professor’s speech which went on for hours….but u tend to remember how the entire class was in tears on the last day of the college…. Such spontaneous reactions cannot be replaced by the mechanical graduation ceremonies or photo ops………. Superb end (Time graduates!!!)

  8. nsiyer says:

    I have been taken by you to those memories when I used to shudder at the sight of the postman bringing the result card. The worry was whether I got good marks in Maths. If not my late father would breathe brimstone and fire.

  9. Pearl says:

    I am in full agreement with you regarding graduations for all and sundry.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the next Old World Twits cotillion!


  10. bellybytes says:

    How true a big fuss over something which is quite literally a rite of passage. I distinctly remember NOT going to my own graduation despite being a University topper.

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